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So finally we have bought you Issue 4 of UK RUGBY SEVENS magazine! Sorry for the delay - we had some problems on some of the content we were using and only wanted to get the mag out when we knew it was perfect - thanks for waiting! You won’t be disappointed though! This issue looks at the Middlesex sevens, the National Super Sevens Series, various domestic tournaments and features interviews and articles on Brazil rugby, Warrick Lahmert, Phil Greening and the Akuma Dragons - plus there’s lots more of our regulars and the latest sevens news all packed into the issue. It has been a busy few months - I have had the

privilege to play in most of the bigger tournaments including the Middlesex sevens and I have not been disappointed by the standard and commitment to UK sevens shown on the playing field. There’s been some great sevens - with Pups winning the west country leaving Newquay to come down to the wire, and Samurai with an all star cast taking Middlesex - this month has been a great action packed part of the season and one which I am sure has left a lot of people exhausted. I really must congratulate the people in charge of running the Super sevens series. Through their hard work and tireless efforts we were able to have a platform to show the UK exactly what we have on offer here. These guys do this voluntarily for the love of the


Alex Foster

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ian Muir, Riley Sports Photography, Papaya Photography,


UR7s, Bob Foster,Mike Friday, Nick Jordan, Rachael Burford, Jonny Bradshaw, Jay Udo-Udoma, James Hunt, Charlie Abban, James Catlin


Tom Burwell, UR7s, Terry Sands, Eileen Foster, Bob Foster, Four Corners Print, Polly Pithers, Akuma, Ben Ottewell, Jay Udo-Udoma,

game and negativity towards the series in its new look first year should be disregarded. The amount of work that actually went in was huge, and I think with what most will agree - a good end result. There is still more to come and we will be with

you till the end! Have a good last few tournaments and please let us know what you’re getting up to!

At UK RUGBY SEVENS we will always be looking to improve the magazine - so all of your views and comments are more than welcome. Please send any questions or comments to and we will take them on board!

I hope you enjoy the magazine. Keep on shufflin and See you on the circuit!

Alex Foster Editor

Due to a friend of mine, James Kouzaris, tragically being killed - the official charity of the magazine is a charity called ‘Always a chance’ which raises money and awareness for victims of violent crime. It has been set up by friends of James Kouzaris, and can be found at Please help in any way you can – you can get a logo from us to put on your shirts, or make a donation on the website. You can also find links on our site!

Mike Friday, Ian Williams, Rachel Burford, Jonny Bradshaw, Cousin Ben, Cousin Dan, Superchan, James Catlin, Tour, Mike Rollason, Warrick Lahmert, Phil Greening, Martyn Simpson, Rhianna (Motivation), LMFAO - for the shuffle, Haribo Starmix, The Three Best Friends, Mike Rollason, Charlie Abban, The Pink Baa Baas, Sam Bosch, James Hunt, Akuma Dragons, Nigel Martin, Bob Foster again.

An extra extra special thank you to Ian Muir for all the great shots!!

Thank you all for contributing so much and helping to launch UK RUGBY SEVENS into the world.

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