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‘Papa, this one is a beauty!’

Freddie and Becky Potts find joy in growing daylilies.

Photography by: Heath Dorminey


reddie Potts says he remem- bers driving by a home in Alma, Ga. in the late 1980s that was surrounded by a yard full of beautiful daylilies.

“I was living in Douglas, Ga. at the

time,” says Potts. “I was working in Alma and would stop nearly every day on the side of the road just to look at them.” Potts’ wife, Becky, and he were married in 1990. Aſter living in Dou- glas for two years, they purchased a home in Alma. “We had plenty of room for

daylilies,” Potts says. “We have been hooked ever since.” Aſter the company that Potts worked for closed its plant in Alma, he and his wife moved back to the area. “We had no idea that we would end

up moving back to Moultrie,” Potts says. But, he says it was a blessing. “I was able to go back to work in

Moultrie in the same plant I had worked at before leaving Moultrie in 1976,” Potts says. He worked there for seven more years before retiring. “I truly felt it was all in God’s

hands,” Potts says. “It didn’t happen by

chance that we ended up back home near family and old friends.” Te move back to Moultrie also allowed the cou- ple to watch their grandchildren grow up. One of these grandchildren, Lily Claire Tillman, who is five-years-old has been going in the garden with Potts since she was just a toddler. “She loves and knows the names of

many of the daylilies we have,” Potts says. “Lily was definitely the right name for her.” Potts says that one of Lily’s favorite

sayings is, ‘Papa, this one is a beauty!’ He also says that while the older vari-

eties of daylilies were beautiful and many of them were great flowers, in re- cent years efforts have been made by hybridizers to improve the daylily in terms of full-formed, wide petals, ruf- fled edges and other improvements. More well-branched flowers with stronger scapes, higher bud count and extended bloom time are also being produced. “Te overall complexity of the daylily

has been dramatically changed,” says Potts. “It has created flowers that are a must have to daylily lovers.” Potts and

his wife don’t just grow daylilies – they sell them too. Tey buy new daylilies to offer buyers each season and try to offer the best on the market. “We have an open garden, and every-

one is welcome to come look whether they plan to purchase a daylily or not,” Potts says. Peak blooming season is normally

May through June with some flowers blooming through August. If someone wishes to purchase flowers in the fall, they can supply the description of the flower and guarantee it to be true to name. “If I can share any information with

you I will gladly do so,” Potts says. “I will also plant daylilies and maintain your garden if needed, and all of our flowers are guaranteed.” Potts and his wife are members of the American Hemerocallis Society and the Valdosta Daylily Club. Daylilies on Te Tallokas Garden 2755 Tallokas Road Moultrie Georgia

Freddie and Becky Potts 229-985-4791 Fall 2011


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