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Filled with glee G

lee is a

phenomenon taking the world

by storm and Samantha Marsh from Richmond is heading to the land of big screens and big dreams to fulfill her life’s passion. In December Sam will be

heading to Los Angeles and New York with GleeClub Australia.

Te 21 year-old UWS

student had been involved with the Australian Institute for Performing Arts in Naremburn since the age of eight, but due to a bad hip injury in 2008 she had to postpone her life on the stage. Her luck changed as her

injury improved, an out-of- the-blue phone call from the company asked if she would be interested in joining the Gleeclub tour. “It was just such an

amazing offer and I’m not going to let anything hold me back this time,” she said. Sami will be performing

at many famous locations including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm and on Hollywood Blvd and will be taught by big names in the industry, including the director and chorographer of the hit show Glee. Te Australian performers have

been training hard for their tour with boot camp-style rehearsals, with fitness regimes continuing till they depart on December 1. Sami is a teacher with Accent on

Dance in Richmond, who are also travelling to America in December to perform. Once she has finished her own tour in New York she will be heading


by Kerrie Martin

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back to Los Angeles to watch and mentor her students while they perform on the stages of the Disneyland Resort from December 28. Sami is very excited at the

opportunity of being part of the GleeClub tour and is counting down the days until her departure. “I’m thrilled at the thought of my

upcoming adventure and I can’t wait to be under the spotlights of broadway!” she said.

Tackling graffiti M

ember for Riverstone, Kevin Conolly MP, joined forces with Anthony Krkac of

VandalTrak to call on local residents to join the fight against graffiti. “Now that Labor, the Greens and the

Shooters have given graffiti vandals a green light to continue defacing property by recently blocking tough new laws from the NSW Government, it is more important than ever that locals report incidents of graffiti,” Mr Conolly said. Using VandalTrak’s system, incidents

of graffiti can be reported, ensuring that graffiti vandalism is catalogued and held on record. “Tis information is vital when

prosecuting a graffiti vandal as it can provide evidence of repeat offences,” Mr Conolly said.

Anthony Krkac of

VandalTrak, joined Mr Conolly’s call to local residents and said that the previous Labor Government’s laws simply weren’t addressing the issue of graffiti. “Te proof was

visible everywhere you looked. Too many offenders were being

let off with fines or cautions because magistrates just didn’t have enough sentencing options. “Te O’Farrell Government’s anti-

graffiti bill would give courts new kinds of penalties, like taking away a driver’s licence, and frankly I believe they ought to be given a chance to work,” Mr Krkac said.

“I would encourage local residents

to report any incidents of graffiti in their local area to VandalTrak by taking a photo and uploading the details online,” Mr Conolly said. For further information and to report

incidents of graffiti vandalism visit www.


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