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Originally formed as the Old Edgarians in 2001, the team was the brainchild of Richard Jackson and Jamie Truen who organised a team made up of friends all in their late 20s and early 30s who simply wanted to enjoy some sevens as their careers wound down. Playing only in Cornwall at that time, the team suffered some heavy defeats in the early years, including a 56-0 drubbing against an Old Boys team led by Joe Bearman which included current Apache star James Hawken. The team was made up primarily of ex-Penryn and Falmouth players, and this remained the case until 2010 when we expanded our horizons and began to recruit from other Cornish clubs such as Redruth, Camborne and the Cornish All Blacks. The Old Edgarians quickly built a strong

reputation for our ability to organise ourselves socially, adopting national themes each year, adapting our kit to suit and playing appropriate music to create a festival atmosphere around our famous HQ tent. 2002 saw the Eggs adorned in a Gallic style kit, complete with red berets and with the strains of the La Marseillaise drifting across the pitch before each game. A year later and the team appeared in Mexican colours, sombreros and ponchos. In this way a distinct Old Edgarians sevens culture was born. The themes continued as the years progressed and most recently Bavaria took our fancy... Josh Matavesi in a Bavarian Trilby is a sight to behold! The ethos of the team has always been simple; enjoy the social culture of sevens and every so often, where possible, enjoy a win or two. Win or lose, the team always enjoys the festival atmosphere and our supporters are guaranteed a fun packed weekend whenever the Eggs are in action. 2010 was a benchmark season for the

Eggs, broadening our horizons by entering more tournaments, and having the team lit-up at one event with the inclusion of the aforementioned Josh Matavesi (Racing Metro & Fiji), Pale Nonu (Cornish All Blacks) and Darren Dawidiuk (Gloucester). The fantastic balance between these talented players and the regular social Old Eggs players was unique on the circuit and Matavesi in particular was sensational. The true Edgarian spirit is typified most of all by Axel Belert, brother of our coach Miguel. Axel travels from Biarritz once a year to play for the Eggs, and is a most unlikely exponent of sevens. A big lad, who plays at prop for his local French team, Axel is as far away from the usual image of a sevens player that you could find. From an Old Eggs perspective however, Axel is everything a sevens player should be;

brave, passionate about sevens and his team mates, deluded about his explosive pace, and genuinely proud to be an Old Eggs player. Axel will return every year, and there is always a place for the likes of him in our team. We love him...and we think Josh loves him too! This year’s team is led by another big man;

Redruth & Cornwall skipper Darren Jacques who has also represented England Counties and the Barbarians. The Old Eggs brand has developed strongly in the past 2 years in particular, and the newly titled Falmouth Hotel Old Eggs are this season celebrating a decade of successful social sevens with some success on the pitch. The team has two clearly defined squads – our social team who played at Saracen7s for instance, and our more Open level squad who played at Newquay Surf7s. 10 years on from our first tournament, the original team could never have imagined we would still be going from strength to strength on the sevens circuit, a fact made more impressive when 3 of the original Old Eggs (Richard Jackson, Jamie Truen and Kevin Kitto) took to the field at Saracen 7s in early May as part of our anniversary celebrations. Having had another successful tournament at Newquay Surf7s, all bodes well for our

future, and the Eggs are sure to be around in another 10 years. The aim is to take the team to Flanders in June 2012 for our first overseas adventure – and all are welcome to join in our egg-centric (sorry) festivities and become friends of the Old Eggs7s team. The combined 2011 Social & Elite squad: David Levick (Pirates & Cornwall), Josh

Matavesi (Racing Metro & Fiji), Pale Nonu (Cornish All Blacks), Jonny Cook (Camborne), Jon Nesbitt (Old Eggs7s), Darren Dawidiuk (Gloucester), Jamie Truen (Old Eggs7s), Dougy Rundle (Old Eggs7s), Axel Belert (Facture de Biganos – France), Darren Jacques (Redruth, Cornwall & Barbarians), Dean Bonds (Redruth & Cornwall Age Groups), Shaun Buzza (Redruth & Cornwall Colts), Tucker Shaw (University of Arkansas - USA), Ian Morgan (Brixham & Cornwall), Harry Mills (Penryn & Cornwall U20), Miguel Belert (Old Eggs7s), Ian Johns (Penryn), Carl Thompson (Camborne), Tristan Dennis (Stithians), Trevor Lampshire (Old Eggs7s), Royce Molin (Old Eggs7s), Kevin Kitto (Penryn), Tom Spiller (Falmouth), Ollie Evans (Penryn) and Richard Jackson (Old Eggs7s).

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