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Hudson - Litchfield News 16 - September 2, 2011

“Thumbs down to the Hudson Planning Board for overturning the 100-foot setback rule because the applicant put in nice trees.”

“Thumbs down

to John Sununu, how many times do you want taxpayers to pay to use the Internet and its services. Lobbying for big cable and telcos is not a great way to sleep well at night. I guess it is a good thing you are no longer in office, otherwise your ‘policies’ would become law, and the whole country would be out in the cold.”


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“Thumbs up to the senior citizen in Hudson who regales us with stories about her brilliance as a High School student for hours at a time. One thing to remember, many women of your generation did graduate from college, putting themselves through night school while working to provide for their families. In fact many seniors are going back to obtain their college degree and even returning to some type of work. Perhaps you would enjoy that.”

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“Thumbs down to LFC. He stopped doing his job as fire chief and made fools of the BOS. But what do they do about it? Nothing! The FC has made a laughing stock of the fire dept. and continues to do so. It is time for him to go - the sooner the better!”

“Thumbs up to John and the Hudson Recreation Department. The fields at Jette and Sousa were exceptional throughout our softball seasons. I am not sure how you got the infields so smooth, but please come back next year and do it again.”

“Thumbs down. How did the house on

Ferry Street (which the library was using) get to a point where it was condemned by the Hudson Code Inspectors? And now Hudson is trying to sell it again!”

“Thumbs up to the LFD and LPD for their

quick response to my Fiancé’s emergency phone call. He had been attacked and stung by bee’s while mowing during the day and had a severe allergic reaction. Never having had any issues prior to that he had no idea what was happening. Had they not responded so quickly and did what they knew to do until the paramedics arrived he may not have been here today. Life is very short and you never know when things will change in the blink of an eye. We cannot say Thank You enough.”

“Thumbs down to the Litchfield Fire Chief for gossiping about private information he learns about on calls. After responding to a carbon monoxide leak in my home, his daughter came to my door a few days later and asked, ‘Do you really have 35 cats?’ None of anyone’s business! Do you also reveal information about medical calls too? You really deserve to lose your job.”

“Thumbs down to the person with the gall to complain about limit lines at stop

signs. They are there to show you where to stop. Stop signs are there to tell you to stop completely. Then you go when it is clear to go. If it’s such a dangerous area to come out by, maybe you should take it up at a town meeting instead of whining about it in a newspaper.

It’s people like this that

make driving unsafe. Go back to a driving school.”

“Thumbs down to the girl at Cahill’s who has her hair flopping all around. All the other girl’s hair tied back, not on the side.”

“Thumbs down to the ignorant

individual who posted the thumbs in regards to parents ‘complaining’ about issues at the town of Hudson’s children’s recreational summer program. Since when did concerns about neglect, safety, and child welfare become ‘complaints?’ they are only seen as complaints by those who are guilty of the issues. The word is out multiple families pulled out of the REC, you expect people to leave if they express concerns; however you won’t refund their money, or change the REC’s ways to make an appropriate and safe environment for our town’s children. The parents have lives, it is called looking out for our children’s welfare.”

“Thumbs down to the person who wrote a ‘thumbs’ pretending to be their child. You constantly accuse the recreation staff of writing thumbs against you when you yourself are not writing truthfully. As for air-conditioned buses, the staff also ride those buses for the ‘two hours’ with your whinny children. If you would like to pay more each trip for Coach Buses, please go right ahead. I am sure the counselors would greatly appreciate the ac and less whinny children. I am perfectly content with my two children riding in a regular yellow school bus. As for lunches, my children brought a packed lunch every day and had no issues with melted food; did you pack your children ice cream? If you would like to buy the REC center refrigerated storage

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units, again... go right ahead. I know I don’t have the money to supply the REC center with such luxuries. Hopefully next summer you and your children will find a different program that can better accommodate your needs. As for my children and I, we will surely be going back!”

“Thumbs down to the Hudson Pizza Hut for their ‘Now Hiring Part Time Good Attitudes’ sign. Shouldn’t you want to hire employees who keep good attitudes all the time? ‘Thumbs up’ though for giving us a chuckle each time we drive by. =)”

“Thumbs up, way up- to the

sister who supports her sister in her decision to get mental help and therapy after what seems like a bad relationship. You brought tears to my eyes having lost my sister 2 years ago to mental illness and an abusive relationship. I am so happy and my heart lightened to hear that she has realized and is seeking help. I am also so grateful for you as a sister who is standing up for your sister and being there for her always. That is what she needs to get through it. Never give up on her. XOXO”

“Thumbs down to the U14 coach for cutting the president of the softball league’s daughter and giving a spot on the team to a girl whose mother provides work for your wife. Do you know how much you have hurt some of your former players by calling girls who left town and guaranteeing them a position on your team. What happened to your strong opinions about Litchfield girls playing for their town? You

gave preference to girls who left to play for other teams and girls who don’t live in town. How quickly you forget and push away the families who have helped you and supported you for years.”

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up. Re: Hudson’s 9-11 Memorial. A big ‘thumbs up’ to Dave Morin; Todd Hansen and Dean Sulin who were in charge of the 9-11 Memorial wall construction; and to all the Hudson Firefighters who worked so diligently on the wall on August 24th and 25th. They completed the pentagon outline in the hot sun; clouds and rain. The skill and professionalism of these men and women is nothing short of outstanding. Everything ‘must be perfect’ we heard one of the leaders say more than once. I also heard at one point that one of the measurements was 1/32nd of an inch off! Yes they fixed it! All town residents should be real proud of these men and women and take time to visit the site at the Benson’s Park.”

“Thumbs up to the comment about getting a dollar’s worth in teaching, thanks for the label proving earlier point. Also my opinion is that my opinion as we are all able to have one, we do teach freedom of speech right? Even the young have a right as well. Good luck.”

“Thumbs up to Meghan and Annie for passing the written portion of your driver’s ed exam!! I can’t wait for the eighth (hope it’s not raining)! I know you will both pass with flying colors!!”

“Thumbs down to the home owner on Pinedale Street in Hudson. Setting off fireworks in the middle of day and at night for no apparent reason is just plain ignorant to your neighbors!”

“Thumbs up to the chairman of the BOS of Hudson for taking the time off from his busy agenda in Concord as a representative of the town’s corporations to express his anger over wild bird poop and dog poop in ‘his’ park. This will help 2012 re-election. Good luck!! Corporate boards save your money.”

“Thumbs up to the HLN for helping the people to express their frustrations and lack of control with the long tenure of town officials in Hudson. March 2012 is the only way to regain our town. Vote ‘no’ Jasper.

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“Thumbs down to all the out of state auto plates taking up Hudson tax paying spaces, leave or register here as you are living here.”

“Thumbs down to the town of Litchfield for spending our money to purchase a huge generator, setting up a emergency shelter and not developing a system for contacting residents about it. It appears the town thinks since people do not have children in the Litchfield schools they do not need this service during an emergency like a hurricane. You have reverse 911, texting and AM radio at your disposal please use one of them. I am a taxpayer elderly and want to be kept informed.”

“Thumbs up, way up to Selectman George Lambert! Your article in last week’s HLN about ‘local government needs to be transparent and truthful’ was excellent! I only wish all people that work for our town felt the same way. Keep up the good work George. You ask the hard questions that we all want answers to.”

“Thumbs down. Two buildings and thirty cars for sale on a half acre lot – way too much, sometimes ‘no’ is the right answer.”

“Thumbs down to the geese at Benson’s.

Why is it OK to shoot Bambi’s sweet mother and yet we can’t get rid of these dirty birds? They are nothing but a nuisance and are destroying parks and beaches all over NH. Sure I get the concept about thinning the deer herd, but the population of these birds is out of control. Something needs to be done.”

238 Central St, Hudson, NH

603-718-8837 Located Upstairs In

the Heritage Building Voters take notice.

“Thumbs down. Thank god for the Hudson thumbs/up-thumbs down because no one returns calls from the Hills Cemetery. I think Satan walks amongst us because whoever is working over there has to be related to him. They are the most inconsiderate bunch of people I have ever seen creep around in all my life. They won’t return phone call, they are inconsiderate to the dead, they are just horrible and should all be replaced. I put some little tiny things on my son’s grave and they removed them!”

“Thumbs down, way, way down to our neighbor of 7 years whose son calls our learning disabled young man, our nephew, a fag and a few other names because he had his sunglasses on top of his head. It must be nice to be so damn perfect. Oh yeah, the stupid 4-wheeler, it has a muffler, the boys ride it in our yard in circles; mud pit and all! It’s not your yard so get over it! And as far as the noise goes, quiet time in this town is 10pm not 1am like for you and your parties.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.


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