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PEOPLE Alauna Michelle Carter,

age 5, daughter of Jay Lynn Carter, has been chosen as a state finalist in the National American Miss Pageant at the Hilton Harrisburg and Towers in Harrisburg, Pa. The National American Miss Pageants are held for girls ages 4-18, and have five dif- ferent age divisions. Alauna will be participat-

ing in the Princess (4-6 years) age division, along with other outstanding young ladies across Pennsyl- vania. Carter’s activities in- clude singing in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Youth Choir, cheerleading for Miller’s gym, and taking tap, ballet and acrobatics at Ken and Jean’s Dance Stu- dio. She also enjoys playing

outdoors, writing, watching movies, going to amusement parks, doing puzzles and reading books. Carter’s spon- sors include Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of North Versailles and the Crestas Terrace Community. The winner of the pageant

will receive a $1,000 cash award, the official crown and banner, a bouquet of roses and air transporta- tion to compete in the Na- tional Pageant in Califor- nia, where she will receive an exciting complimentary tour of Hollywood and two VIP tickets to Disneyland. The National American

Miss Pageants are dedi- cated to celebrating Amer- ica’s future leaders and equipping them with life- long skills. Each year the pageant nationally awards $1.5 million in cash, schol- arships and other prizes, which include a Ford Mus- tang Convertible. Families interested in learning more about this unique and out- standing youth program may visit The National American


Gregory speaks at women’s event to stop the violence

The Pittsburgh chapter of

the National Congress of Black Women recently sponsored an event featur- ing comedian and activist Dick Gregory at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The event was to bring about awareness in an effort to stop the Black on Black vio- lence throughout the Black community. E. Faye Williams is the national chair of the organization, while Gina M. Noel-Brown is heading an effort to start a local branch. “The Pittsburgh chapter

of the National Congress of BlackWomen Inc. is in for- mation,”Brown said in a re- lease. “The ‘Celebrating Truth’ tour was a 10-city tour of selected chapters in the country and Pittsburgh was chosen to help intro- duce us to, educate and re- cruit local women. As the

Pittsburgh chapter forms and assigns its founding members, we will have a specific vision that meets the needs of our city. I am passionate about reducing the violence in our commu- nities and the destruction of our young men. As you know, the large number of incarcerations and D&A issues have left our chil- dren to fend for themselves and they are growing up too fast, losing their inno- cence. We want to provide effective solutions to these issues, looking to fill the gaps in the social programs and the other nonprofit ef- forts. We want to collabo- rate with the city leaders so that we can be a stronger bond to hold our communi- ties together.” For more in- formation, go to gnoel- or or call 412-277-2526.

Miss Pageants are unlike any other. All activities and competitions are kept age appropriate. Girls under the

age of 12 are not allowed to wear makeup and there is no swimsuit competition. The pageant program is based on inner-beauty, as well as poise and presentation, and offers

an “All-American spirit of fun for family and friends.” Emphasis is put on the im- portance of developing self- confidence, learning good sportsmanship, as well as

AUGUST 10-16, 2011 B3 Local girl finalist in National American Miss Pageant

setting and achieving per- sonal goals. The pageant rec- ognizes the accomplish- ments of each girl while en- couraging her to set goals for her future.

PITT PROMOTESWALKER—DebraWalker, second from right, was installed July 13 as president of the University of Pittsburgh Staff Association Council. With her is, from left: Ronald Frisch, Pitt associate vice chancellor, Human Resources; Rev. Linda Oliver, Mt. Ararat Baptist Church; and Paul Supowitz, Pitt vice chancellor, governmental relations.

GINA M. NOEL-BROWN (Photos by J.L. Martello)



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