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We believe that a close relationship between school and parents and carers is an important part of ensuring children’s success and happiness at school. Parents and carers are encouraged to support swimming and school trips as well as volunteering for help with reading. A CRB check has to be completed. Please let the school office know if you have time or talents to share.

The school has a tradition of keen involvement of parents in fund raising events that are organised by the Friends of Manor Park (FOMP). Parents and carers have been very generous in supporting many activities, which help provide money for equipment, books etc. that benefit all the children. They meet regularly to discuss, plan and prepare upcoming events and would welcome your support. There is a notice board in the main school with contact details.

Letters are sent home from each class teacher at the beginning of each half term outlining the curriculum content of that term together with a weekly news sheet and half termly newsletter which are full of the news and events taking place in the school.

The class teacher is responsible for the well being of children in their care. Most children settle happily into school life but if your child does not do so please make an appointment to see the class teacher and, if unresolved, make an appointment to see the Key Stage Manager. Year 4, 5 and 6 children are allowed to walk home alone if this has been discussed and approved by the Head teacher.

Parents Evenings are held in the Autumn & Spring terms and provide an opportunity for parents and carers to come in and discuss their child’s progress, their achievement levels and their targets which they will be working towards. There is also a written report in the Summer term and should you require a meeting this will be arranged.

Of course there will be lots of events that you will be invited to attend in school: curriculum evenings, concerts, special assemblies, sports days etc.

Behaving well at Manor Park

At Manor Park Primary we work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage good behaviour. We expect the children to be responsible, make good choices and show respect for the whole school community.

We have the following school Golden Rules:

• I will be helpful and polite • I will try my best to do my work and not disturb others. • I will listen carefully when others are talking. • I will keep my hands, feet and remarks to myself. • I will move sensibly and quietly around the school. • I will take care of equipment, the school building and grounds. • I will be honest and always tell the truth. • I will share and be friendly to others.

All parents are asked to sign a home-school agreement. We expect parents to act as positive role models for all children when they are in or travelling to school and treat each other, all the staff and the children with respect. Manor Park takes issues of bullying and racism very seriously and the Staff and Governors have put in place anti-bullying and racial equality policies and procedures which are available on request.


The main aim of a School Governor is to maintain and improve the standards of education. They are also part of the leadership and strategic management of the school and ensure legal statutory requirements are in place. The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the School Office.

Charging and Remissions Policy

We do not ask parents to contribute towards the school fund on a regular basis, as other schools do, but any donations are gratefully accepted.

To complement and enrich the curriculum, various school trips and events are organised throughout the year. Payments for such events are based on voluntary contributions and occasionally may be supplemented by School Funds to keep charges acceptable. The Governors reserve the right to charge for any damage to school equipment or property and have delegated this responsibility to the Head Teacher.

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Every parent and carer who responded to the questionnaire said that their child enjoyed school. Ofsted 2010

Confident Children Enjoying Learning

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