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HAWKESBURY DISTRICT INDEPENDENT NEWS | “It was in my time in Albury that I saw a

real estate course and thought I better occupy my time a little bit better than hanging around with farmers in pubs. “I missed the city life so I came back

to Sydney and sold businesses, using the qualifications I had gained in Albury.” With a real estate course under his belt,

Trevor was ready for a change of pace in the late 1980’s. After plugging away selling businesses on his own, Trevor received a breakthrough after an incident that should have torn him down. “In 1993 I had a head on collision and I

couldn’t work for a while,” Trevor reminisced. “I happened to be wandering around the

streets of Windsor when I ran into Jim who owned Havelock real estate at the time. “He said he was thinking about getting out

so we went and negotiated how I could buy the real estate, which I did in 1994.” Trevor then worked on growing his name in

the real estate business and admits he initially struggled to keep up with the pace. But he developed into a silent mover and expanded Havelock over a period of ten years. “I was probably slipping under the radar

at the time but I just worked along in my own quiet way and kept expanding the business. “I’ve always had the motto in real estate that

all glitz and glow isn’t necessarily dough.” In 2004 an offer came in on the business

that was too good for Trevor to refuse. He subsequently sold the business and was then elected to Hawkesbury City Council as an Independent Councillor. He took on committee roles including the

Floodplain Risk Management Committee, Waste Management Committee and, perhaps his most significant achievement, the Tree Towns and Agnes Banks Sewerage Committee. After identifying sectors in the Hawkesbury

that were without adequate sewerage systems, Trevor worked to implement a reticulated structure to these suburbs and minimise the

usage costs for citizens. Trevor and his fellow Councillors

restructured the committee and began producing the drive that would bring about a successful outcome. “I felt that there hadn’t been

enough being done to force the issue and keep it up there so it was part of my goal,” Trevor said. “It’s surprising because people

had been waiting for reticulated sewerage for years and years. “Many had become accepting of

the fact that it was never going to happen and that was an attitude that had to change.” Te system was finally completed in 2010, an achievement that has become one of the many highlights of his career. He now uses years of experience to manage properties for landlords in the area and is thankful for everything he has learned in life. “I appreciate that people do it

tough and anybody that is down on their luck must be helped,” Trevor said. “And those who are being helped

need to then respond by doing all things possible to help themselves. “I left school at 15 and never

started studying until I was about 30. “I encourage young people today

to get the best education possible, because if I had my time over, knowing what I know now, I would have put in a much bigger effort. “As you mature you learn there

is more to your education that sport day,” he quipped. “You should never give up on

anything you set your mind to, because while ever you are healthy, you always have a chance.”


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