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the lives of one or more members of the campus community.)

15. Assault or attempt to assault any individuals on college owned or controlled property or at college sponsored or supervised functions.

16. Violate the campus alcohol policy.

17. Cause deliberate or unjustified damage to property of the college or to property of members of the campus community or campus visitors.

18. Provide or fabricate false information or associations on their resumes or on any applications.

Note: This list is not all inclusive nor has it been designed to be.

Student Expression Students, individually and collectively, are free to examine, discuss and express opinions and views using appropriate channels for expression and respecting the maintenance of order. They are free to support causes by orderly means that do not disrupt the operation of the college. At the same time, it should be made clear to the academic and larger community that in their public expressions or demonstrations, individuals speak only for themselves.

Violence and Unacceptable Behavior Policy

A basic tenet of our society is that all citizens have the right to security in both person and property. Our laws prohibit the physical abuse of persons, and the illegal appropriation and destruction of property. The effect of these laws is to provide a setting in which individuals can realize their potential as social,

political, economic, and creative beings. Doane is a place of excitement and learning, where students of all ages, races, creeds, orientations, and ethnic origins have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge toward goals that will make them effective citizens and promote their individual and group well-being. The college expects that all members of the college community share these goals. Those students who do not share these goals, who flagrantly and consistently disrupt the educational process, and who physically abuse or harass other persons will not be tolerated. Such individuals may be dismissed by the campus judiciary process and may be subject to arrest.

Similarly, students who do not respect the property of others or who willfully damage the campus or personal property of others, thereby degrading the quality of student life and increasing the cost of education, will be held liable for such damages and may be dismissed from the institution, as well as be subject to criminal liability.

Moreover, students who diminish the dignity of other members of the community through sexual harassment, hate speech, or other means of disparagement, which are unlawful and inconsistent with the college's aspiration to produce citizens respectful and tolerant of the diversity of people, may be disciplined or dismissed from the college.

Student Conduct Students may be referred to the dean for evaluation when questions are raised about their academic, professional, or personal performance. These include students’ demonstrated knowledge, interpersonal skills, personal and professional attitudes, and professional character. Students may come to the attention of the dean through advisors and/or faculty


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