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Hudson - Litchfield News | August 19, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Advertising Agency or Public Servants?

A couple weeks ago I read and article in this paper that our Hudson finest have partnered with Chick-fil-A (a local restaurant in Nashua). Well I am a bit confused on what the objective is here. I understand that we need positive feedback from our public servants as well as good roll models for our children. For every positive there is a negative. So they said in the paper that our officers will be approaching our residents and issuing them with coupons of some sort from the restaurant for safe driving.

While this sounds like a positive project, it raises a couple questions for me. First is, how will the officers be approaching our citizens? I would hope that they don’t plan on detaining our fine citizens from their day-to-day life and busy schedules. It would be an inconvenience for someone on their way to work and then become late (how would you explain this to your boss?). What if your on the way to a doctors apt and you are late, this could cost you. What if you’re self employed and on your way to a customer and time is money? Tese are a couple concerns that I have. I know my wife and I run businesses and it is hard enough in this economy. Second is that the Hudson Police Department should be focusing on crime and lawbreakers. I am always hearing that we do not have enough officers for the amount of crime and the department wants to always hire more at taxpayers’ expense. If this is the case where are we finding the time to reward for safe driving? Tis takes our Hudson finest from doing what they were trained for. Tird and finally I think this is a conflict of interest.

If I want to advertise will they give my coupons or discounts out as well? Tis is like free distribution advertising for the restaurant. I would love to get in on this for my business but not at the taxpayers’ expense. I would not want to take my well-trained police officers away from what they are hired for. I want to make it clear that I do not know all the details of this program and if I am over exaggerating I am sorry. I guess I could have called our police department to find out the details but I don’t want to waist any of our public servants’ time away from their real job. I do feel it is the responsibility of our police chief to explain in more detail to the taxpayers and citizens of this town before rolling out a program of this nature.

I want to add that we as citizens and taxpayers are adults and do not and should not need to be positive reinforced. Tis is what we do to our children to reinforce their self-confidence as they grow up to be fine American citizens. Once an adult, it is the job of our friends and family to keep us feeling good about ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that our police officers should not be positive just not in a nurturing way! Tey work for us, they are not our parents. I make it a point to wave to our officers as they are on detail and while they are driving by as I do think they do a good job keeping our streets safe. It would be nice if they would wave back or smile(I do pay their salary). Tis would be a better way to show positive feedback to our citizens and taxpayers than detaining them.

I have many close friends and family that are police officers, K-9 officers and military and I have a great respect for what they all do. We are in a recession and tax income is low and the private sector salaries are low and jobs are at the lowest, Crime is at its highest and we need all our officers attention on that. Finally, I would love to here from any individual that would not mind being approached for safe driving. I would also like to know what you were doing at the time and weather or not you were working or on leisure.

Ed Lenzi - Hudson Summer Program

Clarifies Misconceptions Te Hudson Rec program is a supervised play

program; it is not a daycare or a licensed camp. Te main purpose of this program is to provide a safe and fun environment for the children of Hudson to get together and play during the summer months. It is designed to allow the children freedom to play with whomever they want and to participate, or not participate, in the various activities offered. Recent accusations have been made about the

program painting an unpleasant picture for those who are not familiar with us. Tough we do not have to carry any experience or certifications, we do. Te staff for this program is very experienced and well trained when it comes to interacting with children. Te 16 staff, four counselors in training, along with the summer director and the recreation director have committed a total of over 112 years of service, averaging seven years per employee. Also, most of the adults working here attended the program as children and have chosen to come back as an adult to “repay” the program for what it had done for them. Just for a brief overview, all of the staff annually

receives CPR and AED certification, have been background checked and fingerprinted through the state, and have participated in a “responsibilities to summer camp” program offered through NH Local Government Center. Tree of the staff are also Certified Life Guards. Six staff have coached sports within the town and school system, six staff are working as

substitute teachers in the town school system, three staff are full time classroom teachers, four staff are behavior professionals with schools, four staff are first aid certified, five staff carry paraprofessional certifications, three staff have crisis prevention certifications, one staff is a school bus driver and lunch monitor, and the summer director has been with the program for 15 years, five of which she has run the program. Tis program has provided a safe haven for children in this town for more than 30 years. Tough the main goal of the program has remained the same, the program itself has evolved over time to keep up with the needs of society. Fifteen years ago, the children would come on their own, leave at lunch, and return whenever they wanted. Now, with concerns for safety etc, the program

requires a sign in/sign out policy. Te children are not allowed to leave at will, and we also offer a before and after program at an extra price for those working families who need a place earlier and later than our program offers. We have also relocated from our former facility to the Community Center in order to accommodate our growing population and to provide a safe shelter for all who attend during high heat and inclement weather. Tis program is here for the children. It is a safe, fun environment for kids to relax and stay active in the summer. Tousands of children have come through this program and hundreds of families enjoy and appreciate what we offer on a yearly basis. Without this program, hundreds of children in the town of Hudson ranging in age from 6-14 would not have a financially reasonable program to attend. Many of these children would in turn be left home while working families went about their days. So as one can see, this program is a saving grace for many families, and the staff at this program not only is extremely experienced working with children of all ages and walks of life, but they do it because they love it and genuinely care for the kids and what this program stands for.

Dave Yates, Recreation Director, and Kim Buccarelli, Summer Program Director - Hudson

Ulery Abandons Constituents For Big Business

Tank you, Representative Jordan Ulery, for

your honesty in stating you are bought and paid for by corporations in your recent missive to the Hudson~Litchfield News “NH Delegation Joins State Legislators from Across the Nation to Find ‘Solutions for the States’” (8/12/11). While you didn’t specifically state you are bought and paid for by corporations in your summary of your trip to the ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) that is indeed what happens at the annual ALEC meetings. Tese meetings bring state representatives from across the country together to meet with lobbyists from corporations who want to change legislation in the states to favor them over consumers. At these meetings, the corporations put forth “model

bills” for every legislator in attendance to take back to their state and try to get enacted as law. In 2009 over 800 bills were introduced across the nation in our state houses courtesy of representatives like Mr. Ulery who attended ALEC. According to the American Association for Justice “Te Koch Brothers, big tobacco, insurance companies, and the drug industry: all behind the shadowy corporate front group known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). On the surface, ALEC is mostly comprised of thousands of state legislators, each paying a nominal fee to attend ALEC retreats and receive model legislation. In reality,

corporations pay ALEC a king’s ransom to access legislators to distribute radical legislation that puts corporate interests over American workers and consumers.” It is through ALEC that corporations have a voice and a vote.

When was the last time Mr. Ulery or any other of the representatives who have attended an ALEC meeting bothered to ask you, their constituent, what would be good for you? It is becoming increasing clear to me that our politicians only care about us,

their constituent, when it’s election time. All the other 364 days of the year, they are there to serve corporations who bought and paid for their political campaigns. I hope that come election time next year, voters will

remember that you, Mr. Ulery and Representative Andy Renzulo, are bought and paid for by corporations. You do not have the interest of we, the citizens of Hudson, in mind when you draft legislation. You do not deserve our votes.

Sherri Woolsey - Hudson

Name that Park Te Litchfield Recreation Commission (LRC) has recently received final approval to begin construction of the new soccer/ lacrosse fields at the north end of Albuquerque Avenue. Phase 1 of the project consists of 6.2 acres of irrigated athletic field space, parking for approximately 200 vehicles and the necessary drainage as required by the NHDES. Te LRC hopes to add other amenities to the new park, as funding permits. With the planning and design stages now complete, and construction imminent, the LRC has now set its sights on naming the park. To complete this task the commission is turning to the people of Litchfield for suggestions for the new park name. Submissions can be made on the Litchfield Recreation Facebook page or sent torecreation@litchf From those, three entries will then be posted on the

LRC Facebook page in a poll to decide the winner. Te deadline for submissions is Friday, September 9. Tere are no specific guidelines for entries, and the LRC is will consider any suggestions you may have. Tanks for your time and participation.

Te Litchfield Recreation Commission – Litchfield

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