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Salem Community Patriot | September 23, 2011 - 13 Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

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603-635-2012 “Thumbs down to the selectmen and the people

who are trying to scare towns people about the taxes. We need the cuts. There’s so much waste in Salem. Your roads will get plowed and your work will get done. If you look around at the workers, there’s one guy doing the work and three or four standing around watching him work. Or they’re hiding somewhere so they don’t have to work. Just look at these things before you worry about cutting. You’ll find a lot of waste in Salem. We will get the roads plowed so don’t worry about it.”

“Thumbs down to all the moon-bats that voted for Hussein Obama. You wanted change and now you’ve got change! Durring the Bush years, you at Filet Minion, now you eat dog food. Now that’s change you can believe in.”

“Thumbs down. I didn’t realize that in my obligation to paying my real estate taxes in Salem that we couldn’t lay off any workers. Please stop calling these people public servants. They are being paid well!”

“Thumbs down. I am watching again this

evening the Budget hearings with the Board of Selectmen at the high school that are pertaining and working with the budgets for UN Services as well as the Senior Center, and I will respectfully ask that Selectman Sue Covey, please, thank you for your service but don’t run again because you don’t have a heart and you don’t have any compassion for the Seniors of this community. Please don’t run again in March. I respectfully ask you that as a tax payer. I am so disappointed.”

“Thumbs down to Ed Brooks and this newspaper for allowing him to lie week after week. Actually, it would be laughable if they weren’t such hateful lies. Mr. Brooks, where were you when George Bush was running our economy into the ground, and when he got us involved in two unnecessary and expensive wars, not a peep out of you. Your ridiculous claims can be easily checked on,, or You think you’re an expert on all things political, well, I have news for you, you are not! While you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. And as a newspaper, the Patriot, you need to reconsider printing his ridiculous, vicious lies week after week. You should be more responsible than that!”

“Thumbs up. In order to get the taxes

straightened out in Salem, which they keep climbing and climbing, Mr. Hickey is doing a fine job, which they asked him to do. You’ve got to get rid of Lyons, Susan Covey, and Elizabeth Roth. They’re the biggest trouble makers. No matter what Steve Campbell proposes on the budget cut, they’re against it. You’ve got to get rid of those three dodo birds.”

“Thumbs down to the person who wrote telling the senior citizens to move to Florida. How

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immature. Yes, in the late 60’s our houses were cheaper, and so was our pay, our taxes, and cost of living. We raised our children here and paid our fair share, and the generations to follow wanted everything instantly. No savings, just charge it and worry later. The whole country has had the same mentality and look what debt came out of that. Just keep spending when people are struggling. We can’t sell our houses we bought with people are out of work in this economy. Sounds like the

people who wrote that can afford any cost that they can have to pay. Good luck on that! Maybe they would like to start buying up our older homes so we can all leave and go to Florida and live in trailer city.”

“Thumbs down to the Salem Highway Dept. and Maintenance Department. The Soule School has a big pothole as you enter the parking lot and they’ve been trying to get it fixed for a year! I guess these guys are too busy doing nothing that they can’t fix it.”

“Thumbs down. I’m looking at the Monday

night B.O.S. meeting in Salem. The only two selectmen who seam to be deep into the budget, asking questions, and trying to get answers are Steven Campbell and Patrick Hargraves. Beth Roth probably comes in third. Mike Lyons and Susan Covey have nothing to say unless it becomes part of roads. I don’t understand that. How can Steve and Patrick find all these questions that have to be answered, yet Susan Covey, Mike Lyons and Beth Roth don’t feel that those things or those issues are important. I thank God for Steve Campbell for digging into this budget and finding where money’s being wasted. I hope Covey and Lyons change their ways.”

“Thumbs up to Pat Hargraves for bringing order to the Selectman’s meeting Monday night. Thumbs down to Susan Covey for directing all that hate towards another selectman. Control you temper, Lady! You’re in there to serve us, not for your own pocket.”

“Thumbs down. Some members of the Salem Planning Board, as I’m watching this evening, it appears that Linda Harvey and Mr. Bob Campbell are anti-business, anti-growth, and anti-revenue for taxes. Everybody who comes before the planning board is brow beaten by Mr. Campbell. It is absolutely a disgrace how this board is operated. I don’t know why the chairman, Mr. Keller, does not take better control of the board and stop this nonsense. They are making fools of themselves. They look foolish and they are so anti-business in this community, we’re never going to get anywhere.”

“Thumbs up to Peggy Stark, the owner of Beau Monde Hair Salon on Main Street in Salem. Peggy is a true angel. I am going through chemotherapy and radiation, and she works with the American Cancer Society and helps give out wigs for us who have lost our hair, and gives you such a wonderful, positive, loving attitude. This woman is there when a hug is needed, advise always if needed, and love that is abounding. She is a true angel and I think everyone in town should know how much she has done for me and for many, many other people. So, to you Peggy, double Thumbs up!! I am ever, ever grateful. Barbara Wetmier”

“Thumbs up to the people who live on Bluff Street and Lake Street. Did you know that you live on a designated truck route and you are taxed like people who live on quiet streets and cul-de-saks? With the new assessing bills coming out make sure you make appointment with the assessing department and complain about the noise these trucks are making starting at 5:30 a.m., you will receive a tax break on tax bill. Every property owner is entitled to ‘peace and enjoyment’ of their property and that is not happening at 5:30 a.m. in the morning and all day long.”

“Thumbs up. I would just like to give both thumbs up to the contractors, police officers, and everyone else involved with the construction that was done on South Policy Street this summer. All involved were extremely courteous and respectful and did everything possible to make what could have been a huge inconvenience very bearable, and they did a great job so far too! They moved when you needed them to, and they took the time to explain things and talk to us if we had

out or bring back Ron Paul from retirement - he had pride in the cemetery - shame on the town of Salem.”

“Thumbs down. I want to say it pains me as a long time resident of Salem to see the way that Patrick McDougall, one of our elected officials, has been acting out while on Salem NH boards that are live on television. I was watching Mr. McDougall at the Budget Committee meeting and he is rude, uneducated, aggressive, and outright nasty. I will be the first to say that I voted for Pat when he ran for the Budget Committee, but since he has held two positions, both the Budget Committee and the Zoning Board, he has been out of control. I want to say I am now sorry that I voted for Mr. McDougall and if I had a way to take back my vote in a recall election I would do just that. Pat, if you really want to help the residents of Salem as you say you do, then start acting in a way that is polite, professional, and with respect to not just the residents of Salem, but to those you serve with on both the Budget Committee and the Zoning Board. Your outburst and mumbling under your breath is not professional and/or accepted by me as a resident of Salem. I would hope that you would show more respect for those you serve with on both those boards as well. I want you to know that those microphones that you all wear are very sensitive and pick up every little word that you say and or mumble. I as a tax payer and resident of Salem for some 45 years as of Oct 9, I would like to see you pick either

questions. Very nice people! I just wanted to say thank you.”

“Thumbs down. It is time for a new chief!!!! One that knows how to run a department and not a club-house. If anyone can remember reading articles about the Salem Police Department, they would remember some officers who went home to sleep so they could work their other details. Those same officers are now Lieutenants and Sergeants. We had one who lost his gun and belt and now he is on a motorcycle so he can’t forget to lock his car. We had a deputy chief who was putting in false work slips while he was lobbing in Concord (he is now retired).

It’s time to shake up this club-

house with a good chief that is not just putting time in until retirement. Let’s post the salaries of what the members of this club-house is costing the town. Now that I am out of work I would like to know where my unemployment money in taxes is going. This is not New York where they face people with guns, just people with a stake knives. It doesn’t take long for the new officers to forget who they are working for and that the citizens of Salem are paying their salaries. Respect the public, they respect you!!!!”

“Thumbs up. Recently the families of the Pine Grove area off North Main Street held a first annual summer cookout, which was a huge success. Many thanks to Mike and Lyn Routhier for offering their home for a wonderful day and thank you to all who participated bringing dishes to share. Great to know ‘your neighbors’ and wonderful neighborhood to live in. Everyone cares.”

“Thumbs down. What a disgrace Pine Grove Cemetery in Salem is - the lawn is so high it’s hard to get through it - perhaps the Court Judges should sentence youth offenders to working and helping

the Budget Committee or the Zoning Board to sit on and represent the people of Salem where you think you can make the most difference. Serving on two boards does not allow you to concentrate on our tax dollars, you either want to do Zoning Issues or Budget Issues to help save the Town of Salem money, you can’t do both. If I don’t see any improvement to your ways of acting, or picking a Board to serve on 100% that will benefit me as a tax payer and resident, then I will not be voting for you again for any board.”

“Thumbs down to the person who wrote about

Salem Town Clerk Susan Wall. If you actually knew how to read you would have known that Susan didn’t complain about voter I.D. Susan said, ‘I am happy they voted to sustain the governor’s veto.’ She said, ‘It would cause some problems. It would hold up the whole election.’ She did not mention it would be more work for her. The job is not too tough for her. Susan has more than proved herself as an outstanding Town Clerk.”

“Thumbs up to the ALPHA program hosted at

the VFW in Pelham. The meal was great! It gave us an opportunity to meet other people who are interested in learning more about the Christian faith. I encourage anyone who is interested to come next Monday October 26. There is no commitment and the program is free.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Area News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880- 1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Salem Edition. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

Numerous Car Accidents Last Week Leave Seven Injured, Two Dead

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz Police and firefighters dealt with a high number of serious accidents last week, one which left a Massachusetts couple dead. On Thursday, September 15, shortly before 5 p.m., a motorist reported striking a juvenile who was riding a skateboard in the area of the Kelley Library on Main Street near Geremonty Drive. The juvenile received minor injuries and was transported to a hospital, but is doing well now.. Around 9 that evening, Salem Police dispatch received numerous 911 calls reported a vehicle

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with 6 to 7 teenagers inside had lost control and flipped over, striking a utility pole on East Broadway in the area of Coventry Lane. The vehicle, a 2002 Volvo was unrecognizable at the scene. Police say speed and possibly driver inexperience are factors in the crash. The vehicle, which contained seven Salem High

School football players, was traveling at a high rate of speed on East Broadway when the 16-year old driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip over and strike a utility pole. All of the passengers inside the vehicle were able to help each other from the wreckage and all were transported to

local hospitals by Salem Fire Department. The Salem Police Department’s TAR Team

(Traffic Accident Reconstruction) were dispatched to the scene and closed East Broadway for several hours while officers investigated the crash and the utility pole that had been struck was replaced. All of the youths involved in the accident are

very lucky, and though one suffered a broken collar bone, none received any life-threatening injuries. Just two days later, a Massachusetts couple lost

their lives in an accident on I-93. Shortly after midnight on Saturday, September 17, a motor vehicle was reported multiple times via 911. The accident occurred right over the New Hampshire line near the rest area. Police officers from Salem and State Police responded to the scene

along with Salem Fire Department. When crews arrived, they found a 2006 Ford F150 pickup truck on fire in the woods. The vehicle had struck a tree. The couple, Michael Joyce, 29, of Stoneham, MA and Karina O’Donnell, 23, of Merrimac, MA, died as a result of the crash. New Hampshire State Police says that as the truck was heading north on Route 93 the vehicle drove through the starting point of the rest area located near exit 1 and for unknown reasons, went off into the woods and struck a large tree. The vehicle came to rest near a small body of water. State police are handling the investigation and though their work is not yet complete, they do believe speed was a factor in this crash as well. State police closed several lanes of Route 93 during the early hours of Saturday morning while investigating the crash. Officers from Salem Police Department and Salem Fire Department assisted state police with their investigation. The state’s Department of Transportation was also on scene while evidence was being gathered from the crash site and the vehicle was removed from the woods. The crash on Route 93 and the one on East Broadway both remain under investigation.

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