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At last: cruise insurance for everyone

”Searching for cruise

insurance can be a bit of a

minefi eld, but onestop4:

policies tick all the right boxes”


hether you are an old hand on deck or new to cruising, off for a three-day jaunt on the open seas, or about to spend six months exploring the world from the majesty of a stateroom

on a luxury liner, you will appreciate to enjoy yourself to the fullest, you need to be able to relax and have complete peace of mind. Specialist travel insurance provider onestop4:cruise

has increaded its range of cover and now has three superb products, all of which offer comprehensive cover, excellent value for money and exceptional peace of mind. Travel insurance from onestop4:cruise is especially suitable for mature travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions. So, whether it’s for a long trip, a world cruise, one

short jaunt, or lots of short trips, onestop4:cruise will be able to cover you, subject to acceptance following a free, fast medical screening, even if you have been hospitalised or are currently taking medications. “Searching for cruise insurance can be a bit of

a minefi eld,” says Kate Huèt, managing director of International Travel and Healthcare. “There are fundamentally some key issues to overcome, and onestop4: policies tick all the right boxes. “We are living longer, but the majority of travel

policies cease for UK travellers in their mid 80s or even younger. So buying travel insurance in later life is not a simple task.” Also, getting cover for health conditions can be time consuming and not always fruitful. “The second issue is that cruising can be for long

durations, and coupled with the most luxurious levels of accommodation, can be a very expensive purchase.

★ Cover for any age of traveller ★ Insure people with pre-existing illnesses ★ Cancellation cover for any value of cruise ★ Covers up to six months of continuous cruising

Insurers as a rule don’t want to provide the full value of cancellation cover for this level of purchase. And because cruises are normally booked well in advance, the cancellation risk is quite high.” onestop4:cruise was the fi rst insurance provider to

cover any value of cruise, for any age of traveller, with or without health conditions. Even if the cruise is part of a much longer holiday, onestop4:cruise will cover the whole trip right up to the invoice amount, even if that is a six-fi gure sum. So you can get out and see the world, secure in the knowledge that your health conditions are covered and your full holiday value is protected. The company has now introduced Trip and Annual

Multi-Trip policies as well, to cover cruise travellers taking shorter cruises, or planning more than one cruise a year. Selecting insurance for a cruise has fi nally been

made simple. The onestop4:cruise travel and health specialist team are available to answer your questions and arrange insurance for you over the phone, or you can go online and click on “Get a Quote” to arrange insurance yourself.

To contact onestop4:cruise you can either call 01689 892 227 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm or go online to

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