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August 19, 2011 - 15 2011 - 2012 Bus Schedule Watch for Kindergarten Schedules Next Week!

Kindergarten students’ stops are NOT included on these pages. Watch for next week’s HLN for those listings. For questions and concerns call Deb at First Student 883-0251


Route 3: Begin at 8:05 a.m. 161 Barretts Hill Road 150 Barretts Hill Road Lois Drive & Rangers Drive 34 Rangers Drive 6-9 Rangers Drive Barretts Hill Road & Oliver Drive 43 Barretts Hill Road

Highland Street & High Pine Drive 150 Highland Street 139 Highland Street

Highland Street & Bonnie Lane 117 Highland Street

Highland Street & Lampron Road Highland Street & Power Street Highland & Nottingham Street Route 4: Begin at 8 a.m.

Sullivan Road & Bridle Bridge 10 Sullivan Road 22 Sullivan Road 51 Sullivan Road 53 Sullivan Road Sullivan Road & Teloian Drive 11 Teloian Drive Sullivan Road & Teloian Drive 67 Sullivan Road 80 Sullivan Road 3 Hillside Drive Meadow Drive & Clement Road Clement Road & Bradford Circle Clement Road at Greenfield Drive & Sheffield Street Sheffield Street & Bradford Circle Bradford Circle & Bradford Circle

68 Clement Road Pool Lane (clubhouse) 162 Central Street 112 Central Street Central Street & Vinton Street 87-90 Central Street 3 Lions Avenue

Route 10: Begin at 8:10 a.m. 19B Webster Street 1 Daw Street & Webster Street Cummings Street & Baker Street Webster & Willow Creek Webster & Kenyon Webster & Grand & Merrimack Webster & Garrison Farm Derry Road & Grand Avenue

Abbott Farms 14 Derry Road

Route15: Begin at 8:03 a.m. 7 Greeley Street Greeley Street & Frenette Drive 3 Daniel Webster Daniel Webster Street & Fox Run/ Elk Run 14 Daniel Webster Drive 33 Greeley Street 37 Greeley Street Washington & Jackson Drive/ Jefferson Drive Madison Drive & Watts Circle Madison Drive & Jefferson Drive Route 17: Begin at 7:49 a.m.

Cheney Drive at Hartson Circle Hartson Circle at Lund Drive Lund Drive at Hedgerow Drive 33 Lund Drive Lund Drive at Paget Drive Lund Drive at Hedgerow Drive 74 Windham Road 69 Windham Road 42 Windham Road 25 Windham Road 8 Windham Road 21 Burnham Road Ferry Street at State Street/ Marshmallow Path Ferry Street at Ferry Lane/Sunflower Path Ferry Street at Ridge Avenue/Pond


Route 5: Begin at 7:58 a.m. Rayes Drive & Route 102 13 Derry Lane Derry Lane & Amanda 227 Webster Street Sunland & Grace Drive 3 Alvirne Drive 20-23 Alvirne Drive Patricia & Sunland Patricia & Forest Patricia & St. Laurent St. Laurent & Adams 19 St. Laurent St. Laurent & Forest 227 Webster Street 16 Plaza 4 Plaza 15 Farmington 2 Farmington Serenity & Webster 242 Webster Street 216 Webster Street 12 Scenic

Route 9: Begin at 7:41a.m. 9 Bockes Road Bockes Road & York Road 35 Bockes Road 54 Lawrence Road

42 Lawrence Road 19 Lawrence Road 30 Dugout Road 11 Copeland Drive 101 Barretts Hill Road Barretts Hill Road & Tiger Road Barretts Hill Road & Hilltop Drive 141 Barretts Hill Road Barretts Hill Road & Mallard Drive

109 Barretts Hill Road 28 Dugout Road 10 Dugout Road 90 Barretts Hill Road

Route 13: Begin at 7:51 a.m. 187 Robinson Road 174 Robinson Road 167 Robinson Road 141 Robinson Road 19 Stoney Lane

Stoney Lane & Boulder Drive 30 Beechwood Drive Pinewood Road & Ironwood Road Pinewood Road & Sandalwood Drive

4 Pinewood Road 40 Pinewood Road

Beechwood Drive & Redwood Road

28 Hazelwood Drive 36 Hazelwood Drive 46 Hazelwood Drive 24 Woodcrest Drive 14 Woodcrest Drive 15 Hazelwood Drive Hazelwood Drive (mailboxes) 56 Barretts Hill Road

Route 16 at 7:48 a.m. 19 Robinson Road 26 Robinson Road 33 Robinson Road 10 Griffin Road 16 Griffin Road 27 David Drive 17 David Drive 7 David Drive 1 David Drive 39 Kienia Road 22 Lenny Lane 12 Lenny Lane 4 Lenny Lane 50 Kienia Road Kienia Road & Julie Lane 34 Kienia Road 20 Kienia Road

16 Kienia Road 2 Kienia Road 59 Robinson Road Robinson & Parker Road

Route 18: Begin at 7:52 1 Derry Lane 148 Webster Street Elmwood Village 4 Wagner Way Wagner Way & Wade Road Derry Road & Megan Drive Marsh & Robin Stop in Island Way Hummingbird Lane Robin Drive & Raven Drive 35 Robin Drive Falcon & Mockingbird Towhee Drive & Cardinal Drive Cardinal Drive & Meadowlark North Ridge Road & Derry Road 223 Derry Road

Route 19: Begin at 7:55 a.m. Old Derry Road & Melba Drive 7 Melba Drive 31 Old Derry Road 14 Melba Drive

Greeley Street & Springwood NOTTINGHAM WEST ELEMENTARY

Route 1: Begin at 8 a.m. 153 Lowell Road

Bruce Street & Linda Street Blueberry Lane & Leonard Avenue Leonard Avenue & Sand Hill Road Chalifoux Road & Muldoon Muldoon Street & Eagle Drive

10 Eagle Drive 7 Fairway Drive 29 Fairway Drive 6 Par Lane

9 Chalifoux Road 16 River Road Rena Avenue & Rega Avenue Rena Avenue & Rose Drive Rena Avenue & Ridgecrest Drive

Ridgecrest Drive & Rega Avenue & Rita Avenue Rita Avenue & Rena Avenue 160 Lowell Road

Route 2: Begin at 7:54 a.m.

159 Belknap Road 152 Belknap Road 146 Belknap Road Belknap & Gordon Street 131 Belknap Road 116 Belknap Road Belknap & Hillindale Drive 24 Roosevelt Avenue 18 Roosevelt Avenue D Street & A Street Corner of A & B Streets 16 B Street 24 B Street B & Alpha B & Belknap

Belknap & Regina Belknap & Paula Circle Belknap & Tessier Belknap & Lorraine 17 Lorraine Street Belknap & Belknap Terrace 6 1/2 Belknap Terrace 11-1/2 Belknap Terrace Belknap Terrace & Charboneau Lorraine & Wayne 8 Tate Street 11 Pelham Road

Route 6: Begin at 7:53 a.m. Wason Road & Colson Road

6 Holly Lane

Holly Lane & Quail Run Drive Wason Road & Hunter Lane Wason Road & Empire Circle 28 - 29 Wason Road 6A Musquash Road 31 Musquash Road 35 Musquash Road Musquash Road & Old Coach Road

Musquash Road & Cathedral Lane

Musquash Road & Little Hales Lane

Musquash & Nathaniel Sanders Road & Elaine Street

1 Sanders

134 Musquash Road Musquash Road & Crestwood Drive 120 Musquash Road 106 Musquash Road 98 Musquash Road 6 James Way 29 James Way

Route 7: Begin at 7:48 a.m. Fox Hollow Complex 27 River Road 45 River Road Eayers Pond Road & Ireland Eayers Pond Road & Walnut Street 21 Philbrick Street Philbrick & Ireland Philbrick & Cherry Lane River Road & Winslow Farm Road 22 Winslow Farm Road Winslow Farm Road & McKinney 12 Joan Avenue 6 Joan Avenue Pine & Winslow Pine & Wisahicken Pine & Williams

Route 8: Begin at 7:44 a.m. Wason Road & Harwood Road Harwood Road at Trigate Road 76 Wason Road 89-91 Wason Road 98A Wason Road 100 B Wason Road 149/150 Wason Road Mountain View & Pasture 161 Wason Road 164 Wason Road 78 Bush Hill Road 81 Bush Hill Road 135 Bush Hill Road 161 Bush Hill Road (p.m.) 3 Woodland Drive 152 Bush Hill Road

Route 11: Begin at 8 a.m. 88 Lowell Road Lowell Road & Roosevelt Avenue 7 Winnhaven Drive 18 Winnhaven Drive 27 Winnhaven Drive 38 Winnhaven Drive 3 Sunrise Drive 5 Hemlock Street 17 Hemlock Street Fir Street & Spruce Street Cottonwood Drive & Linden Street

Aspen Street & Hickory Street

39 Cottonwood Drive 22 Sycamore Street 34 Willow Street Sycamore Street & Willow Street

34 Cedar Street 24 Cedar Street 15 Cedar Street 10 Cedar Street Lowell Road & Dana Lowell Road & Atwood at Stonewood

Route 12: Begin at 8 a.m. 12 Melendy Road 21 Melendy Road Melendy Road & Coll Street

55 Melendy Road Merrill Street & Nevens Street

Greentrees Drive & Thorning Road 1 Greentrees Drive 71 Melendy Road Melendy Road & Overlook Circle 6 Virginia Drive

Burns Hill Road & Shelley Drive

Burns Hill & Wildwood Terrace St. Anthony & St. Mary Drive/Street Francis Place 12 Street Francis Place Burns Hill Road & Mark Street

83 Burns Hill Road 22-23 Glen Drive 18 Parkhurst Drive Prince Drive & Woodridge Drive 16 Woodridge Drive

Route 14: Begin at 7:56 a.m. 5 Gowing Road Gowing & Crestwood 22 Gowing Road Gowing Road & Richmond Gowing & Demery Gowing Road & Winding Hollow 63 Gowing Road 13 Brook Drive 93 Gowing Road 92 Gowing Road Gowing Road & Beaver Path Gowing Road & Dumont 40 Gowing Road 25 Gowing Road 8 Glenview 3 Glenview

Route 20: Begin at 7:53 a.m.

Nathaniel Drive & Pulpit Drive 87 Dracut Road 103 Dracut Road 107 Dracut Road 2-5 Schaeffer Circle

16 Schaeffer Circle 27 Schaeffer Circle Schaeffer Circle & Anna Louise Drive Schaeffer Circle & Potter Road Schaeffer Circle & Williams Drive 123 Dracut Road 129 Dracut Road 133 Dracut Road 143 Dracut Road 5 Sherburne Road Plamondon Drive & Sherburne Road 8 Ponderosa Drive 124 Dracut Road 106 Dracut Road 7 Deerfield Avenue 10 Brookfield Road

Route 23: Begin at 7:58 a.m.

2 Bush Hill Road Bush Hill & Thurston Road 5 Bear Path Lane 20 Bear Path Lane 39 Bear Path Lane 56-58 Bear Path Lane 5 Jump Lane

Bush Hill & Flying Rock Road

Leaor Street and Flying Rock Corner of Flying Rock Road 34 Bush Hill Road 39 Bush Hill Road 41 Bush Hill Road 46 Bush Hill Road 56 Bush Hill Road 109 Pelham Road 100 Pelham Road 75-77 Pelham Road Granite Hill & Pelham Road

48-51 Pelham Road 41/39 Pelham Road 33 Pelham Road

Route 24: Begin at 7:56 a.m.

3 Speare Road 5 Speare Road

Speare Road & Gates Lane 101 Kimball Hill Road 115 Kimball Hill Road Kimball Hill Road & Gibson Road 13 Gibson Road 39 Gibson Road 5 Hawkview Road 5 Kestral Lane 12 Kestral Lane 5 Gibson Road & MacCann Road

140 Kimball Hill Road 122 Kimball Hill Road 90 Kimball Hill Road 59 Kimball Hill Road 55 Kimball Hill Road 50 Kimball Hill Road


25 Melba Drive Greeley & Gabrielle 134 Greeley Street 7 Sousa Boulevard Sousa Boulevard & Kris Court & Manny Court Sousa Boulevard & Haley Court Sousa Boulevard (stop sign) Sutherland Drive & Rosemary 4 Sutherland Drive 100 Greeley Street

Greeley Street & Sunshine Drive 87 Greeley Street

Highland Street (mailboxes 82- 92)

Route 21: Begin at 7:46 13 Breakneck Road 26 Breakneck Road 66 Kienia Road 1 Marie Lane 7 Marie Lane 59 Kienia 30 Breakneck 22 Breakneck Breakneck & Boyd 34 Boyd Road 33Boyd Road 29 Boyd Road

14 Boyd Road 5 Boyd Road Boyd Road & Jessica 5 Henry Drive Henry Drive & Chagnon Lane 11 Heritage Circle 29 Heritage Circle 43 Heritage Circle Stonewood & Maureen Lane 11 Stonewood Road 27 Stonewood Road Route 25: Begin at 8:05 a.m. Putnam Road & Kingston Way Putnam Road & Fuller Drive 106 Old Derry Road 135B Old Derry Road Old Derry Road & Tear Drop Circle

140 Old Derry Road 148 Old Derry Road Old Derry Road & Twin Meadow Drive

164 Old Derry Road 168 Old Derry Road 172 Old Derry Road 181 Old Derry Road Derry Road & Page Road 284 Derry Road

Dear Hills Garrison Families, It seems hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close. We hope you have been enjoying

a happy, healthy and fun- filled vacation. With the start of school being August 30 we would like to bring a few items of importance to your attention. The staff of Hills Garrison School is looking forward to the challenge and excitement of a year together with all of you and our third year of kindergarten and the Head Start Program. 1. “Meet and Greet Your Teacher”: There will be a drop by “Meet and Greet Your Teacher” time on Monday, August 29 from 1-3 p.m. This is an opportunity for students and parents to stop by the school to meet the teachers, walk around the building, and get a sense of your child’s new surroundings. Each elementary school is conducting an “open house” on the same date and at the same time.

2. Traffic Flow: The right side parking lot is for staff parking. Visitors should enter from Route 102 and cautiously bear left, then proceed straight and turn into the drive or parking lot in front of the building. The front driveway is for quick student drop-off; please pull to the end of the benches in an effort to keep things moving. If you are going to get out of your vehicle, you must use the front visitor parking lot. No vehicles may stop and block the driveway. It is a fire lane. Please note the driveway going around the building is only for buses, service and emergency vehicles. Cars must yield for school buses.

3. Student Arrival: Duty teachers begin to supervise at 8:20 a.m. The student day starts at 8:45 a.m. and being on time is an essential habit to establish. Afternoon Kindergarteners arrival begins at 12:25 p.m. and the afternoon session starts at 12:35 p.m. There is a new district policy for Attendance, Tardiness and Truancy included in the Parent/Student Handbook. As the fall months approach, be mindful of the weather. Young children appreciate having a jacket, sweatshirt, hat, mittens, etc. when unexpected changes occur in the weather.

4. Call-In Program: We have a school Call-In Program in effect at Hills Garrison School. If your child is going to be absent, you are responsible for calling the school by 8:30 a.m. If we do not hear from you, we will try to make calls to your home and/or work to verify the absence. We know that you will agree with us that this procedure is in the best interest and safety of your child. Please call the school at 881-3930 to report your daughter/son’s absence.

5. Snack Time: Every class sets aside a snack time during the day. This is a very important part of your child’s day. It is a time to replenish their energy by eating/drinking the things you have packed.

6. Summer Reading (Grades 1-5): Hopefully, everyone has been enjoying the required summer reading. There is no more important activity to support learning than through reading fun and interesting stories. Summer Reading has been shown to do the following for the student: • Encourage a love and enjoyment of books • Provide exposure to a variety of genres • Increase vocabulary knowledge • Increase reading fluency • Develop background concepts and general knowledge • Provide models of good writing • Provide maintenance of reading skills learned during the school year • Provide a sense of participation in the community of readers

The required book was given to your child with their report card in June or when they were registered this summer. At the start of the school year classroom teachers will be doing special activities related to the book read. 7. Prescription Medications: The school nurse can only administer medications when a prescription from a doctor directs her to do so. Please keep this is mind when you bring a prescription item to school. All medicine (in its original container) must be brought in by an adult and logged in by the nurse or other school official. No medicine may be transported by a student.

8. Non-Prescription Medication: Over-the-counter medications require that parents fill out a medication permission form available from the school nurse. All medications (in original container) are kept in the nurse’s office.

9. No Smoking/Tobacco Use: The use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in all school facilities, and on school grounds and vehicles on school grounds, throughout the Hudson School District.

10. Kindergarten: On Monday, August 29 from 1-3 p.m. Kindergarten students and parents, should plan time to visit the classrooms, followed by a bus ride and review of safe riding habits and rules for children riding the bus to school.

11. First Graders (New to the school): Bus rides for new students will be offered on Monday, August 29 from 1-3 p.m. If you would like to take a bus ride before school starts, please meet the bus by the soccer field/playground to the left of Hills Garrison School. You can do this before or after you meet your teacher. On the first day of school, each child will bring home a “School to Home Communication” folder of information and important forms to be filled out. This folder will be used to go between school and home, so please send it back each day with your child. Your help and cooperation with these items will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at any time at 881-3930. See you on August 29 for the “Meet and Greet Your Teacher” time, if you can make it, and definitely on August 30!

Marilyn Martellini, Principal, and Lois Connors, Assistant Principal, Hills Garrison School - Hudson

View Drive/Chatham

Route 22: Begin at 7:54 a.m. 13 Lowell Road Riverside & Oak Street Riverside & Watersedge 25 Oban Cross & Winn 1 Vernon 7 Vernon 8 Lindsey

Lindsey & St. Johns 8 Phillips & Derry Road Wende & Joel Path

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