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Hudson - Litchfield News August 19, 2011 - 7

Disgrace: 9/11 Memorial Flag Stolen From Benson Park

Bridging the Gaps

You’re an adult, and missing teeth have left gaps in your dental architecture. What

should you do?

A new day sees a new flag being raised at the Benson Park

Memorial site, as the project moves forward. Raising the flag are firefighters EMT Graham (left) and EMT Benner while Fire

Department Captain Morin (far left) and members of the Hudson Police Department and Hudson Fire Department salute.

by Marc Ayotte

Born either of sheer ignorance or malice intent, the fact remains the recent disappearance of the American Flag from the Benson Park site where a 9/11 Memorial is being constructed has incensed the Hudson townspeople. In condemning the unwarranted act as “sacrilegious,” Hudson selectman Roger Coutu noted that “this is hallowed or sacred ground” to members of the Hudson Police and Fire Departments. Fire Captain David Morin, who is also the chairman of the Hudson 9/11 Memorial Committee, was equally disturbed regarding the theft. Morin referred to the defacing of the Memorial site as “a total disrespect to the victims of 9/11, the victims’ families and the people of Hudson, and to those who have volunteered for this project.” In noting that the project is actually a little ahead of schedule, Morin emphasized that “there will be a lot of activity going on between the (August) 19th and 25th. The steel will be erected and this will be finished.”

The word “architecture” holds the answer. If a key vertical support were to be removed from a building, the risk of structural collapse is very real.

Te sun sets, ending a sad day at the Benson Park’s 9/11 Memorial site where the American flag was stolen earlier this week

In a television interview at the Memorial site on

Tuesday evening, Captain Morin offered a plea for the flag to be returned. However, with a positive and moving forward outlook, Morin told viewers, “knowing the people of Hudson, I’m sure another flag will appear here shortly.” With his assessment of Hudson residents being spot on, Morin was quickly inundated with supportive calls and offers to replace the flag. Around seven o’clock on Wednesday morning, a new flag was anonymously dropped off at the dispatch center and subsequently raised at the Memorial later that morning.

Woof Woof, Can I Please have Some More?

by Belinda Sinclair We have all seen them. You know, the dogs that lie under the table waiting for any morsel of food to fall, or worse yet, to be handed to them. Then there are the dogs that nudge you with their nose repeatedly as you are sitting down in front of the TV to snack. I get the “head press” on my lap by my two pushy border collies, Bonnie and Duncan, while I am trying to eat something if I don’t keep them in check. Begging for food is in a dog’s nature. It is not wrong, it is just rude. Most people will feed their dog from the table or offer a piece of their snack to their canine “best friend” if the dog wants some, and when has a dog not wanted something you are eating?

My canine table shark started when my daughters Kaytlin and Nichole were still toddlers. Cleaning up behind them at meal times took just as long as making their food. There always seemed to be more food on the floor than in their mouths. My solution to combat this three times a day annoying problem was to allow my dog to “clean up” after the girls. I solved one problem and I made another one with fur. At mealtime I would put our rough collie Sheena in a down-stay about six feet away from the table. You could see the intensity in her eyes as she knew she had a job to do and she was committed to doing it well. Her job was to wait until I removed the girls from the table and then she could go in for the big clean up. It was helpful at the time but Sheena didn’t always follow the rules. Dogs are opportunists and Sheena was no exception! Many dog owners have indulged in giving their dogs people food. I have worked with many owners who cook entire meals for their dogs. Anything from roasted free- range chickens with cloves of garlic mixed with steamed brown rice, to complete pot roast dinners slow cooked in the crock-pot. By the way, none of this food was first eaten by the owners and then given to the dog; it was cooked solely for the dog! I am not saying that this is bad, but are you willing to live with it for the rest of your dog’s life? If you have created a dog that could make the artful dodger from Oliver Twist seem slow and clumsy, then read on. As owners we created this problem, so now we must take ownership of it and change our habits so that we can change our dog’s behavior.

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1. There are two schools of thought about where your dog should be while you are eating. Most people want their dogs as far away from the dinner table as possible while eating. If your dog is obedience trained, then put your dog in a down-stay somewhere near by. If your dog breaks the command, go and place your dog back in the down-stay until you can get through an entire meal without having

Woof Talkby Belinda Sinclair

to ask more then once. Be patient with your dog, as this could take weeks to months to perfect. The other idea is similar, except that you have the dog close to the table in the down stay. If you would like to eat at a café with outdoor seating and want to bring your dog along, this is training your dog for that kind of European lifestyle.

2. Get the whole family to commit to not feeding your dog people food. If someone is holding out and still feeding the dog people food, you have a long road ahead of you. This also includes leftovers from your plate scraped into the dog’s bowl. It doesn’t take long for the dog to follow it back to where it came from and start begging for it before it gets to his bowl. After all, in your dog’s mind it is his anyway. Transferring to his bowl doesn’t make it any less of a problem.

3. Keep your dog on a

regular feeding schedule and make sure that you are feeding your dog an adequate diet. Not all dog foods are created equal. Dog foods vary widely on what is in them. I prefer to feed my dogs a “corn, wheat and soy

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free diet” and now you can find many different companies out there producing these top quality dog foods. It may cost a little more but dogs on a premium dog food will have fewer vet visits from things like yeast infections to a wide host of skin conditions.

4. Change where you feed your dog. If you eat in the kitchen, then move your dog’s food to a different room. If you eat in the dining room then make that room off limits to your dog 100 percent of the time. 5.

That’s exactly the threat your teeth face when one of them is removed from the structure of your mouth, which in this respect is not different from a building. A lost tooth cancels the partnership with teeth adjacent to it and above or below it. The remaining teeth become vulnerable to a variety of problems. They can drift without that

supporting partner. Food impaction then occurs between teeth resulting in a higher incidence of decay. Periodontal disease, the largest single cause of tooth loss in adults, can develop. The missing tooth should be

replaced by a fixed bridge, partial denture, or implant. If it isn’t, chances are very high that you will lose additional teeth, and in time, possibly all your teeth.

That’s not an exaggeration.

Nature designed the dental arch to work properly only with a full complement of teeth, each one helping, protecting, and stabilizing the neighboring teeth.

Because your teeth work together as a team, substituting a dental replacement for missing teeth will maintain your mouth’s architecture, as well as your ability to chew properly and your smile.

PAUL W. GOLAS, D.M.D. 262 Derry Rd (Rt. 102), Litchfield, NH 03052 • 880-4040

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If all else fails, remember that you created this little begging monster, so you have to live with it. Sheena is no longer with us, but she was a great dog who helped me raise my children. Bonnie and Duncan are pleasant dogs when we are eating meals. We eat dinner together every night as a family and it wouldn’t be a family dinner without the entire family present and that includes out four legged family members!

Belinda Sinclair is the owner and trainer

of Woof Woof Doggie Daycare & Training Center based in Windham. Belinda and her two Border Collies, Bonnie and Duncan, have taken their sheep herding skills and used them to remove unwanted geese from local properties. Their pack goes by the name of Woof Woof Geese Chasers. Have a question you want answered about dogs? E-mail it to or call us at 890-6239.

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