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Pelham - Windham News 6 - August 26, 2011

Police Benevolent Association First Annual Fox Trot Motorcycle Ride a Fun, Successful Event

Mike Verrocci and Greg Pepper

Bob and Amy Genest, Chad and Liz Clark

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz Detective Jim Fox, an extremely brave, honest and caring man who lost his courageous battle with cancer in March is always remembered, thought of often and held close to the hearts of those whose lives he touched. His comrades at Salem Police Department knew they had to do something to honor him, and a charity motorcycle ride now known as the annual “Fox Trot” has proven to be a great way to remember him and all he stood for, while raising funds for Dollars for Scholars, the American Cancer Society and the Salem Rams Football program. James “Foxy” Fox was a 12-year

Jimmy Fox’s boys

veteran of New Hampshire Law Enforcement, serving with Rochester

Police Department prior to moving to Salem with his wife Jen and four sons. In 2008, Foxy was promoted to the Detective Division and just a year later was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. He underwent treatment and was given a positive prognosis, but in February 2011 he was given horrible news. The cancer had returned and was invading his lungs. It was just four short weeks later that Foxy passed away at home, with his wife, children, extended family, and closest friends by his side. A positive and strong way for the community to remember, honor, and take a stand in what Foxy believed in is the Annual Fox Trot Motorcycle Ride. The ride was held on August 13 with sign up at Park Place Lanes in

Scott and Michelle Naismith

Windham, traveled 88 miles of the New Hampshire Seacoast, and ended with a BBQ and fun and the Derry-Salem Elks Lodge on Shadow Lake Road. All proceeds benefited local charities.

College Accolades Matthew Stankiewicz of Pelham has

received a Bachelor of Science degree in International business and Logistics from Marine Maritime Academy. Stankiewicz is a graduate of Pelham High School. The following Pelham residents have

received degrees from Northeastern University: Zachary H. Lynde, majored in Computer Engineering; and Lauren Gaulton Murphy, majored in Communication

Studies. Craig Heintzelman of Windham

graduated from the University of New Haven with a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science. Meaghan Buckley of Windham has

graduated from Union College. Buckley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History. David Roman of Windham has graduated

from Villanova University. Ryan J. Pitts of Pelham has graduated from Lakes Region Community College with a degree in Fire Science. Steven Travaglini of Pelham has graduated

from Assumption College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Woof Talkby Belinda Sinclair Getting Your Puppy Off on the Right Paw

Puppies that aren’t well socialized tend to grow up fearful and the vast majority of dog bites are from fearful dogs! Getting your puppy off on the right paw can be as easy

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as enrolling them into a Puppy Kindergarten class and a Puppy Playgroup. Puppy Playgroup is a safe and structured environment where puppies are allowed to play together and learn basic doggie social skills. Puppy kindergarten is designed for puppies that are between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks old and have received their first set of shots and are free of disease. Early socialization, handling and loving care are critical to the development of a healthy, well-adjusted, stable companion and the lack of this early training can’t be compensated for later in life. Puppies in this age range tend to be on the same playing field size wise and get along well with each other. Owners who attend puppy kindergarten learn how to deal with common puppy behavioral problems like mouthing, chewing, barking ... House training, crate training and leash training are just a few of the other topics that are addressed. There is nothing as fun and cute as watching a group of puppies play and that is why we offer a free Puppy Playgroup every Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Woof Woof.

House training is the number one cause of frustration for new

puppy owners. With some persistence and guidance most puppies can be house trained in a few months, depending on the breed. In our puppy kindergarten classes we teach owners the five-part house- training program of scheduling, diet, odor neutralizing, confinement and correction to insure successful house training at an early age. Skipping any one of these steps can needlessly make house-training take much longer to achieve. Urine is ammonia based, so using any cleaners with ammonia in them will only make that area of your house a more tempting puppy potty. The key is to use a product that will eliminate the scent, not just for you, but also for your puppy. Simply covering up the odors with perfumes and deodorants isn’t enough. Dogs can smell on the average of 100 times better then humans and if you don’t eliminate the scent completely they will keep soiling the same place over and over again. A product like Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution acts as an odor neutralizer. They actually change the chemical composition of the urine and the odor become unrecognizable to the dog. These types of products can be purchased at just about any pet store and are your best bets for combating doggie odors. The good news is that if the puppy can’t smell it any more, neither can your family and friends. By attending a puppy kindergarten class you will learn how to

overcome undesirable, but normal puppy behavioral problems. It is normal for a puppy to use their mouth to explore their world, but when that world includes your furniture, your fingers and your shoes, it can be painful and costly. Puppies at this age are very impressionable. It is easier to teach a puppy the behaviors you expect, than to break the bad habits of an adult dog. Puppies grow into their behaviors, good or bad, not out of them. Puppy kindergarten will strengthen your bond with your puppy while teaching him or her how to be a well-adjusted, happy-go-lucky dog. The lessons you teach your puppy now will last a lifetime!

Belinda Sinclair is the owner and trainer of Woof Woof Doggie

Daycare & Training Center based in Windham. Belinda and her two Border Collies, Bonnie and Duncan, have taken their sheep herding skills and used them to remove unwanted geese from local properties. Their pack goes by the name of Woof Woof Geese Chasers. Have a question you want answered about dogs? E-mail it to or call us at 890-6239.

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