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Pelham - Windham News August 12, 2011 - 13

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“Thumbs up to Miss Debbie from the Pelham

Library. Thank you Miss Debbie for all your children’s programs you put together at the library. Your creativity and patience is greatly admired and appreciated.”

“Thumbs down. I am disgusted with the cost of healthcare for pets. What a racket the vet business has become. Need meds for my cat, oh and by the way, they will cost me more per month than the meds I am on. My cat was 16 at that time so I decided I can’t afford both so I’d better let him go without than me have to go without and let nature take its course. So now comes August 1st, my cat is now 18 and he’s on his last legs. I am crushed beyond belief. I know what needs to be done so I call three different vets. The price ranged anywhere from $85 to $200 for euthanasia. What? Two years ago I inquired at my own vet and it was $35. Never again will I step foot in a veterinarian clinic. I see them now as only a greedy money making business who only look out for the dollar instead of the compassion of the animals.”

“Thumbs down to the two grumpy men ‘trying’ to direct traffic at Pelham Road today. You were so visibly angry, yelling at cars to just drive anywhere, waving us through and then yelling at us for not stopping. Then telling us to ‘just drive anywhere we want.’ Maybe you should have stayed home today!!”

“Thumbs down to the person commenting that

working moms are better parents then stay-at- home moms in last weeks column. The comment that really flamed me was ‘the advantage of stay-at-home parenting declines after children reach the age of five.’ The quality of stay-at-home parenting only declines when you, the parent, become dissatisfied with staying at home. I have been a stay-at-home mom since my first child was born, not out of choice but out of economic necessity. I worked odd jobs around their schedules and went back to college part time for my degree, living on one income. It was difficult,

we sacrificed and went without fancy cars and a huge house but it was worth it to know that I never missed a single milestone in either of my children’s lives. My children are happy and not without, they will both go to college and we will work hard to send them there. You’re larger paycheck and more billable hours do not make you a better parent then me. --A proud (yet tolerant) stay-at-home mom.”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

Autos – Trucks – Commercial Vehicles – RV’s

Professional, Qualified Service in a Clean, Modern Repair Facility

Offering Complete Car Repair for Foreign & Domestic Vehicles

“Thumbs down to the growing number of bicyclists. These people are the rudest, most discourteous, arrogant and foul mouthed group of people to be found anywhere. Swearing at people and giving the one-finger- salute and with their children present, quite a lesson for the children. You should be proud of yourself. All one would ask is that you share the roadway and do not act as if you own it. Please try to remember that we chose to live in nice areas and pay higher taxes to do so. We do not need your group coming to our neighborhood like you are the only people there. I hate to paint with such a broad brush but it seems as the number of bicyclists grows so do rudeness and arrogance. Please grow up and behave like the adults you purport to be.”

“Thumbs down to the owners

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of the Fellows House/barn on Indian Rock Road for neglecting to file a police report regarding vandalism to the interior of the property. Neighbors were not informed that there had been a break-in next door and therefore did not know to be on the lookout for strangers. Some of the vandalism included spray painted ugly epithets on the walls. Do we really want this element roaming around Windham?”

“Thumbs down: To the

teachers who think that if your child is in a classroom with low income children and their skin is

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of a different color then your child will not learn anything being in the same room as them because they are dumb kids to start with! It doesn’t matter what color your skin is or where you grow up. You are still a human being and a child that deserves the right to learn and be loved just as

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anyone else is! So much for no child left behind crap!”

“Thumbs up to the

Windham 11U District All- Star team for winning the state championship against Goffstown on July 23rd. Keep up the good work, and good luck next year for the LL World Series.”

“Thumbs up, a big thumbs up to Don Foss the highway agent on the new paving job being done in Pelham. He helped me with a lot of water issues. He and his crew truly did a great job. Thanks so much!”

“Thumbs down to the

preschool program here in town. They treat parents like you are dumb and they know best what your child needs, when they actually don’t!”

“Thumbs up to love! I hate it

on most vehicles

when close-minded people say that marriage is between a man and a woman. If two men (or two women) love each other and can establish a solid relationship, why can’t they marry? Don’t support ignorant hate, support love of all shapes, sizes, and colors. :)”

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Chunky’s Cinema & Pub - Watching Movies in Style Hosts Lowell ‘Student Police’ Academy Program

by Marc Ayotte Did you ever have the feeling you weren’t getting out of the house enough? You know, getting around town and seeing what is new and exciting – say since Nixon’s resignation! Shame on me for being so dumb-struck when I walked into Chunky’s Pelham Cinema & Pub last week and found myself in a cinematic couch potato

Lowell “Student Police Academy” file into their respective platoons before entering the Pelham cinema

heaven. Those of you who are already familiar with the luxury and convenience of the local establishment are probably thinking I still drive around on Friday nights looking to watch William Friedkins’ The French Connection at the Litchfield drive-in. Those of you who have not enjoyed all of what the consumer oriented cinema has to offer, owe it to yourself to catch your favorite summer flick there soon. For less than it would cost you to do a thorough job of washing and vacuuming your car, you can purchase a ticket and enjoy watching first run movies on a giant screen, with awesome theatre surround sound while slumped into your plush, high-back, swivel chair. Although, there aren’t any couches present, per se, the luxury of ‘on demand’ delivery of your favorite beverage and/or snack directly to your table by simply using the convenient ‘server lights’ that they provide, far outweighs any need for horizontal comfort. If you are a wondering stray like myself, want to treat the family or need a place for your group event, Chunky’s is the definitive place to catch a movie while sliding down some popcorn flavored butter. According to operations manager Jamie Jusczak, the facility hosts approximately seven field trips per week during the summer. With

five theatres under the roof and a service staff that grows to over 30 in number on busy Saturday nights, you are assured of receiving swift and courteous service. With the accommodations to serve upwards of 550 people there is always enough room to relax and take in a movie. They offer a couple of different ‘eat and watch’ packages for individuals as well as groups and organizations such as the YMCA, day cares and school field trips. The price of either package includes watching the movie of your choice. Pelham High School has even used the facilities to conduct some of their scholastic testing. In addition to catering to many Pelham based functions, Chunky’s plays host for out-of-town organizations as well. And so, it stood to reason that Chunky’s played host to the Lowell Police-Student Police Academy on Thursday, August 4. The summer camp, conducted and supervised by School Resource officers of the Lowell Police Department (LPD), visited Chunky’s for

the second time this summer. Over 90 fifth and sixth grade cadets from Lowell and surrounding towns enjoyed pizza, soft drinks as well as taking in the Captain America movie. According to LPD officers Santiago and Pender, who are integral parts of the two three-week summer camp sessions, the campers or “cadets” not only have fun but also experience character building lessons along the way. It is the eighth consecutive year that the LPD has come to Pelham to enjoy what Chunky’s has to offer. The appreciation is mutual as Chunky’s operations manager Jusczak notes that, “they (cadets) are well behaved, they are great. The officers are very easy to talk to.” Officers Golden, Bernard and Lumenello are also very involved in the Academy program which teaches the young children the importance of personal values such as discipline and respect in addition to social concerns, internet safety being just one of them. Very high on the list of awareness is the topic of ‘bullying.’ As Officer Pender noted, “there is a real emphasis on the Bullying Program. It is huge in the school systems right now.” At one point during the

session, the cadets started to get a little overzealous. One blare from the back of the theatre and there was instant discipline and respect revealed: “See the magic of the whistle,” smiled Officer Pender as the cadets stood at attention in silence. The program is in its 12th year and costs approximate $20,000 to run the six week camp which has no cost to the children attending it. Funding is obtained from various sources, including different state grants. The police department also works with the school department who plays an important role in maintaining the availability of healthy lunches while the cadets are participating in the program. An amazing element of this program is that children from many local communities attend the Lowell-based effort. As Officer Santiago suggested, “No one is turned down, and it’s all free.” With budget cuts in effect and less grant funding available, the officers involved in running the camp commend LPD Chief Lavallee for his special role in the program. In addition to addressing the cadets at each camp, Chief Lavallee has utilized funds from his own budget to guarantee the continuance of this widely accepted program. “If it wasn’t for him, this (camp) wouldn’t happen,” added officer Pender.

Chunky’s manager Sean Benoit holds the door open for

staff member Hanna LaRochelle as she provides direct table service to patrons in theatre 2




photos by Marc Ayotte

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