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Hudson - Litchfield News | August 26, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Great Job by Hudson’s Finest

Tank you for the excellent care that the Hudson fire department provided to my husband on June 16th

. EMT’s came to the hospital to pick

up Dick to bring him home, as he wished. He was home for only three hours before he died but I must say, he knew he was home, surrounded by his children and grandchildren. Te Hudson fire department made sure he was home, they more than did their jobs as EMT’s and firemen. As I rode in the back of the ambulance it seemed as if we almost “took air.” When we arrived at our home they placed Dick in his bed and quietly drove off. Tanks for a job well done.

Esther McGraw – Hudson

Te Hudson Senior Council is Looking for a New Member

Wanted! Te Hudson Senior Council on Aging has an opening for a

new member on the Senior Council. If you would like to assist the seniors in their plans for a building of their own, knowledge of fundraising, are a willing volunteer, and live in the town of Hudson, We Need You! Retired Professionals Welcome! Please call Lucille at (603) 889-1803 for more information.

Pat Nichols, Hudson Senior Council on Aging - Hudson

Tanks to all who Visited the Hudson Seniors at Old Home Days

Te Hudson Seniors want to thank everyone that visited their Booth during Hudson Old Home Days. It was fun greeting old friends and meeting new ones. Te raffle was successful due to the generosity of so many. Tis money will go directly into the fund for a Senior Center in Town. Te winner of the $100 worth of scratch tickets was Martha Rice. Tank you again for your support.

Pat Nichols, Hudson Senior Council on Aging - Hudson Responding To a Tumbs Up

Wow, I got a Tumbs Up this past week, instead of a thump on the noggin for my previous comments on the poor level of service by the Hudson Building Code/Enforcement Department. Now if I could only get 999 more Tumbs Up, we could start a wave of change. My old friend Ghandi, said, sort of like, “Be the Change, You want to

See.” Tere really can be a wave of change, in Hudson town government, like a wave on the sea, washing up on the shore; that changes the contours of the sand. It’s obvious that more and more eligible voters are not voting because

they are fed up with the same political faces and poor services, from the village up to the Federal levels. Tere is a way to begin seeing real change and real service from our public servants, which is what they are, and that can begin with a boycott of the entrenched “full-figured felines” also known as the fat-cats, as Joe Klock of Holderness has opined, about in the August Senior Beacon. When I first read the title of his August words of wisdom, about “full-

figured felines” I thought Uncle Joe was in bad need of leaving for Florida sooner than usual or he was off his rocker. For those of you legally old enough to read the Senior Beacon, Joe goes on to explain that “full-figured felines” is his reference point for the more commonly known “fat-cats in government and public service. I really enjoy his more often used reference of “our reprehen-sibles in government.” Here’s to ya, Joe! As I close my opinion for this week, with the continued hope that there will one day be an up-rising at the polls, I ask: Do you prefer to have a cute purring kitten on your lap or a “full-figured feline” with sharp claws scratching away at you until you can bleed no more?

Jerry Gutekunst - Hudson

Open Letter to the Hudson Girls Softball League

I want to thank all of the parents, coaches, umpires and E-Board – all members of the Hudson Girls Softball League (HGSL) - for another successful year of girls softball in Hudson and the support that you have given me as director. As the feeder program for the middle school and high school teams, I am proud of the league’s contribution, whatever it may have been, to the consistent successes at both levels. Most, if not all of the girls on the Alvirne High School Softball Team started out playing recreational softball in the HGSL and many were members of Hudson Heat teams at some point along the way. I want to also acknowledge the wonderful contributions of all the

volunteers. We have been in a transition mode these past few years, understaffed with many members at times holding down more than one position in the league. Over the past two years, there has been a turnover of at least five E-Board positions, some in the middle of the year, and

maintaining our basic goal of giving the girls a positive on-field experience has at time been difficult. As we worked our way through a difficult 2010 Junior and Senior Division season, we then made some key changes which resulted in a better season this year and hopefully an even better one next year. On the subject of volunteering, our

Deputy Director position is currently open and we need many others stepping forward to help out in many ways that will enhance the overall experience for our daughters. To the recent “Tumbs Down” regarding pictures and articles, I wholeheartedly agree; however, those who were volunteering on the board and the field were stretched thin already with many of them also holding down full-time jobs as well as volunteering in other organizations. I appreciate many of you this past year contacting me directly and hopefully we worked out or are working out solutions to the concerns that you had. To the “Tumbs Downer,” I invite you to be part of the solution. Please step forward and help us out by being that volunteer who coordinates with the coaches and Division Representatives, compiles the inputs and submits them to the paper. We welcome your help!

Tis year, I am stepping down as Director of the Hudson Girls Softball League, but I will remain on the board as Instructional Coordinator and to help our new Director move things forward. I again thank you all for your support of the league and most importantly, the development of your daughters as softball players and young ladies.

Bob Guessferd, Director, HGSL – Hudson Response to Sherri Woolsey

First and foremost, I am at a complete loss as to how she reached her conclusions based on Mr. Ulery’s article. I can only conclude that unfortunately Sherri is just another left wing America hating zealot unable to compete in the arena of ideas. Terefore, Sherri lies on the left’s only playing card, character assassination, utilizing smears, lies and innuendos. Tere were no facts mentioned to support her ridiculous claims, and I am sure she was not in attendance to acquire them. Te only thing she does mention is a Website called ‘American Association for Justice’ a left wing site dedicated to smearing conservative American people and organizations. She claims that what he does is not good for us, no specifics, just another generality.

I happen to believe what Mr. Ulery did was in the best interests of his constituency and I commend him for taking the time to attend the ALEC conference, of which many more of our representatives did not do. Hint! Capitalism is the engine that drives this country, businesses are the ones that provides goods and services that is what creates GDP and prosperity for all. To create a more friendly environment for businesses to thrive in is good for all of us. It creates more jobs allows for lowering of prices therefore more prosperity for all. Tell me, Ms. Woolsey, are you part of the America hating left who despise capitalism and the evil corporations? If it were not for them we would not be the great country we are today. I commend Mr. Ulery and hope that he strives to create a more friendly and less regulated community for our businesses to thrive in that would be doing the best for most of us, there will always be malcontents like Ms. Woolsey.

Jim Pacocha – Hudson

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