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News Leading by example

What made you decide to pursue Leadership, and what made you choose the Guildhall School?

Preetha: “Because I had already expanded my musical scope through my time in India [studying Carnatic Violin, a South Indian classical music tradition] and my interest in cross-cultural studies and music of other cultures, I did not feel ready to pursue a Masters in Performance as I had originally intended. When I discovered the Leadership programme and saw what it entailed, it seemed like the ideal way to continue to have exposure to new approaches, new

During the Summer term, Rachael Perrin and Preetha Narayanan talked to Jenny Beer about some of the creative projects and collaborations they have been involved in as part of the Leadership course.

Preetha – tell us a bit about the Leadership course at the Guildhall School and what it involves.

Preetha: “It is a unique course that allows students to explore their artistic identities in the context of collaborative composition, improvisation and workshop-leading. Along with coursework with a wide array of tutors that hone in on various components of musicianship, we take part in collaborations across artistic disciplines and with musicians of diverse cultural backgrounds and styles. Throughout, we work with children in primary schools as well as children in the Connect instrumental ensembles on creative approaches to music-making.”

styles and collaborators while developing my creativity and exploring my own musical potential.”

Rachael: “As an undergraduate at Guildhall you do a course called Creating and Communicating Music and this was what first engaged my interest in the course. Over the four years I found myself increasingly drawn towards collaborative projects with the drama department and workshops outside of School. I began to realise that although music was the right pathway for me my passion lies in creating music and workshop leading, rather than orchestral performance. I did look around at other courses when I graduated, however nothing compares to what the Guildhall offers; the leaders on the course are absolute experts and there is no competition out there.”

What aspects of the course or projects have you most enjoyed working on?

Preetha: “If I had to choose a specific area that I have loved the most, it would be collaborating with peers within music and in other artistic disciplines. I really enjoyed exploring collaborative composition with my ensemble throughout the two years and also cross-arts collaborations, such as MAP [MAP/making is a cross-arts collaborative project with the Royal College of Art and London Contemporary Dance School supported by The Leverhulme Trust] and our own independent projects.”



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