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2011 – Quarterly VOL.1, NO.2

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“To whom much is given, much is required.” Lisa Nicole Cloud believes strongly

in the above statement and lives her life accordingly. She has been able to create unbelievable success for herself as a multi-millionaire businesswoman. Lisa is the CEO of Elite Marketing Strategies and Lisa Nicole Cloud Enterprises. She has trained tens of thousands of people around the world to live out their dreams of entrepreneurship. More than fi ve individuals she has personally mentored and coached have become self-made millionaires and dozens now earn fi ve- fi gure monthly incomes. Lisa Nicole is a success coach,

motivator, direct sales expert, devoted wife, loving mother, and now an accomplished author of a new upcoming book. Lisa was recently selected as one of the featured authors, alongside Les Brown and Mark Victor Hansen in the upcoming book, Mastering the Art of Success. In addition to the aforementioned accolades and accomplishments, this powerhouse woman also has a passion for helping women discover their passion, purpose and power and founded the Women’s Empowerment Network – a philanthropic endeavor to help women grow personally, professionally and fi nancially. The organization will host

its fi rst annual Women’s Empowerment Conference on November 4th through 6th, 2011 at Evergreen Conference Resort in Atlanta.

“Empowerment means creating an

opportunity for people to tap into their God-given gift s and talents and elevate themselves to the highest level,” she explains. “At the conference, we’ll talk about topics to help women grow personally, professionally, fi nancially and spiritually. Keynote Speakers will speak on topics such as Personal Development: Strength, Courage & Wisdom, Spirituality and Success: “Moving from Fear to Faith to Financial Freedom” and more. Break Out Session trainings will cover

practical topics such as branding yourself and your business, acquiring customers, developing leads and prospects for your business, presenting your business, steps for taking charge of your professional and personal life, and much more. “I’ve been asked to speak and be a

part of many women’s events and one of the things I realized is that there are many great women’s organizations, but there is not a platform or place where women can go to fi nd these great organizations or a platform where these great organizations can be profi led and share their missions and causes, to build

their membership base.” The Women’s Empowerment Network will serve that exact purpose. Lisa notes, “The conference is one platform that will bring various women’s organizations together for training, empowerment information, and networking opportunities.” For

more information about this exciting Empowerment Conference and organi- zation, call (877) 486-4774 or visit: or Magazine Publisher Shines Spotlight on Women Business Owners Not many men are willing to say that

women are smarter than men, but People You Need to Know Magazine (PYNTK) publisher, Anthony “Spark Plug” Thomas, isn’t one of them. His business magazine is Atlanta’s #1 magazine showcasing women business owners and he shines the spotlight on their education, talent, beauty and brilliance. “Aft er working with women in

professional sett ings for more than 25 years, I’ve found women are smarter than men,” he says without apology. “They are bett er leaders, bett er team players, more creative, bett er listeners, more willing to work for the greater good, and more likely to share their wealth, time, knowledge,

information, and ideas. In addition, women are using their female advantage to create millions of jobs.” For anyone who contests Spark

Magazine Circulation: 500,000

Plug’s point of view, good luck. Statistics convincingly back him up. According to, women are America’s new job-creating power force. There are 9.1 million women-owned businesses which employ 27.1 million people and contribute an astounding 3.6 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy. According to The Center for Women’s Business Research, the Metro Atlanta area alone has 185,313 women-owned businesses, which collectively generate 39 billion dollars in revenues annually.

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) found that in spite of the recession, women-owned businesses continue to grow in Georgia. For Spark Plug, these compelling numbers are an indication that the 21st Century woman is on a momentous rise to the top and determined to uplift others along her way. She is showing and proving her worth in this male- dominated society in an undeniable way. To read this article in full visit:

Ladies, if you’re serious about marketing your business, email or call (770) 460-5995. Grier


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