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B6 AUGUST 10-16, 2011 Gwendolyn Baines Gwendolyn

A church member stole my cookware!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwen-

dolyn: I am sure you do not re-

ceive many complaints as this:Twomonths agowe cel- ebrated our pastor’s an- niversary. I was in charge of the activities, which in- cluded the weekly services and the banquet on the final night. I felt we could save the expense of a caterer and renting of a conference or hotel facility. Therefore, I suggestedwe have the event at the church. I wanted all the money to go to our pas- tor. I lovemy pastor. Gwendolyn, I brought my

cookware to church and cooked most of the food there. The cookware was a value of over $2,000. I also brought my $3,000 china for the main table. It was my suggestion that we serve other members and guests from plastic plates and plastic cups. Somemembers did not ap-

preciate the difference and felt to not do the entire event in fine china was not good. To be devious some- one stole my cookware and stole the china. Now what do you think about that? You don’t expect a thief to be in church.—Margaret DearMargaret: Thieves are everywhere. I

hope you are able to recover your stolen items. Let me tell you this: It was silly in you to make such a differ- ence.You could have chosen beautiful china without risking the loss of fine china and expensive cookware. I do agree with you for not taking the event to a luxury hotel—but to give the money to the pastor. I do feel, however, that your love for your pastor could be a little on the romantic side of the word “love.” The mem- bers are correct in feeling belittled. Pastors appreci- ate all the gratitude shown to them. However, their main concern is the well- being of their members— giving them comfort at a time of need. You went too far in this endeavor and you were trying to do as my mother used to say, “Put the dogs on.” But in your case the dogs turned back into— little puppies. (Write to Gwendolyn Baines at:

P.O. Box 10066, Raleigh, N.C. 27605-0066 [to receive a reply send a self-addressed stamped envelope] or e-mail her at: gwen-

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by Ashley G. Woodson For New Pittsburgh Courier

This week I visited 720 Records in Lawrenceville, CJ’s in the Strip District, Soldiers and

SailorsMemorialHall inOakland,Holiday Inn at Foster’s inOakland and outside of the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. My first stop was at 720 Records in Lawrenceville where a fashion show, music and en- tertainment took place for everyone who attended and it was a great event. My next stop was at CJ’s in the StripDistrict whereDJ T-Luv was on the 1’s and 2’s doing his thing for the crowd. My next stopwas at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial

Hall inOakland where T. Rose Enterprises held an event called “An Intimate Evening with Brian McKnight and Chrisette Michelle.” They gave the fans a great show and sang all of their hit songs. My next stop was at the after party for the Brian McKnight concert, held at the Holiday Inn at Fosters in Oakland where BrianMcKnight and Chrisette Michelle came tomeet and greetwith their fans. My final destination was outside of

8 9 10

2901-2911 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Wednesday, August 10th KARAOKE NIGHT

DJ TWAN 8:30 PM Tequila Wednesdays

Thursday, August 11th

Jazz Jam Session 8 PM Friday, August 12th

DJ Nick Nice 9 PM Happy Hour 5-7 PM

Saturday, August 13th Afternoon Jazz Jam

Session 5:30-8:00 PM Howie Alexander Jazz 9 PM

Sunday - Tuesday CLOSED

FREE Parking • No Cover

DINNER DAILY 5-10 PM Call 412-642-2377


In The Strip District 7246 KELLY STREET PITTSBURGH, PA15208

MONDAYS HEALTHCARE HAPPY HOUR 5-9drink specials light Buffet


Drink Specials&$1 Tacos GENTLEMENTUESDAY

WEDNESDAY Bacardi night $3 bacardi $6 long islandDJ ROK


$3 Hennessy&GreyGoose LIVE BANDFRIDAYS

LIVE BAND7-10 DJ Tracey Lee

SATURDAY R&B&Hip Hop DJ Tracey Lee

SOUL FOODSUNDAYS 4-7pm&Karaoke 8-1am








the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty where R&B singer Bilal belted out hit after hit for his fans, along with local artists from the Pittsburgh area. You know Brotha Ash has a REAL

CONNECTION to the community. Send all of your party and event information to and I’ll see you next weekOUT AND ABOUT! 1.) The lovely Dana hangin’ out with R&B singer Chrisette Michelle at Soldiers and

SailorsMemorial Hall inOakland. 2.) R&B singer BrianMcKnight singing his hits at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial Hall

inOakland. 3.) The one and only Thomas Rose, of T. Rose Enterprises, chillin’ with R&B singer

ChrisetteMichelle at the after party held at the Holiday Inn at Fosters inOakland. 4.) Everyone came out to showtheir support at 720Records in Lawrenceville at the fash-

ion show. 5.) Mike and Diondre’ representin’ at the Bilal concert held outside of the Shadow

Lounge in East Liberty. 6.)Mark and Butch chillin’ at CJ’s in the Strip District. 7.) Gene Stovall and the gang hangin’ out at the concert held outside of the Shadow

Lounge in East Liberty. 8.) The one and only Anji Corley, of Clear Channel, did the hosting duties for the Brian

McKnight concert held at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial Hall inOakland. 9.)R&B singer Bilal having a great time with babyTaide Strong and Justin Strong of the

Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. 10.) Claude McKnight of the gospel group Take Six, sang on stage with his brother

BrianMcKnight at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial Hall inOakland. 11.) Cardell Collins of RAW Entertainment along with R&B singer Bilal and Justin

Nwokeji of Savvy Lifestyle at the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. 12.) The ladies having a good time at Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District. 13.) Elisa and the crew at the BrianMcKnight concert at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial Hall inOakland.

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