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Liberal Arts & Sciences COLLEGE OF Selected Publications Africana Studies

Felix Germain “In Search of Full Citizenship: The French West Indian Case (1848-2009).” Journal of Contemporary Thought, 32 (2010).

“Earthquake, the Missionaries, and the Future of Vodou.” Journal of Black Studies 42 (2011).

Tanure Ojaide The Beauty I Have Seen (Malthouse, 2010).

“Deploying Masculinity in African Oral Poetic Performance: The Man in Udje,” Masculinities in African Literary and Cultural Texts, eds. Helen Nabasuta Mugambi and Tuzyline Jita Allan, Banbury, UK, 2010.

“The Benevolence of the Dead” in Dike Okoro, ed. Speaking for the Generations: An Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories (Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2010).

Dr. Thomas Rogers

“Landscape Imaginaries in Conflict in Pernambuco’s Zona da Mata.” In Cadernos De Historia (Annals of History), Vol. 6, 6 (2010.


Diane Brockman “The Primate Life History Database: A unique shared ecological data resource.” Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1.(2010) With K.B. Strier, J. Altmann, D.K. Brockman, A.M. Bonikowski, M. Cords, L.M. Fedigan, H. Lapp, X. Liu, W.F. Morris, A.E. Pusey, T.S. Stoniski and S.C. Alberts.

“Low demographic variability in wild primate populations: Fitness impacts of variation, co variation, and serical correlation in vital rates.” The American Naturalist 177 (2011). With W.F. Morris, J. Altmann, D.K. Brockman, M. Cords, L.M. Fedigan, A.F. Pusey, T.S. Stonski, A.M. Bronikowski, S.C. Alberts and K.B. Strier.

Jonathan Marks

“Anthropologists Unite!” in Nature (2011), co-author.

Biology Ken Piller

“Recombinant expression of homodimeric 660 kDa human thyroglobulin in soybean seeds: an alternative source of human thyroglobulin.” Plant Cell Reports (2011).


John M. Risley “Determination of the Second-Order 1H NMR Parameters for the Aromatic

Protons in 4-Fluoroaniline and Application to the Analysis of the 1H NMR Spectra for the Aromatic Protons in N4-(4’- Fluorophenyl) succinamic Acid and in N4- (4’-Fluorophenyl)-3, 3-difluorosuccinamic Acid.” Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. With John P. Kastanis and Amber M. Young.

Communications Studies Christine Davis

“Coping with trauma through fictional narrative auto ethnography: A primer,” Journal of Loss and Trauma, in press. With J. Warren- Findlow.

“Relational disability in marriages with person with traumatic brain injury: A qualitative analysis of spouse perspectives,” Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, in press. With F. Hammond, O. Whiteside, M.A. Hirsch, and P. Philbrick, co-author.

“Book Reviews,” Southern Communication Journal: Special Issue on Qualitative Research, 75, 452-466.


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