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ISSUE 17 | SEPTEMBER 2011 23

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Dear Ange I’ve been spending a lot of time with a new male friend. His given name is Lon. He goes by Lonny. Birthday is 12/3. My birthday is 3/9. Things have moved very quickly in the last few weeks but he is at a transitional period in his life right now and so there are some things on his end that make me wonder if it is right. Is the timing going to work out to the best of our advantage or am I setting myself up for heartache? Any insight you can provide would be great! Tara First up, “heartache” as you call it, is a learning experience that assists you in evolving to the person you signed up to be for this life. Yes it does hurt, but instead of concentrating on if a relationship will or won’t work to your best advantage, how about paying attention to the now and appreciating the special moments that you both share? A relationship is a journey that has joyful times, sad times and heartache. Try to be grateful for Lonny sharing your life right now. Here today, and know in your heart that if this relationship is to be for a long time it will be. The Angels send us the correct experiences, sometimes not as we want them to be. Relax, all is taken care of. Place your faith in the Angels, God and the Ascended Masters. You know the answer deep within your own heart. Let Lonny know how you feel, then make your decision if you want to continue the relationship.

Dear Ange I might have a guy entering my life, named Paddy (I guess originally called Patrick). So this is it. Will we have a relationship? How will it be? What is the purpose of this relationship? Are his intentions serious? Klara Here is the message I received from Archangel Jophial; ‘Klara you will be spending time with Paddy and he will bring a calming effect into your life. You will continue with your spiritual development and will also help Paddy with his. Remember you are also contributing to this relationship. Paddy will learn to appreciate each day and to not rush into decision. Your relationship will be on a very deep level. You are both reconnecting from a past life where Paddy died suddenly and you eventually died of a broken heart. It was in the 1400’s. You have been reunited to rediscover the love between you that will open both your hearts to a wider love now that will transmute through your many ethereal bodies. His intentions are serious deep in his heart and you will awaken the passion within yours’.

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ARIES Mar 21 to Apr 20 Jupiter is retrograde so avoid over spending and stick to your budget! During the week of the Full Moon, (Sept 9th – 15th) be wary of your hypersensitivity leading you to be paranoid. By the 27th a love affair will start to bloom and this is something you will want to develop long term. This is also a highly social month where you and your friends can share many good times.

TAURUS Apr 21 to May 21 A hectic time can be expected both at home and at work. During the week of the Full Moon (Sept 9th – 15th) your hot headedness will get you into trouble and you need to be careful of being unreasonable with loved ones. Pluto continues to make you feel adventurous. Jupiter is retrograde in your sign so be certain to get correct advice before throwing your hard earned cash at any get – rich quick scheme.

GEMINI May 22 to Jun 21 Unexpected bills are likely and Be careful of whom you loan money to. Minor health issues are likely during the week of The Full Moon (Sept 9th – 12th) so be careful of running yourself into the ground. If people aren’t prepared to discuss important issues, let them slide. The New Moon in Libra on the 27th indicates that it’s time to look your best and to let your sense of humour shine as this will spark up your love life.

CANCER Jun 22 to Jul 22 Financial issues that have been swept under the carpet are about to come to light. During the week of the Full Moon ( Sept 9th – 15th) legal issues, and bureaucratic debts come to ahead and care should be taken when driving to avoid speeding tickets. Mars in your sign all month makes you extremely passionate. The New Moon In Libra on the 27th ushers in a fresh beginning on the home front!

LEO Jul 23 to Aug 23 Problems are likely on the career front, but If you bust out of the prison of self – doubts, you can expect a great deal of success. If you move your pride out of the way and ask for help you’ll be able to short circuit the whole issue. Mars moves into your sign on the 21st and we have a New Moon in Libra on the 27th bringing a breakthrough in your social life. Outworn friendships will be left behind.

VIRGO Aug 24 to Sep 23 Venus is influencing your relationships so get ready for a ton of fulfilment in your love life. Encouraging messages to and from your loved one will set the trend for the month. During the week of the 9th – 15th be careful of obsessing about someone you’ve just met. Be realistic and trust your instincts it’s the only way to put your mind at ease. The New Moon on the 27th brings a fresh start financially.

Francis A Bevan

LIBRA Sep 24 to Oct 23 During the week of The Full Moon Sept (9TH – 15TH) If you have an official meeting make sure you take all the facts and figures with you. From the 16th onwards Venus enters your sign and your popularity increases, making it easy to win friends and influence people. The New Moon in Libra on the 27th is an ideal time to purchase a new outfit that will have heads turning.

SCORPIO Oct 24 to Nov 22 During the week of The Full Moon Sept 9th – 12th if you have any unresolved personal issues, it’s time to find the underlying causes so that you can improve your relationships. Your partners financial affairs will be a concern and a resolution is needed. Travelling will feature quite strongly until the 21st and the New Moon on the 27th indicates a major push forward with your career!

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 to Dec 21 The Full Moon in Pisces on the 12th indicates that you’ll have to curve your spending, think about strategies for increasing your income and working your way out of debt without borrowing any more money. Mercury in Virgo from the 10th brings with it quite a bit of luck on the work front making your work more enjoyable. The New Moon in Libra on the 27th is the ideal time for a social event.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 to Jan 20 You may develop a friendship overseas through an online forum or chat room. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 12th is going to be a rather emotional time and your responses to certain situations will be over the top. The New Moon in Libra on the 27th joins structured Saturn indicating that this is an ideal time to either apply for a promotion or to establish your own business.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 to Feb 19 The Full Moon on the 12th indicates a need to feel secure about your finances, so don’t be scared to change banks if you can strike a better deal with a new one. Difficult family issues are going to need to be addressed, don’t pretend things are ok when they are not, especially if you have been putting up with a disagreeable situation! The New Moon on the 27th is an ideal time to plan a trip.

PISCES Feb 20 to Mar 20 Love is in the air up until the 16th and you could be suddenly infatuated by someone new. be certain to deal with this situation responsibly. The Full Moon on the 12th is in your sign brining unruly emotions to the surface. The New Moon on the 27th indicates a need on the work front to speak up and demand what you deserve. Calm, controlled discussions will help you get what you want.


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