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September 2011 PLEASANT HILL CHIROPRACTIC Acupuncture Corner: De-stressing

Stress is a problem most of us encounter on a daily basis. How we handle that stress can be the difference between staying healthy and the adverse effects stress can have on our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually. At Pleasant Hill Chiropractic, we routinely perform acupuncture for stress relief.

The following are some simple activities you can do on your own using acupressure techniques. These are some great exercises to do while waiting for your kids in the carpool line!

Step 1

Shoulder Grasp: Curve your fingers, of both hand, and place them on the tops of your shoulder muscles, close to the base of your neck. Gradually apply firm pressure directly on to your shoulder tension. Simply let the weight of your arms relax forward, keeping your fingers curved like a hook. Sink deeply into the muscles as they soften and relax. Hold for one minute as you take slow, deep breaths. Then let your hands relax in your lap. Gently shrug your shoulders up and down several times to

encourage them to relax.

Variation: you can also practice the Shoulder Grasp using one hand at a time. Place your right fingertips on your left shoulder, grasp and hold for a minute, then switch to press the other side.

Step 2

Neck Press: Interlace your fingers behind your

neck, and let your head hang forward , with your elbows close together, pointing down toward your lap. Inhale deeply, raising your head tilt back. Exhale as your head relaxes forward and your elbows come close together in front of you. Repeat this exercise for two minutes; then let your hands float back into your lap. Keeping your eyes closed, take another minute to let yourself relax deeply.

Step 3

Close your eyes, and place your thumbs underneath the base of your skull in the indentations that lie about three inches apart. Apply firm pressure for one minute.

Step 4

Place your fingertips on the jaw muscles and firmly press. You should feel a muscle pop out when you clench your

molars together. Hold these points firmly on the jaw muscles with your

teeth slightly apart, breathing deeply, for one minute. End with thirty seconds of light pressure as you continue breathing deeply.

Step 5

Gently place your right middle fingertip in between your eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead. Position the fingertips

Deeply Relax: Relax for five minutes with your eyes closed, letting the energy circulate throughout your body, to gain the full benefits.

Don’t forget that one of the best ways to relax is to put the stress of the day behind you and go enjoy the outdoors or a good book by yourself or with your family.


“I never would have believed that needle acupuncture could help with my stress. After four sessions with Dr. Piva, I am much more relaxed and sleeping better. I try a session now every couple of months to feel recharged. Thank you, Dr Piva and Staff."

-C.G. Harrisonville.

of your left hand in the indentation of your breastbone at the level of your heart. Close your eyes as you hold these points, and breath deeply for at least one minute.

Step 6

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