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28 ISSUE 17 | SEPTEMBER 2011

Bligh Park Pet Health Centre (formerly Bligh Park Veterinary Hospital)


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Does your new puppy or kitten need a vet?

Would you like a second opinion on the long-term treatment your elderly pet is receiving? We’re here to help and welcome your call!

Dr Tom Lonsdale & Associates

Veterinary Surgeons Consultations

Mon - Fri 9am - 11am & 5pm - 7pm Saturday 9am - 11am Sunday, Public Holidays & Emergencies by appointment

FuLLy LiCenSeD peT hoSpiTAL

Phone: 4577 7061


Berkshire Park Bird Farm & Pet Supplies Family Run Est. 1984 | 1st Accredited Bird Farm

Te traditional dog/cat owners are still strong out there, but more and more people are looking for that something different. Snakes, rats and lizards

palm pet? H

aving a pet has come along way in a short time.

are now finding their way into the hearts of many owners but have you thought of an Indian Palm Squirrel from Berkshire Park Bird Farm? Tese cute little creatures

originated from the sub- continent (India) as the name would apply. Tere are two species; the three striped and the five striped palm squirrel. Tese little creatures have been bred in captivity and will definitely make an interesting addition to your home. Palm squirrels live for up to twelve

years but average about six to eight. Te Palm Squirrel is hamster-sized fellow with a bushy tail about the same length as its body. Tey are non-hibernating and remain active throughout the entire year. Palm Squirrels seldom settle down

for long and will leap around shelves and

furniture and can unintentionally cause damage if left to their own devices, so letting them out without supervision is not a good idea. Berkshire Park Bird farm can give you

all the tips on feeding and looking after your pet. Like all animals they require care

and you should be prepared to be a responsible pet owner before you make a decision to buy one. If you tick all the boxes and are interested in a cute little furry animal, hop down to Berkshire Park Bird Farm to see what they can do for you.

76 Second Road, Berkshire Park NSW 2765 Tel: (02) 4572 5166 Open 6 Days a Week 9am - 5pm (Closed Tuesday)

SPENCE & ROCKET Are YOU looking for a new companion who will remain you loyal friend and will always greet you with a happy face and a tail wag then consider Spence. Spence is looking for a family who can adopt him and he will reward you with his faithfulness and companionship. Spence is a Wolfhound blend dog that is nearly two years of age, is well mannered and a calm dog that rarely barks and is just happy to have someone to sit beside. Give him a soccer ball and he will be happy to play with the children. He is social with most dogs although we think he much prefers human company. Spence has the Wolfhound wiry coat and looks but is only medium size and would weigh no more than 30 kilos. He loves people and has a quiet manner never any trouble and he also walks very well on lead. He is happiest when allowed to sit at your feet and watch the evening news and just chill out with his human family. Spence is $300 to purchase with all my vet work done, and this includes a hamper of food.


Richmond Vet Hospital 4578 4229

118 Windsor St, Richmond

Wilberforce Vet Hospital Cnr Rose St & Wilberforce Rd, Wilberforce

4575 3335

“Rocket” is no Pocket Rocket in fact he is Great Dane blend who is sadly in need of a loving home. Rocket is a 10 month old male smooth coated Great Dane blend who loves to play and like most young dogs will need to find a loving home who will continue with his training. Rocket is a gentle dog who epitomises this regal breed – with his soft eyes and smooth coat he will grow into a medium to large size dog but will never gain the full height of a pure Great Dane. Rocket needs to find a home which will provide with him a regular walk, inclusion in the family home and continued training to ensure he remains a happy and social dog.Rocket is $300 to purchase which includes his

vaccinations, microchipping, desexing heartworm prevention, worming and grooming. Rocket also comes with a month’s supply of food.

CINDERS AND JETHRO These beautiful young cats who are in need of loving homes – both are gentle loving cats who would be ideal family cats having been well socialised and fully housetrained. Jethro is a smoocher and very playful and with his soft coat and peaches and cream colouring he would be a wonderful addition to a family. A loving young cat with the softest fur and gentle ways he would fit into any family. Jethro is $120 to purchase with all vet work completed, microchipped and also provided with a hamper of food and a cat door to boot.

Cinders is the young lady around town only seven months old this young female cat definitely a homely cat who would suit an older couple or a family with older children. Quiet and gentle this young cat would make an ideal companion cat and she also comes with all her vet work done and a cat door and hamper of food to be included for a total of $120.

For adoption inquiries please contact Linda on 0407 453 005 from the Animal Welfare League Hawkesbury Valley Branch.

With Berkshire Park Bird Farm & Pet Suppplies

Lic. No. FDB 1429 | Exotic No. NSW 393

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