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AZ Arts Women in film featured at PVCC fest

Films representing a wide variety of the struggles and triumphs of women from various cultures and backgrounds will be offered during The Film Festival @ PVCC 2011-12 series.

This year’s free festival features “inspiring, terrifying and even humorous” fi lms and the women portrayed in them. Four fall fi lms and fi ve spring movies will be screened at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings with one exception in February at Paradise Valley Community College’s Center for Performing Arts, located at 34th Street and Union Hills. Films include: Sept. 7: “Amélie,” a funny, romantic and whimsical

fi lm about a young woman who dedicates herself to helping others achieve happiness in their lives and fi nding a way to discover her own happiness. (2001; R)

Sept. 21: “The Stoning of Soraya M” is an intensely moving and powerful fi lm based on a true story of a woman falsely accused of adultery by her husband and put on trial in their Iranian village. If she is found guilty, the punishment is death by stoning. (2008; R)

Oct. 5: “Volver” stars Penelope Cruz in this off-beat fi lm that blends comedy, drama, and Hitchcockian suspense in a tale of how the women of one family deal with the past, present, and even some ghosts. (2006; R)

Oct. 19: “Raise the Red Lantern” is a fi lm about a young woman sent to an arranged marriage to a wealthy lord in 1920s China, who, as the youngest but fourth wife, must navigate the intrigue, deception and treachery among the other wives in

the restrictive compound that marks her new life. (1991; PG)

Jan. 25: “Sophie Scholl” is a German fi lm based on the actual events surrounding a student resistance group, the White Rose, during the Nazi era, using actual court transcripts as dialogue. (2005; NR) Feb. 2, 2012 (Thursday): “Catching Babies” is a special presentation of a soon to be released documentary that follows the lives of three women as they train to become midwives in Texas. Filmmaker Barni Axmed Qaasim will be on hand to present her fi lm. (2011; NR)

Feb. 8: “Caramel” is both a sad and funny story of the lives of fi ve Lebanese women living and trying to fi nd true love in modern day Beirut, where the strength of their friendship helps them endure many of life’s disappointments. (2007; PG) Feb. 22: “Water” is a fi lm set in India during the rise of Ghandi which delivers a stirring and poignant story of a home for widows in the 1930s, including the plight of a child bride who became a widow soon after her arranged marriage. (2001; R) March 7: “Maria Full of Grace” is a Colombian

fi lm that documents the poverty and subjugation of a country dominated by drug cartels. Many young women fi nd the only way out of such fi nancial misery is to become drug mules, dangerously transporting cocaine in their bodies to the U.S. (2006; R)

For more information contact the PVCC Box Offi ce at 602-787-7738, online at cpa or on Facebook under “PVCC Fine Arts.”

September 3 - 16, 2011


Sparks fly as Prescott celebrates centennial American Idol-turned-superstar singer Jordin

Sparks is one of the featured entertainers at the Arizona Best Fest in Prescott Sept. 16 through 18 in historic downtown Prescott.

This historical Arizona Centennial Signature event boasts a Mainstage lineup featuring virtuoso rock guitarist Nils Lofgren and rock ‘n’ roll veterans The Tubes Fri., Sept. 16; Sparks and the rhythmic rock/blues artist Jerry Riopelle Sat., Sept. 17; and world renowned Arizona native, known as “Mr. Las Vegas,” Wayne Newton on Sun., Sept. 18. In addition, a historical musical retrospective titled “Salute to Arizona” is set for Sat., Sept. 17, accompanied by a fi reworks display. Arizona’s Offi cial State Historian Marshall Trimble and Arizona’s Offi cial State Balladeer Dolan Ellis will also have stints on the Mainstage. Another highlight is the unveiling of the USPS Arizona Centennial commemorative stamp at Prescott’s Courthouse Square at 4 p.m. Fri., Sept. 16.

Shuttle buses are scheduled for easy access to downtown Prescott and available at Rodeo Village and The Frontier Village.

Arizona Best Fest Series leads the Arizona Centennial Signature Events and Projects, and moves to Tucson and later to Phoenix as it makes its three-city tour to Arizona’s three territorial capitals. For all the latest information, including the entertainment schedule, visit

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