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Hudson - Litchfield News | September 23, 2011 - 5

The Area News Group is happy to introduce our new interns, Michael Harte and Katie Wagner. Harte, a Campbell senior is excited to write his column about CHS events. After graduating, Harte hopes to pursue a degree in communications and continue writing. Wagner is a sophomore at Alvirne. Wagner is co-editor at Alvirne’s Bronco Talk. She is looking forward to writing her column about AHS events. Both columns will appear in the Hudson-Litchfield News on a regular basis.

Senior Year Jitters

by Michael Harte After watching our friends from past grades who have graduated

and moved on with their lives, we never realized what the senior year of high school involved. As seniors going at the beginning of our final year, we will be focused on everything from the college process, selecting our majors for future careers, visiting and selecting possible colleges, the application process, the essays, and the grades from school to help us get into the school of our dreams. This year will be packed with nervousness, anticipation, and being overwhelmed with the waiting for the college acceptance letters to come.

Garrett Bryant, a fellow senior at Campbell High School, says that this year is “no different from last year. In talking with John Battaglia, John had stated that he believes that his senior year will be a “nice break from hard academics, you can take hard or soft classes” as compared to the past four years. Travis Nesbitt, also a senior said that he expects to have fun his senior year, and to have new experiences. Every senior will have his or her own impressions for the coming year.

Once the feelings of this year settles down, seniors will choose the college to which they will start the next level of their education. These feelings are also very preeminent with going through our last year of high school. Lynn Gnaegy, a senior class advisor, and Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, began her career at Campbell when the senior class were freshman. When asked what she felt about this class graduating, she said “I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity to get to know this class the past four years, and have an advisory that I have also had for four years.” She continued in saying “I think we all have gotten to know both Campbell and each other very well! The class of 2012 is very special to me.” She has seen us become what we are now, stating, “Some of you

have grown by many inches, a lot of students have matured into young adults.” She has also changed over the four years we have been together, Mrs. Gnaegy also gave some advice to the class, “Don’t put off applying for colleges and scholarships as well as talking with folks who are already in the workforce. But most of all, enjoy the moment of being a senior!” After this year, Campbell’s class of 2012 graduates will go in different directions, leaving the teachers that helped us through our high school years. Once we graduate though, we will most likely keep in touch with everybody by the use of Facebook and other social networks. So there will be those who’s friendships we will continue into the future, and others to whom we will always remember.

The PSAT: Is It a Necessary Evil?

submitted by William R. Hughen, District Director of Guidance, Alvirne High School, Say what you want about standardized testing. The truth is that a majority of universities and colleges still require them as part of the admissions process. It is true that more and more colleges are questioning the efficacy of these tests but they are still something to consider if you are planning on going to college. It is better to take the test and potentially not need it than to not prepare properly and wish you had taken it. Students can choose between the SAT or the ACT (American College Testing) as their test of choice. At Alvirne High School we see the SAT as the test most students opt to take and submit as part of their admissions portfolio. To properly prepare for the SAT it is highly recommended that students take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT). This test is given only once a year in October to any interested sophomore or junior. Part of being successful when taking the SAT is feeling comfortable with the test and there is no better way to feel comfortable than by practicing. Taking it as a sophomore will give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned so far in a safe environment; the scores are not reported to anyone outside of the school. As a junior you could be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program, depending on your score. Either way, taking the PSAT will give you an insight to the test and help you know what to expect when you sit for the SAT. If you are a sophomore of junior at Alvirne wish to take the PSAT

at Alvirne High School on Saturday, October 15, bring a check made out to Alvirne High School in the amount of $25 to Ms. Piper in the Guidance Office no later than Friday, October 7. This fee provides you with a seat for the exam, a study guide, and follow-up services through If you have any questions, contact the Guidance Office at 886- 1260, extension 2506, and ask for your student’s counselor.

Selectman Luzey Challenges Handicap Parking at Town Hall

by Doug Robinson During a recent visit to Town Hall, Board of Selectman (BOS) member Ted Luzey noticed that a vehicle was parked in what appeared to be a handicap parking space in front of the building. Finding Hudson Police Sergeant Donna Briggs at Town Hall, he requested that she look into the matter.

Briggs informed Luzey that the vehicle in question was not parked

illegally, as the parking spot did not have a post, on a pole, handicap parking sign. Town Administrator Steve Malizia commented during the BOS meeting, that some years past, the two handicap parking spaces located in front of the building were moved from the end positions, to the center parking positions, directly in front of the front doors of town hall. Apparently, each year, the Highway Department, while re-striping the 45 parking spaces which surround Town Hall, the Highway Department will also cover over the two handicap parking places which were previously used. They “paint over with black paint the two spots in front,” commented Malizia.

Luzey continued his concern commenting that the town needs to make sure they do not look like handicap spots. Further discussion revealed that per ADA standards, public buildings are required to create one handicap parking space for every 25 vehicles. Presently, Town Hall has two handicap parking spaces for their 45 parking spaces.

As we went to press, the Hudson Highway Department was blacking out the spaces that caused confusion.

by Katie Wagner

Friday Night Football in the Stands

What is the true meaning of Friday Night Football? At Alvirne High

School, it could mean a variety of things. Friday September 16 was AHS’s first home game of the season for varsity football, against one of our rivals, Merrimack. So of course, there was a large turnout. Alvirne fans wore “Smack Merrimack” and “Beat Merrimack” T-shirts, as well as Bronco attire. The ratio of maroon and gold to blue and white colors in the crowd were overwhelmingly in favor of the Broncos. Although the night was chilly, many students gathered by the concession stands to buy warm food. Varsity football games are an event almost every high school student

wants to go to. The reasons for going to these games, however, are different. Many more students were in the stands, cheering on their favorite team. Sophomore Shelby Monas says she loves going to Alvirne football games, “Because I have school spirit and they’re really fun. I love supporting Alvirne, and I love football.” She can be found cheering for the Broncos at almost every home game. Katerina Wilhemi also goes to support the Broncos. She says, “I enjoy watching football. I think if Alvirne’s defense keeps up, we’ll win. I know our team has a lot of heart.” Freshman Bailey Urbach, was excited to be at her first Alvirne game as a student, she giggled and said, “I have school spirit!” while holding out her hands to display maroon and gold nail polish. But the social scene at Alvirne’s home games is as strong as ever. Dan

Wilder, an Alvirne senior spent some of the game by the concession stand, Wilder doesn’t go only for the game, said he goes, “To see my friends.” Sarah Schofield agreed by saying, “To hang out and watch our Broncos, duh!” “[The games] are fun! The band keeps us energetic and it’s a fun way to spend time with friends after school.” Marie Paduchak, a student in Alvirne’s marching band, says that if she wasn’t in the band, she’d still go to the games, “I would go to see the marching show. The marching show would be the only reason for me to be there.” Although the Broncos didn’t win their first home game of the season, the

score was neck and neck, ending with a final score of Merrimack 7, Alvirne 6. The fans, however, will still be cheering for the Broncos, hanging out with friends, and having fun in the process.

Chambers of Commerce Kick Off Breakfast Series

submitted by Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce The Greater Hudson and Greater Derry-Londonderry Chambers of Commerce, along with the Government Connections Committee, are pleased to announce the following event that is open to the public. New Hampshire’s Shifting Landscape will be the kick-off event for our Breakfast Series and will take place on Thursday, September 29 at 7:30 a.m. The event will take place at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry. Renowned expert and economist Dennis Delay from NH Center for

Public Policy will enlighten and inform us with the state of New Hampshire economy. Delay is the New Hampshire State Forecast Manager for the New England Economic Partnership. The presentation will be on the history (and future) of the state’s economy with an emphasis on Southern New Hampshire communities, along with the impact of healthcare cost shifting on our local economy. Parnell and McKay law offices of Londonderry are the primary sponsors for this event. The cost for attendees is $10 for chamber members/$15 non- members. For more information contact the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce at 432-8205, Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce at 889- 4731 or Bernie Ross, Ross Wealth Planning Group chair of the Government Connections Committee at 216-6341.

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