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Understanding Book Publishing

This online course was created to give you a comprehensive introduction to the book publishing industry, and is designed to provide certificated evidence of industry knowledge and commitment.

It is based around the text of the book Inside Book Publishing (Giles Clark and Angus Phillips, 4th Edition), which provides a concise yet thorough grounding in the business of publishing, from author contract to bookshelf. You will receive a copy of the book when you enrol for the course.

Fee: £85, which includes the book, access to the online programme for 12 months and a final assignment marked by a qualified tutor.

This course is available only as an online programme. Estimated time to complete the course: 20–30 hours .

You will need to read Inside Book Publishing and will then be guided through a number of exercises and activities that are designed to check your understanding of the issues covered. Finally, you will be given an assignment, which will be marked by an experienced tutor. The assignment will be graded and we will send you a certificate containing the pass mark.

The course will give you a head start in gaining valuable industry knowledge and will give you a certificate to show potential employers that you have successfully completed the programme and therefore have a good understanding of all aspects of the publishing industry.

Course outline

Course outline •

• • •

The World of Books – gives an introduction to book publishing, a history of modern trade publishing and an overview of the consolidation of non- consumer publishing.

The Business of Publishing – examines the characteristics of the main publishing sectors together with the economics of publishing.

Creating Books – covers the process from finding and commissioning content to product development, design and production.

Selling Books – examines marketing, sales and distribution, rights and sales channels for the UK market.

These chapters conform closely to the structure of the Inside Book Publishing textbook, provided for you as part of the course. Once registered you will be given access to the Online Learning Centre. The online programme offers:

• a range of activities to check your understanding • assessments to check your progress • an assignment, which will be carefully marked by your tutor •

Who wilWho will benefit from this course?l benefit from this course?

The course will be relevant to everyone who is interested in a career in book publishing but who has not studied a vocational degree. Equally, new recruits and suppliers to the publishing industry will find that a broader knowledge of the publishing industry will be useful.

Will it help me find a job in publishing? ill it help me find a job in publishing?

Of course we can’t promise that completing this course will win you your dream job within publishing. Life doesn’t work like that. The job of impressing your current or future employer is very much up to you. But as part of that process we can promise that presenting a certificate that clearly demonstrates your engagement with the industry, your desire to succeed and your commitment to hard work will have a positive impact. And we also promise to do our part by raising industry awareness of the value of this study programme.

Grammar at Work

Grammar at Work is an online course from The Publishing Training Centre (in association with Oxford University Press) that takes you from the most basic through to the more complex elements of English grammar.

Intended for speakers of UK English – and designed with the business user in mind. It is a convenient, fun and flexible way to build the foundation you need to communicate accurately and creatively.

Fee: £45, which includes access to the online programme for 12 months*, a free copy of the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation and an online tutor to help with your questions.

This course is available only as an online programme.

Estimated time to complete the course: you must complete the course within 12 months.

What is included?

What is included? •

12 months of unlimited access to the learning materials

• 185 exercises to help you put your new knowledge into practice • Online tutor to help you with any questions • Cover as many or as few subjects as you like, in any order you like • Online forum in which to discuss your ideas with other students •

Free printed copy of the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation when you enrol

• Automated system to keep track of your progress. Online tutor

Online tutor

Throughout, you will have the support of an online tutor, who will help with any thorny questions that continue to cause problems even after you’ve studied the text and completed the exercises. You can do this confidentially, on a one-to-one basis, or in an open forum.

The Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

The Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation This invaluable reference is built into the course, giving you extra guidance on grammatical terms.

You will also be sent a hard copy of the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation when you enrol.

The personal touch

a certificate of achievement, showing the grade you achieved from your marked assignments, to present to potential or current employers.

The personal touch Grammar at Work is incredibly flexible. You don’t have to work through it in any particular order, leaving you free to skip subjects you’re confident about and focus on the ones that really need attention. This makes the Personal Profile aspect of the website especially useful. This automatically keeps track of what you’ve done and checks your scores as you work through the exercises. It also analyses your learning style and comes up with suggestions about what you might want to cover next. The end result is a course that’s tailored precisely to your own needs.

About the author

About the author John Seely spent the first 20 years of his working life as a teacher and lecturer in English, working in the UK and overseas. A graduate of Oxford University, he trained in teaching English as a foreign language and worked for the British Council in Indonesia before returning to the UK to teach in a variety of schools and colleges. He also spent three years as Head of English at a teachers’ college in Kenya. In the mid-1980s he became a full-time writer specialising in educational books and training materials in English and communication skills.

His recent publications include The Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking, Everyday Grammar, and One Step Ahead in Writing Reports (all published by Oxford University Press).

* The 12-month access period only starts once you have used the access key to register. Note that you must register within 60 days of receiving your key to ensure that you’ll be able to do so successfully.

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