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Salem Community Patriot September 2, 2011 - 9

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Area News Group or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Area News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down. I watched the Monday night selectman’s meeting in Salem august 22. They discussed sidewalks on Lawrence road and that the cost of the sidewalks would cost $75,000. The majority of the board decided not to spend that money based on how tight money is in today’s economy. Susan Covey voted ‘yes’ for sidewalks and then made a statement that she was on the planning board and the next night she had to go to that meeting and didn’t want to vote no against the planning boards wishes for sidewalks on Lawrence road. That’s inappropriate and I’m very disappointed that she cannot stand up for the people of Salem during these very difficult economic times and I will not be supporting her again.”

“Thumbs down to lil’ Patty Mc Dougall for his violent verbal assault and threatening gestures towards the Town Manager after Monday’s Selectmen’s meeting. I now know first hand what the term ‘going postal’ refers to and I thank god he didn’t brandish a firearm! I call on the Board of Selectman to immediately demand his resignation from the Budget Committee and to trespass him from Town Hall. This type of behavior shows he is an unbalanced, uneducated individual with no class who is a danger to himself and the Community.”

“Thumbs down to John Sununu, how many times do you want taxpayers to pay to use the internet and its services. Lobbying for big cable and telcos is not a great way to sleep well at night. I guess it is a good thing you are no longer in office, otherwise your ‘policies’ would become law, and the whole country would be out in the cold.”

“Thumbs down: Where is Friendly’s!? I thought

Friendly’s was going to be re-vamped along with DeMoulas, but clearly that did not happen. Does anyone know if Friendly’s is coming back? I miss their ice cream!”

“Thumbs down: For not trimming the tree

branches that cover the Rt. 93 North signs on Pelham Road. This is major inconvenience to those of us who get cut off in traffic by those who mistake 93 N for 93 S. The 93 North signs should be clearly visible. Please trim the branches!”

“Thumbs down to all Republicans blaming the Democrats. These parties work for the people not for the parties. That is why this town and country are in trouble. One party builds a wall only to have it ripped down by the other party that is why this country is going broke. If these parties worked for a company, the company would fire them for being non-productive. Where were all these Republicans candidates running for President when George W Bush was in office creating this mess? Remember President Obama walked into this mess of eight years of Bush. I’ve

never seen a President lay so low after being in office. I bet Bush would help out with their Republican Presidential campaigning.”

“Thumbs down to who job it is to manage the abandon properties in this town. I guess it’s all right as long as they don’t live next door to you and you have to look at lawns not cut and neglect of properties. I bet your still collecting the taxes and paying someone who doesn’t do their job.”

“Thumbs down to the Assessor’s Office. You assessed my house at $2200 more than it was in 2007? Did the economy get better between 2007 and 2011?”

“Thumbs down to allowing out of town residents who are Salem School District employees to send their children to Salem schools. If you live in Lawrence or Methuen then you should be charged tuition in order to send your child to a Salem, taxpayer funded school. According to the NH Department of Education Salem spends roughly $10,000 per student per year.”

“Thumbs down to the Assessing Office, if I could get what you think my house is worth, I would sell in a heartbeat, its about 100,000 over assessed. That letter you sent out is a joke it looks like your still calculations the figures and not in homeowners favor. You need to do a real time appraisal on properties not some estimate from a 2006 appraisal and not some calculation no one can figure out. That property assessment mistake you made with over charging Market Basket is very costly to the taxpayers of this town.”

“Thumbs down to the person who spoke bad about the NH State Rep from North Main Street. First of all, this Gentleman pulled over for you to allow you to pass. He put his Hi Beams on you to alert you that you had yours on. As far the tailgating goes, knowing his driving, I am sure he was not exactly tailgating you. I personally know him and he is a very good driver. I do not like the term ‘DUI’ as you mentioned. This Gentleman drinks no alcohol. He is a coffee drinker as I should know since we have coffee together many times during the week. He is a very nice Gentleman who does so much for others who expects nothing in return. It appears you are the one with ‘road rage’ and perhaps you should remove your plates and ride a bicycle. Oh, by the way, I know who you are too! I don’t have to mention names as I have more class than that. Grow up!”

“Thumbs down to all you inconsiderate smokers who smoke at the entrances of buildings and department stores everywhere. The innocent public is being unjustly exposed to your secondhand smoke. The sight of this disgusting act should deter shoppers away from businesses and show business owners and managers the

consequences of their inconsideration toward people’s health.”

“Thumbs down to the person who is (yet again) complaining about the Salem High School Band practicing... yup you knew you’d get one or a few. #1 The only practice that they had that went until 9 was on Friday the last practice of band camp week, all of the others ended at 8! #2 They weren’t practicing … they were performing for us ... their parents who support them. Are you going to ‘thumbs down’ them when they play at a late night football games? #3 How long have you lived in your current house? Unless it’s a generations old home that has been passed down in your family, then I’m pretty sure the school (and its band) were there long before you were! #4 You suggest practicing in the Industrial Park ... are you going to pay to have the equipment transported there every day? We do enough fundraisers ... can’t possibly squeeze more money from the rocks can we? #5 I hope you never ‘brag’ about the town you come from having a nationally known band... because you don’t deserve to claim it as your pride! Sincerely Band Mom Jones”

“Thumbs up to the man who sells ice cream at the flea market here in Salem each weekend. I see being a U.S. Marine he is a very nice and professional man. He is good with the kids who go with their parents who purchase the product. He helps keep the kids busy while orders are taken. He must be a father as he is a very patient person. Great job!”

“Thumbs down - To the person who wrote in last week complaining about the Salem Police and the allegation that they ignore Fire Lane Violations. First, let me point out that the Police Department did a press release several weeks ago, advising people that the Salem Police Benevolent Association is not currently making phone solicitations. The press release requested that anyone receiving such solicitations from persons claiming to represent the SPBA, should contact the Salem Police Department so that the matter could be investigated fully. Secondly, the Salem Police Department nor its members benefit from the fundraising efforts of the SPBA. The SPBA is a non-profit, charitable organization and makes donations to organizations such as Salem Boys and Girls Club, Salem Caregivers and Salem Youth Sports, to name a few. The SPBA also gives out scholarships to graduating seniors from Salem High School.

Lastly, you claimed that you

witnessed officers drive by fire lane violations on two occasions. You surmised that the officers were late for their coffee break. I invite you to participate in a Citizen Ride Along, where you will have the opportunity to see what an officer does on a daily basis. I am willing to bet that the officers were dispatched to higher priority calls and did not simply ignore the violation. There

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

submitted by Lori J. Bertrand, President, Granite State Dog Recovery It has happened again. On August 13, a small dog scooted out the door and vanished into the woods. Friends, family and neighbors scoured the neighborhood but after an exhaustive search Scooby was gone. Scooby’s mom Nikki jumped into action and called animal control officers from Methuen and Haverhill, MA and Salem to report him missing and quickly made up many flyers to post around the neighborhood. Nikki also posted her missing dog on Craigslist and that is where Granite State Dog Recovery (GSDR) saw that he was missing and needed help. Scooby Doo actually lives in Methuen but his backyard crosses over into Salem. He has been spotted several times on North Street in Methuen but he quickly bolts back into the woods when anyone tries to approach him. Scooby needs the help of the community to bring him home safely.

GSDR has reached out to Nikki and helped her with her flyers and has conducted an actual foot search. We have set up a trap near his home to hopefully lure him back with some tasty morsels of food. What we need now is for assistance from anyone traveling in the neighborhood of North Street,

Hampstead Street and all the surrounding areas to be on the look out for a very shy, very scared white dog with black patches. If you spot him please do not approach but call the cell phones of Nikki at (978) 609-0640 or Lori at GSDR (508) 641-3500. It is time for Scooby Doo to come home. Nikki is offering a

reward for any tip that successfully brings Scooby back home. If the community rallies around Nikki and is her eyes and ears we know that Scooby could be home by this weekend. So please drive carefully through that neighborhood and keep a watchful eye open for this scared pup. Scooby is counting on us to lead him back home to Nikki.

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Granite State Dog Recovery is an all-volunteer group dedicated to helping families reunite with their lost dogs. You can find us on Facebook at or on the Web at If you have a lost pet you can post him on our Facebook site and find helpful tips on our Website. This is a complimentary service for all pet owners.

are plenty of people who contest their parking tickets, which seems to contradict your statement. Also, the Police Department does not receive the monies collected for issued parking tickets, the Town of Salem receives those monies. In the future, please call me direct and I will be sure to send an officer to address the issue. – Sergeant Rob Morin, Salem Police Department, SPBA President., 603-893-1911.”

“Thumbs down to whining about SHS band

practice. It’s a healthy activity for the kids, and it’s not in my backyard because I didn’t move next to a high school. Should have used your head when choosing a place to live instead of using it to write about something you should have thought of in the first place moron.”

“Thumbs down, way, way down to selectman

Lyons. How dare he say that all the cuts happening in the town with DPW, fire, town hall & police has nothing to do with the roads he wanted passed… it has everything to do with the roads! Get your heads out of the sand Salem, and realize the service we are so used to getting in this town will be greatly diminished & lines will be longer than ever & roads will go unplowed longer etc. the Salem we know and love will be no more.”

“Thumbs down to all our legislators.

Fortunately we get to voice our opinion here. Massachusetts is on the brink of putting in a gambling parlor, Rockingham Park would be excellent but because of 2 People (husband and wife) they have held it up forever. People are going out of state to gamble (as far as Connecticut) and we here are so damned righteous! I don’t believe it! It’s getting a little shaky.”

“Thumbs down to the person on Bluff Street

who has 2 mobile homes and an unregistered truck in their back yard, you are only allowed one. Maybe you ‘outta clean it up!”

“Thumbs down to the ‘thumbs down’ to Stephen Campbell. How can you say Stephen Campbell does not represent the ‘little guy.’ He has been in service to the town of Salem for more years than any other elected official in this town. He represents everybody with common sense. If you have derogatory statements about Stephen Campbell, print your name, be a man or maybe be a woman. What Steve Campbell says, he does. He and Pat Hargreaves work for the people!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Area News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880- 1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Salem Edition. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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