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Pelham - Windham News August 26, 2011 - 13

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to parents that complain they don’t get enough. The taxpayers are not paying to provide you and yours for a luxurious free ride. When you have issues with everyone, sooner or later you need to realize it is not them it is you. Take a look at yourself, stop taking advantage of the system and take responsibility for you, yours, your actions and responsibilities. Don’t blame and attack everyone else for your failures and expect to be compensated because you want a free ride through life. Sometimes you need to do what is best for others, not what makes life easier and better for you. Lazy ignorance.”

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Windham-Pelham preschool programs and their hardworking staff, many who work year round to provide the children excellent and consistent education and therapies. We thank you for giving your all to help our children, we know you can’t always please everyone and there will always be dissatisfied individuals no matter how hard you try. You can’t please everyone and in this economy we thank you for all you do, the extra time you spend preparing, and the money spent from your wallet to buy things for your classrooms. Sometimes parents forget to say thank you, but you are all greatly appreciated and our towns are lucky to have you!”

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come to the end of the line and find yourself you will finally discover where the true problem lies. Wow, I think I should publish that quote, it rocks in so many ways. Lighten up lady!”

“Thumbs down to people who make inaccurate slanderous comments. Assuming about another’s views without obviously understanding the actual information or truly listening to what people are saying is ignorant.”

“Thumbs up to people who have the strength to look out for the interest’s of others, especially when the people responsible for those people are only looking out for what’s the best and easiest for themselves.”

“Thumbs down to people that have a bone to

pick about everyone and everything. When you’re done battling with everyone in the world and you

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“Thumbs down!! To the person who wrote about the Derry Salem Bike Blessing and the Texas Barbaque! How do you know that anyone was drinking more than 1 or 2 drinks? The Police were there! If anyone had too much to drink they would be arrested as soon as the key went into the ignition! What? This is not prohibition! Children see their parents have a drink or 2 responsibly all the time! Some people do pour their drinks in cups! Did you read the August 12th issue of the Patriot? About Kidfest and all the children (30) that went to camp for free? Or the 100 huge food baskets that are given at Christmas? Much is donated to the Veterans in Manchester VA Hospital. What? All the fundraisers are done by volunteers who donate their time. So all the charities and children and veterans of the area are taken care of! I was at the BBQ and I saw no one intoxicated. Everyone had a wonderful time.

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What? So before you write a nasty piece about the Derry Salem you should investigate all the fundraisers and what they are for! Charity -- what?? Helping others. What?? What do you do for the charities of the community? Watch TV?”

“Thumbs down to all the people

who praise the employees at the Pelham recycling center. You all must be related because the employees are rude and ignorant in regard to dealing with the public and their attitudes toward efficient service and safety are unacceptable. If the employees are dissatisfied with their jobs then they should resign immediately to make room for people who want to work. Pelham should either establish trash pick-up with an independent contractor or stop wasting my tax money on the salaries of these employees.”

“Thumbs up to all our communities’

private and public schools. Being a teacher or administrator isn’t always easy, but thanks for making a difference in the life of a child. Don’t let a few rotten apple’s slimy comments get you down, do your best and as Dori says just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

“Thumbs down on Warren Buffett’s call for new taxes while he and other millionaires/billionaires doge their existing fair taxes using from income derived from tax free Municipal Bonds and the Charity Loophole in existing tax code. It isn’t that funny that the burden of his proposed higher taxes falls squarely on the backs of Middle Class Americans and not Mr. Buffett or his cronies. Mr. Buffett you’re what is generally referred to as a hypocrite!”

the Tea Party.

“Thumbs down to the one commenting on Just because you are too lazy and

ignorant to actually do some research and get facts, instead you do the bidding of the left wing zealots like Kerry and Biden. Patriotism is still alive and well in this country, and our numbers are anything but negligible.”

“Thumbs up to the ‘thumbs down’ about the

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

announcement in Sears being in Spanish. I am all over this comment! It is right on the money and it is time to take back our country from everybody who does not belong here.”

“Thumbs up to the Pelham Elementary School administration for posting the classroom and teacher assignments early this year on August 18. This is a great way for the children to know who they will have for a teacher and what friends are going to be in their classroom and to take some of the anxiety away of starting school again. It was great that they posted it early this year instead of waiting until a few days before.”

“Thumbs up to September & back to school!”

“Thumbs down to the person that commented about people coming into our country. Did you forget that America is the melting pot? Did you forget that natives are the real Americans? And BTW, where did you come from? This is why the country is the way it is today. Racism and prejudice are not the answer. The answer is living in harmony with all kinds of people regardless of their race, where they come from, and who they are.”

“Thumbs up, way up to Dr. Hermann and the staff at Countryside Animal Hospital, and also everyone at Rockingham Emergency Vet Clinic in Windham, for taking such great care of our boy, Vegas! Thank you for bringing him back from such a serious illness. We really appreciate it! The Millers”

“Thumbs up to the Windham Town Beach lifeguards and Cheryl Haas for selecting a group of incredibly responsible young adults! It has been a busy season for these young men and women. My three children participated in beach swim lessons at the start of the season and loved it. The lifeguards managed swim lessons with professionalism. I also witnessed the rescue of a young girl. This specific event was handled gently, diligently, and immediately. These men and woman take their job seriously and I am thankful that they are the second set of eyes on my small children each summer! Many thanks!”

“Thumbs down to the Town of Salem for not

yet repaving Lawrence Road coming off Route 28. Have you driven down it lately? What are you waiting for? What was wrong with Geremonty Drive that it got repaved?”

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The following statement was issued today by House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt following the August 24 decision by the Executive Council to table the nomination of Chris Clement as the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation: “I applaud the Executive Council for holding off and not rushing Governor Lynch’s nomination through

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434-5600 • 434-6017 Town of Pelham Building Permits Issued August 15-19

• Bagegni, Abdullatif H., 23 Balcom Road, 15-8-68, renewal of permit to construct 30’ x 24’ three car garage with a connector and store room above.

Dates Ran 1. 2.

HLN 8-26-11

• Landry, Carol & Daniel, 174 Bush Hill Road, 12-4-152, septic system replacement (new) • Chadwick, Richard G. Rev. Trust, 93 Bush Hill Road, 20-2-115, septic system replacement (new) • Pelham School District, 59 Marsh Road, 29-7-131, install pier foundation for modular library &classrooms. Install 62’ x 60’ 5-piece modular building.

• Tuttle, George, Gertrude & Jeanne, 9 Gumpas Hill Road, 27-2-56-1, 22’ x 30’ room over existing garage. Converting three bedroom dwelling to a four bedroom dwelling.

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House Majority Leader’s Statement on the tabling of the DOT Nomination

October 14, 15, 16

603-320-8020 or log onto Call Mike at

today. I believe that the councilors should continue to hold Chris Clement’s feet to the fire until he fully explains his future plans for the I-93 widening project. I also remain concerned with Mr. Clement’s intentions to ‘hold hostage’ the I-93 project until the taxpayers of this state are forced to come up with additional funding. The fact that he supports any and all sources

Pelham Arrest Log

Wednesday, August 10: Dennis Karhan, 37, Tyngsborough, MA, Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs. Michael Lobas, 22, Chelmsford, MA, Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs. Tuesday, August 16: Mitra Carroll, 21, Nashua, Driving after Revocation or Suspension.

Pelham Fire Log

Monday, August 15: 9:32 a.m. Two-car motor vehicle accident, Bridge Street. 8:30 p.m. Ventilation problem, Pulpit Rock Road Tuesday, August 16: 12:10 p.m. Medical emergency, Bridge Street.

of revenue to fund DOT projects is also very troubling. We should not hand the controls of our state’s infrastructure over to someone who remains so vague on such a critical project. In the days ahead, prior to the next Executive Council meeting, I call upon Mr. Clement to further clarify his position for the taxpayers of this state.”

5:00 p.m. Medical emergency, Jericho Road. 11:21 p.m. Medical emergency, Dogwood Circle. Wednesday, August 17: 9:09 a.m. Medical assist, Windham Road. 12:21 p.m. Missing child, Hayden Road. 3:16 p.m. Medical emergency, Brookview Drive. 7:47 p.m. Medical emergency, Windham Road. Thursday, August 18: 10:47 a.m. Medical emergency, Simpson Road. 4:33 p.m. Medical emergency, Wheaton Drive. Friday, August 19: 9:32 a.m. Medical emergency, Thomas Avenue. 6:03 p.m. Investigate possible propane issue, Jonathan Road. Saturday, August 20: 9:10 a.m. Investigate smoldering fire, Currier Road. 3:48 p.m. Investigate odor in building, Village Green. Sunday, August 21: 5:37 a.m. Medical alarm activation, Veterans Memorial Parkway. 11:08 p.m. Medical emergency, Homestead Road. 11:25 p.m. Medical emergency, Crescent Circle.

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