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Hudson - Litchfield News August 5, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Debt Crisis Te debit crisis in Washington is deepening. On or

about August 2 we, the people, of this land will know if the credit card has been shredded or not. Since it will be illegal for the President to refuse to pay the interest on the debit, and illegal for the President not to issue Social Security Checks and since the cash flow is sufficient at current levels to pay for defense and basic social programs it then becomes a question of leadership and management as to whether or not the nation defaults on the several trillion dollars of loans received in just the past two years. It is not time to play the blame game; there is blame enough to go around. It is time for leadership. Decisive action and a plan to get out of this mess are needed. America deserves better than the demagoguery of Washington, they deserve a plan of action and follow through on that plan. Perhaps the most eloquent quote I have read on the subject comes from a floor speech on what was then just a routine debit limit rise vote: “Te fact that we are here today to debate raising

America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, “the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006.

Jordan Ulery – Hudson

Slow Replies From Hudson Building/Code enforcement Department

After I looked over the July 29 Tumbs Offerings, I felt that if I did not respond to a Tumbs Down “about complaints about town workers” the readers of Hudson~Litchfield News would think that the author of that offering was speaking from their first hand knowledge, that department heads will get responses to any Hudson resident’s inquiries, was a fact. But I have been involved in an ongoing effort to get a

response to an inquiry about a property at 192 Central Street, that began on June 13, with the Building/Codes Enforcement Department, when I was told that someone would call me back about my inquiry. Ten after no response and my follow-up complaint to the Attorney General’s Office and their response to me on July 13, with a written copy to Town Administrator Steve Malizia, I still have no response from any town official/employee. Since my June 13 visit to and inquiry at the Building/

Codes Enforcement Office, it is now seven weeks and no response from the Town of Hudson, even with the intervention of Ann Rice in the Attorney General’s Office. Prior to this particular inquiry about the 192

property, I made another inquiry around the fall of 2007, that took about seven months to get the Town Building/Code Enforcement to take action around the spring of 2008; that was a minimal response at best. As I’ve read in other letters and some Tumbs offerings over the years, there seems to be regular Hudson resident and business concerns with the Building/Code Enforcement Department, yet it doesn’t seem as if the Chairmen and the Board of Selectmen ever have any interest in making that Service Department truly responsive to all Hudson residents and businesses. Why is that? Does the Building Codes/ Enforcement Department and Board of Selectmen play favorites? Do they perform special favors for special friends? Or don’t they care at all about the performance of the Building Code/Enforcement Department or the appearance that special arrangements exist between that department and certain Hudson residents and businesses? Since the Chairman and the

Board of Selectmen seem to have no real interest in the performance of all Town of Hudson Departments and employees, maybe the Town of Hudson needs an Ombudsman or Special Investigator to oversee the performance of all Departments and Employees.

I will conclude this letter with

that although it pertains specifically to the poor performance of the Building/Code Enforcement Department, with regard to the 192 Central Street property, another unrelated inquiry with Police Department, more than a year and half ago, was never responded to either; even after I specifically requested to be kept informed about the matter that I inquired about then. In general terms and from my own experiences and Hudson~Litchfield News reports, I haven’t seen a high level of performance by particular Hudson Public Servants that really gives me the impression they have any real interest in providing complete and timely services, due to all Hudson residents and businesses; and that they are really earning their pay for the performance required of them.

Jerry Gutekunst - Hudson

Wear a Seatbelt, Get a Sandwich Caution! Don’t wear seat belts in Hudson!

According to a headline in Tuesday’s Union Leader, “Wear seatbelt in Hudson, get shot at a free chicken sandwich.” Ouch! Te article was supposed to be in support of the Hudson Police Department’s drive to randomly distribute free chicken sandwich vouchers to drivers spotted wearing seat belts and to children wearing bicycle helmets. It’s always good when you can start the day with a

laugh! (And please do wear your seat belt.) Diane Jerry – Litchfield

You Must be Kidding I read with interest in another newspaper the

salary bumps for local employees and had the biggest problem with the comment on Mr. Pearson not getting an increase. If there is one thing I despise its when a politician thinks I am so stupid I will believe anything. Te reality is Mr. Pearson was hired as a salary

employee at $91,611/ year. When it came to light the arrangement violated the rules of retirement in the state and in order for Mr. Pearson to be able to collect a full pension and work for Hudson he would need to reduce his hours. Now in the business world we pay a salary because

we believe an hourly rate can lead to expenditures not budgeted. In other words a person expected to work more than 40 hours a week is better on salary so that the budget for the year is known for that job. An hourly employee may work some overtime but it wouldn’t be expected every week. Lets face it the salary is negotiated by both sides knowing this. So if I take $91,611 and divide it by 52 weeks the

paycheck is $1,761.75/week. Lets assume that would be for an average of 50 hours a week. Tat would equate to $35.23 /hr. Not bad especially in today’s economy. Now let’s look at the current situation where Mr.

Pearson must comply with the rules of the retirement system in order to collect retirement pay and pay from the Town of Hudson. His new salary is $82,851 and it come with the

restriction he cannot work more than 32 hours a week and he cannot work more than 208 days a year. For 32 hours a week Mr. Pearson now is paid only $1,593.28 /week. His new hourly rate is $49.79. In my book he received a $14.56 raise per hour and he no longer has to worry about reporting to disasters or situations since he cannot work beyond 32 hours a week. Not a bad deal. I want to know which union

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official he used to cut the deal. If my math teachers in school were correct Mr. Pearson received a 40 percent raise simply for complying with the laws concerning the states retirement system.

I want to thank the board of selectmen for never discussing a raise beyond the 40 percent already given to Mr. Pearson. I would have been deeply disappointed in the entire board had they done so. We are, after all, in a deep recession where most people are under employed and working as many jobs as possible to put bread on the table. Tis is certainly the result of

voter apathy. I hope folks see what happens when you don’t get involved.

Robert E. Clegg, Jr. – Hudson 603-552-3486

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