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August 26, 2011 - 15 2011 - 2012 Bus Schedule Revised Schedules!

Please note First Student has made additional changes from last week’s schedule For questions and concerns call Deb at First Student 883-0251

Note: Times are approximate; students should be at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to the denoted time. H.O. SMITH & LIBRARY STREET SCHOOLS Kindergarten stop locations are included in this schedule.

Route 3 8:05 161 Barretts Hill Rd. 8:06 150 Barretts Hill Rd. 8:07 Lois Dr. & Rangers Dr. 8:08 34 Rangers Dr. 8:09 6-9 Rangers Dr. 8:10 3 Rangers Dr. 8:10 Barretts Hill Rd. & Oliver Dr. 8:11 43 Barretts Hill Rd. 8:13 Highland St. & High Pine Dr. 8:14 150 Highland St. 8:15 139 Highland St. 8:17 16 Bonnie Lane 8:16 Highland St. & Bonnie Ln. 8:17 117 Highland St. 8:18 Highland St. & Lampron Rd. 8:19 Highland St. & Power St. 8:20 Highland & Nottingham St. 8:20 15 Nottingham St. 8:21 5 Highland St. 8:21 16 Haverhill St. Drop Library Street School Drop HO Smith School

Route 4 7:44 Sullivan Rd. & Bridle Bridge Rd. 7:45 10 Sullivan Rd. 7:45 22 Sullivan Rd. 7:46 51 Sullivan Rd. 7:46 53 Sullivan Rd. 7:47 Sullivan Rd. & Teloian Dr. 7:48 11 Teloian Dr. 7:49 Sullivan Rd. & Teloian Dr. 7:50 67 Sullivan Rd. 7:51 80 Sullivan Rd. 7:54 3 Hillside Dr. 7:57 Meadow Dr. & Clement Rd. 7:58 Clement Rd. & Bradford Cir. 7:59 Clement Rd. at Greenfield Dr. & Sheffield St. 8:00 31 Sheffield St. 8:00 Sheffield St. & Bradford Cir. 8:01 Bradford Cir. & Bradford Cir. 8:02 68 Clement Rd. 8:04 Pool Ln. at Clubhouse 8:17 162 Central St. 8:08 112 Central St.

8:09 104 Central St. 8:09 99 Central St. 8:11 Central St. & Vinton St. 8:12 87-90 Central St. 8:14 4 Blackstone St. 8:14 9 Blackstone St. 8:17 3 Lions Ave. 8:18 10 Hurley St. 8:18 8 Hurley St. 8:20 Library Street School 8:22 HO Smith School

Route 10 8:10 19B Webster St. 8:12 Cummings St. & Baker St. 8:11 1 Daw St. & Webster St. 8:12 Webster & Willow Creek 8:12 42 Willow Creek Dr. 8:13 Webster & Kenyon 8:14 Webster & Grand & Merrimack 8:15 Webster & Garrison Farm 8:16 110 & 110 1/2 Derry Rd. 8:16 Derry Rd. & Grand Ave.

8:17 Abbott Farms 8:18 14 Derry Rd. 8:19 Highland Ave. & Baker St. 8:20 23 Baker St. Drop Library Street School Drop HO Smith School

Route 15 8:03 7 Greeley St. 8:03 Greeley St. & Frenette Dr. 8:04 17 Greeley St. 8:04 3 Daniel Webster 8:05 Daniel Webster St. & Fox Run/ Elk Run 8:05 14 Daniel Webster Dr. 8:06 33 Greeley St. 8:06 37 Greeley St. 8:07 Washington & Jackson Dr./ Jefferson Dr. 8:08 8 Jackson Dr. 8:09 2 Munroe Dr. 8:07 10 Madison Dr. 8:08 Madison Dr. & Watts Cir. 8:09 Madison Dr. & Jefferson Dr.

8:15 Library Street School 8:17 HO Smith School

Route 17 8:05 Cheney Dr. at Hartson Cir. 8:05 Hartson Cir. at Lund Dr. 8:06 Lund Dr. at Hedgerow Dr. 8:06 33 Lund Dr. 8:07 Lund Dr. at Paget Dr. 8:07 Lund Dr. at Hedgerow Dr. 8:13 74 Windham Rd. 8:13 69 Windham Rd. 8:14 42 Windham Rd. 8:14 25 Windham Rd. 8:15 8 Windham Rd. 8:17 21 Burnham Rd. 8:18 Ferry St. at State St./ Marshmallow Path 8:18 Ferry St. at Ferry Ln./ Sunflower Path 8:19 Ferry St. at Ridge Ave./Pond View Dr./Chatham (K) 8:23 Library Street School 8:25 HO Smith School

Alvirne High School Late Run Stops Alvirne North Late Run Stops

Rte. 102 & Cutler Rd. Robinson Rd. @ Old Derry Rd. Robinson Rd. & Boyd Robinson Rd. @ Stonewood Ln.

Robinson & Stoney Lane Robinson Rd. @ Kiena Rd. Robinson & Lawrence Bockes Rd. @ Lawrence Rd.

Sullivan Rd. @ Bridle Bridge Rd. Sullivan Cheeney Sullivan Rd. @ Paget Dr. Clement Rd. @ Park Ave.

Central St.@ Windham Rd. Barretts Hill & Lois Barretts Hill & Copeland Barretts Hill & Dugout/Tiger Rd.

Alvirne South Late Run Stops

Derry Rd. @ Grand Ave. Library St. @ School St. Lowell Rd. @ Birch St. Entrance to Fox Hollow Pelham Rd. @ Burns Hill Rd.

61 Burns Hill Rd. Burns Hill Rd. @ Wason Rd. Musquash Rd. @ Old Coach Rd. Musquash Rd. @ Sanders Rd. Gowing Rd. @ Brook Dr.

Dracut Rd. @ Schaeffer Cir. 84 Dracut Rd. Pine Rd. @ Williams Dr. Pine & Winslow Farm Rd. Philbrick & Chalifoux

Muldoon & Birdie River Rd. & Stuart St. Lowell Rd. @ Rena Ave. Wason Rd. @ Colson Rd. /Holly Ln. Wason Rd. @ Cin-Fre Dr.

Wason Rd. @ Pasture Dr. Wason Rd. @ Bush Hill Rd. 115 Bush Hill Rd. Sir Isaac Way Bush Hill Rd. & Flying Rock Rd.

Hudson Memorial School Late Run Stops Hudson Memorial North Late Run Stops

Library St. @ School St. Derry Rd. @ Grand Ave. Derry Rd. @ Megan Dr. Derry Rd. @ Evergreen Dr. Old Derry Rd. @ Greeley St. Robinson Rd. @ Old Derry Rd.

Lowell Rd. @ Birch St. Entrance to Fox Hollow Pelham Rd. @ Burns Hill Rd. 61 Burns Hill Rd. Burns Hill Rd. @ Wason Rd.

Robinson Rd. @ Boyd Robinson Rd. @ Stonewood Ln. Robinson Rd. @ Stoney Ln. Robinson Rd. @ Kiena Rd. Kienia Rd. @ Lenny Ln. Kienia Rd. @ David Dr.

Musquash Rd. @ Old Coach Rd. Musquash Rd. @ Sanders Rd. Gowing Rd. @ Brook Dr. Dracut Rd. @ Schaeffer Cir. 87 Dracut Rd.

Griffin & Robinson Robinson & Lawrence Rd. Bockes Rd. @ Lawrence Rd. Sullivan Rd. @ Bridle Bridge Rd. Sullivan Rd. @ Cheeney Dr. Sullivan Rd. @ Paget Dr.

Pine Rd. @ Williams Dr. Pine & Winslow Farm Rd. Philbrick & Chalifoux Muldoon & Birdie River Rd. & Stuart St.

Clement Rd. @ Park Ave. Windham & Wattanick Grange Barretts Hill Rd. & Lois Barretts Hill & Copeland Barretts Hill Rd. & Tiger/Dugout Barretts Hill & Hazelwood Rd.

Lowell Rd. @ Rena Ave. Wason Rd. @ Colson Rd./Holly Ln. Wason Rd. @ Cin-Fre Dr. Wason Rd. @ Pasture Dr. Wason Rd. @ Bush Hill Rd.

Hazelwood & Beechwood Beechwood & Pinewood Barretts Hill & Rangers Dr. Barretts Hill & Greeley Greeley St. @ Highland St. Greeley St. & Sunshine

Hudson Memorial South Late Run Stops

115 Bush Hill Rd. Sir Isaac Way Bush Hill Rd. & Flying Rock Rd. Bush Hill Rd. & Kimball Hill Rd./ Shepherd’s Hill

First Student and the National Safety Council Team up for Back-to-School Safety

As millions of students head back

to school, parents, school districts and local communities have a new resource available to them to help drive home the message of back-to- school safety. The National Safety Council (NSC) and First Student, Inc., the nation’s leader in student transportation, have teamed up to create a safety awareness campaign and back-to-school safety website chock-full of important safety tips and information. “We are pleased to partner with the National Safety Council on this important back to school program,” said Gary Catapano, senior vice

president of Safety for First Student. “School buses are the safest form of transportation on the road today, and it is critical that everyone has access to this important safety information and does their part to keep students safe when traveling to and from school.” The Back-to-School Safety site features checklists and safety precautions parents can review with their children to help keep students safe while walking, riding bikes and taking the bus to and from school. In addition, key facts about teen driving, playground and backpack safety are included, as is important information on bullying signs and

prevention. Featured public service announcements review important safety rules and urge motorists to stay alert and heed the school bus signals when children are getting on and off the school bus. School buses use yellow flashing lights to alert motorists that the bus is preparing to stop. Flashing red lights and an extended stop sign means the bus is stopped and students are boarding or leaving the bus. Motorists are required by law to stop until the red lights stop flashing and the stop sign is no longer extended. First Student is committed to promoting safety as an NSC member

organization and the recipient of the 2009 Green Cross for Safety Medal. For more information on back-to- school safety on roadways and at school, visit About First Student First Student, Inc. - a division of Cincinnati, Ohio-based FirstGroup America - is the leader in safe, reliable, sustainable transportation and the largest provider of student transportation services in North America. The company safely transports approximately six million students daily in the U.S. and Canada, using a fleet of approximately 57,400 buses. The safety and security of its

passengers is the company’s core value, and FirstGroup America was awarded the National Safety Council’s 2009 Green Cross for Safety Medal in recognition of its commitment to safety and outstanding safety record. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at http://twitter. com/FirstStudentInc

About the National Safety Council The National Safety Council (nsc.

org) saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

Some parents are shocked when their first-grader comes home

Tips for Making Homework Less Work for Both Kids and Parents A positive attitude goes a long way. Shower children with positive

from school with homework. The reality is children are learning more at a younger age and take-home assignments are increasing. Parents play an important role in engaging children and providing a positive homework environment, but knowing what is best for kids can be as confusing as the assignments themselves. How much homework should the average student have? The Na- tional PTA recommends 10 to 20 minutes per night in the first grade, and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter. For example: 20 minutes for second grade, 120 minutes for 12th grade. Some older students may have more depending on their class load. Balancing school, homework, extracurricular activities and fam- ily life is important for good childhood development. This year as part of its back to school campaign, Lance Sandwich Crackers has partnered with Colleen Burns, The Mom on the Run parenting expert and mother of five boys, to provide practical advice for parents to help them make homework a positive experience for everyone.

Give them time to unwind Unwinding is an important preparation step. Your kids have been sitting and learning all day - minus the walk, car or bus ride home. Give them 15 to 20 minutes to blow off some steam and run around outside before they start their homework. Everyone needs a little break.

Positive reinforcement

reinforcement. For larger homework projects completed over several days, reward each step as well as the overall completion. It’s impor- tant for kids to understand that progress is being made.

Keep snacks on hand

Remember hungry kids are distracted kids, so offer them a whole- some snack while they work. Lance Sandwich Crackers, which are available in 19 varieties, including whole grain, 100-calorie and reduced-fat options have zero grams of trans fat, no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup, making them a sensible snack any time of day.

Get help when needed Feeling stumped with your child’s homework question? You’re not the first parent to feel that way. When your child asks a question you don’t know how to answer, show them that mom and dad sometimes need help too. These are some great resources to help parents help kids:

* * * *

Set the stage for success Set aside a space or corner that is the designated space for com-

Greeley St. @ Sousa Blvd Greeley St.& Daniel Webster

Students are advised to use the STOP

closest to their home.

All STOPS have been approved by SAU 81.

Gibson Rd. @ McCann Rd. Hudson Mobile Estates

Bush Hill Rd. & Kimball Hill Rd./ Shepherd’s Hill Gibson Rd. @ McCann Rd. Hudson Mobile Estates

Barretts Hill Rd. @ Hazelwood Rd. Hazelwood & Beechwood Pinewood & Beechwood Barretts Hill & Greeley

Greeley St.@ Highland St. Greeley St.@ Sousa Blvd.

Route 22 7:54 13 Lowell Rd. 7:54 23 Lowell Rd. 7:54 Riverside & Lowell Rd. 7:55 Riverside & Oak St. 7:56 Riverside & Watersedge 7:57 25 Oban 7:58 Cross & Winn 8:04 1 Vernon 8:04 7 Vernon 8:05 8 Lindsey 8:06 Lindsey & St. Johns 8:08 Phillips & Derry Rd. 8:09 Wende & Joel Path 8:11 11 Melissa Trail 8:12 56 B Ledge Rd. 8:12 2 Chapin St. 8:13 26A Central St. 8:15 Library Street School 8:16 HO Smith School

pleting homework. All family members should recognize that when someone is sitting in that area, they should not be disturbed unless they ask for help. Don’t underestimate the importance of a com- fortable chair and proper lighting when it comes to making home- work time a pleasant experience. Set household homework rules. Mom, dad and other siblings should not be watching TV in or near someone completing homework. All house or cell phones should be “parked” - this goes for mom and dad also.

Create a homework kit for each child Prepare a “homework kit” with all the necessary supplies your

children will need to complete their assignments. Contents vary by age, but usually include pencils, pens, highlighters, ruler, crayons, markers, glue sticks, erasers and a pencil sharpener. Older children might need a calculator or other electronic items. As part of its back to school campaign, Lance is offering the chance to win a $500 gift card or one of 25 homework caddies, complete with materials your child needs to get their homework done. Be sure to visit www.Face- to enter.

And always remember, homework is about practice - it will take some children longer than others to get the hang of it. With the right preparations and materials on hand, you can ensure that homework time in your household is effective and enjoyable for the whole family.

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