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2011 has been another stellar year both on and off the field for the CLIC Sargent Godfathers. Tournament wins at Bradford on Avon 7s,

Flanders 10’s, Reading University 7s and the Nottingham Solstice 7s, plus strong showings at the West Country 7s and Olney 7s chances are you’ll have seen them around. Now in its 12th season the Godfather ethos is to entertain on and off the pitch with cavalier 7s and a great social element. They strongly believe that the better they get on off the pitch the better they play on it. Although an invitational team with its roots firmly in the south west, the players now come from far and wide and include some of the best local talent mixed in with some experienced 7s players and those who have been recommended as ‘Godfather’ material. The player base now ranges from school players to former internationals and those who only play 7s. It’s a truly diverse mix but one that brings out the best in all the players. The current achievements are however a far

cry from the humble origins of the team. The Godfathers, or as they were originally known ‘The Avenging Disco Godfathers’, were formed in the summer of 1997 to play at the Exeter University 7s. As with most good 7s sides the original line up were all close friends and the ‘after party’ social element was equally, if not more, important. After a successful first outing the Godfathers returned to the tournament with a team containing no less than 5 future internationals and the team rebranded introducing the now famous all black kit and ‘puppet strings’ logo. The Godfather motto ‘Odernit Dum Metuant’ was also added which roughly translates ‘let them hate as long as they fear’. The Godfathers had now arrived. Having won a number of smal ler

tournaments the Godfathers were quick to embrace the touring experience adding several European and domestic titles into the ever growing summer schedule. Over the following years the Godfathers competed in and won tournaments, and more importantly lots of friends in Italy, Belgium, Germany and Poland and not to mention numerous domestic 7s and touch rugby tournaments. In 2010 the death of Robbie Stuart, a local rugby stalwart who doubled in his spare time as the much loved Bristol mascot Brizzly bear, from leukaemia, resulted in a further change of direction. Robbie had embodied the core Godfather values as a committed player on the pitch and a great ambassador for the game off it. It was decided that the best tribute to Robbie would be to continue

his good work by promoting his chosen charity and raising funds on their behalf. Last year the team donated over £2,000 to CLIC Sargent and it is hoped that it can be bettered this year. If you look closely you will see that his name lives on our shirts and that the players wear and sell charity wristbands at tournaments. With an ever growing and very talented

player base and increasingly generous and dedicated off field support, the future certainly looks bright and the plan for next season is to challenge the very top teams on the circuit, and to further increase a growing fixture list. They are also looking to build on the initial success of the first ever Godfathers Vets team who won the Flanders Open 10’s by becoming a force in the vets game. With all profits going to charity they are now looking for help from new benefactors, sponsors, tournament organisers and players. For further information on how to sponsor, play for or even simply purchase Godfather kit please visit Special thanks to current sponsors RBJ flooring, Nandos Cabot Circus, Mason

Zimmler and True Digital. HONOURS

Flanders (Belgium) 10’s – winners (Open 2010/2011 & Vets 2011) Warsaw 10’s – winners (2009) Hamburg International 7s – winners (2007) Bradford on Avon 7s – winners (2011) John Hall 7s – winners (2010) SOS 7s – winners (2009) Reading University 7s – winners (2011) Nottingham Solstice 7s – winners (2011) Newquay 7s – plate winners (2010) Romanga 7s (Italy) – semi finalists (2008)


Pat Sanderson – England Alex Sanderson – England Matt Moore – England Barrie John Mather – England (dual code) Kevin Elis – Wales Will Luangrath - Laos

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