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ENTERTAINER New Pittsburgh Courier AUGUST 10-16, 2011

There’s a new Spider-Man in town It looks like heʼs going to be from the other side of town

by Brian W. Carter For New Pittsburgh Courier

(NNPA)—In a bold move

by Marvel comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, another landmark event has oc- curred. Spider-Man is going to be Black! Before you jump too far in

either direction, let me ex- plain. First of all, the char- acter is actually of Black/Hispanic descent and named Miles Morales. Sec- ond, the character is set to take over themantle of Spi- der-Man in September fol- lowing the death of Peter Parker. And last, all of this is taking place in an alter- nate Marvel universe known as the Ultimate Universe. Originally under the title

of Ultimate Spider-Man, under the Ultimate Marvel imprint, the character was re-imagined by veteran artist Mark Bagley and Bendis in 2000. In mid- 2009, the Ultimate Marvel imprint changed into Ulti- mate Comics. Marvel will also be starting a new car- toon series, “Ultimate Spi- der-Man,”which is set to air on Disney XD sometime in 2012. Spider-Man has remained

one of the most beloved comics’ characters of all–time spanning numer- ous cartoons, live-action television shows and movies. Ultimate Marvel’s Spider-Man has also gar- nered a large followingwith a more modern and younger take on the charac-

as the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. The reveal has had a huge mixed bag of reactions, most unfortunately aren’t too happy about Spidey’s new tan. Many fans and online posters have been blazing comic book mes- sage boards calling “foul” on the reveal. Many of the complaints are no more than racist remarks under the veil of fans calling the new character a politically correct ploy. A similar reaction arose

last year with news a new Spider-Man movie fran- chisewould be taking place. Sony’s newfranchisewould

see a reboot from the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man to one closer to the Ultimate Mar- vel’s version. Online posters would

suggest a young African- American actor, Donald Glover, of the NBC TV se- ries Community, as a pos-

sible contender for the re- booted Spider-Man movie. Glover began to rally for

support once he found out. The notion made many

angry and discontent with the idea of Spider-Man being Black to say the least. Andrew Garfield was ultimately cast in the Sony reboot as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in “The Amazing Spider- Man,” due in theaters in July 3, 2012. It was this bid that

sparked the idea in Bendis’ mind when considering where to go next with Spi- der-Man in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. "He looked fantastic," Bendis said to USA Today when Glover appeared briefly in Spider-Man pajamas in an episode of “Commu- nity.” Bendis stated, “I would like to read that book.” Glover’s reaction has been one of a surprised na-

ture. He’s tweeted that the announcement is, “So fly,” and thanked Bendis for doing something “cool and interesting!” Marvel Editor-in-Chief

Axel Alonso stated to USA Today, "What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who's reflective of our culture and diversity. We think that readers will

fall in love with Miles Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker." It seems that regardless of

how people feel, Spider- Man is getting a little flavor this fall. It seems there are many fans, despite the pissed-off ones, who are willing to see if Miles Morales can accept that, "with great power there must also come—great re- sponsibility!" (From the Los Angeles Sen-


ter, which has drawn old and new fans. The shocking death of

Peter Parker/Spider-Man took place recently in Ulti- mate Comics: Spider-Man in the story, “Death of Spi- der-Man.” In April, Mar- vel released pictures of a new Spider-Man costume and let the cat-out-the- bag that it wouldn’t be

Peter Parker behind the mask. This week, Marvel teased and alluded to the revelation of the new Spi- der-Man in an issue of the current mini-series, Ulti- mate Fallout #4, released Aug. 3. The


would come Tuesday, Aug 2, as Marvel revealed the identity of Miles Morales


Basketball wife Roman sets the record straight

by Elzena Rankins For New Pittsburgh Courier

Basketball wife Tami

Roman sets the record straight onwho she really is. Despite what people may

think of the reality star by watching her character on VH1’s Basketball Wives, Tami claims that the real her, is open and honest and that she really does have a loving heart. “Contrary towhat onemay

believe, a lot of the things I do come froma good place, I have good intentions and I stand behind my friends and family. I’ll give the shirt offmy back, I’mvery candid and transparent; clearly you don’t get to see that on Bas- ketball Wives because peo- ple like the Tami that’s ar- guing with everyone but that’s not indicative towho I amas a whole,” she said. When asked how she feels

about being known as the main drama on the show, Tami laughed and said, “I probably am.” Tami said that it’s because she is prob- ably the one person on the showwho is going to say ex- actly how she feels about a situation. “If Iwasn’t on the show, I think you would just have a lot of people agreeing to disagree or tolerating each other. I do tend to say what’s on my mind, which people don’t like.” Tami shared that she

Saturday, August 13 Riverview Park, Observatory Hill Disney Presents: Oceans, Dusk

Sunday, August 14 Mellon Park, Shadyside Bach, Beethoven & Brunch, 10:30am

Sunday, August 14 Highland Park Reservoir of Jazz, 5pm

knows many people look at her as the bitch of the show. “That’s what people call me via Twitter and Facebook, saying you’re such a Bitch.” However,Tami said she fig-

ured she would use it as an acronym for her new book that she isworking on called the “B.I.T.C.H Chronicles.” “I wanted to make it some- thing that was really more relatable tome, saidTami on the title of her book. “So my writing partner and I turned it (B.I.T.C.H.) into, Believing In Total,CompleteHonesty.” With all the drama circling

around the Basketball Wives series, Tami breaks it down and shares what it’s


like to be on the showand to be a new girl entering the circle. When asked if she feels that being a new girl, you get hazedwhen entering the circle, Tami referred to herself; explaining that peo- ple had to get to know her but because she was very transparent. It did not take long for people to see who she was. “I think I skipped thehazing part because once they sawthe type of person I was, they knew that really wasn’t going to work,” laughed Tami. When asked if she talks or

hangs out with any of the girls outside the show, Tami said that she talks to every- one via text. “I talk to Royce themost. I talk to Suzie and Evelyn, and Jen, we kind of just check in on each other. And of course everyone talks to Shaunie. As far as hang- ing out I’m not a hang out type of person. The most we hang out is when we film.” Tami went on to explain

that she is really more of a homebody and prefers to

hang out with her family and boyfriend. When asked if any of the

girls can be trusted, Tami said, “It would be remising for me to state one thing over the other, only because the extent of our relation- ship is when we film. In terms of the show, I feel strongly that I can trust Shaunie, Royce and Jen. Evelyn, because we are up

and down all the time, I can’t really speak on her be- cause one moment we love each other and the next we hate each other.With Suzie, no one trusts her.” When asked if she would

leave any of the ladies around herman,Tami said, “My boyfriend is the type of dude that character,morals and your spiritual founda- tion is very important to him. So I think that I can leave every single person around him because he would not be attracted to any of them.” (Special to the NNPA from the Los Angeles Sentinel.)

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