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through the door

On another evening whilst enjoying the last hours of evening sunshine on my balcony, the breeze, unusually coming from Mill Road towards the town, wafted this delightful fragrance of the Lime trees into the air around us. It was so pleasurable to breathe in the natural air freshener of the trees and reminded me that there is no better place than Arundel to enjoy a summer’s evening.

I experienced another wonderful treat, this time for the nose, whilst wandering down Mill Road on a dog walk to the bridge and back. The weather had been glorious and the heat and humidity must have worked some magic on the parade of Lime trees, which were giving off a wonderful, heady, fiercely fragrant aroma which would be priceless if one could bottle it. It was rather like following an elegant lady whose perfume leaves a scented trail for those behind to enjoy.

Lewis & Newman

From your photographs, beautiful hand drawn or painted portraits. A wonderful gift or timeless keepsake of the ones you love.

Prices range from £15o - £500 Quick sketches from as little as £20

Please call for friendly consultation Jacqueline 07734 079939 or Mark 01903 740711

Looking forward to the rest of the Summer in Arundel, people are planning their activities around the forthcoming Arundel Festival, which every year offers a varied selection of arts, food and drink, theatrical and musical performances, - basically a little bit of something for everyone. You can check online for more information but be sure not to miss out. Of particular interest is the Arundel Art Trail (The Gallery Trail) when artists exhibit their work to view and sell, in the homes of local residents and shops. The photo of the painting which is reminiscent of the wild flowers planted on the East Arundel Roundabout mentioned earlier in this article, is by kind per- mission of the artist, Emma Rimer. Her work can be seen and purchased on the Gallery Trail at Venue no: 16 which is at 3 Carlton Terrace, Tarrant Street.

So, now to the sounds of Arundel in summer (usually NOT so pleasant or relaxing!) The very first weekend in July was exceptionally noisy with what appeared to be a Black Tie “rave” party behind the Castle Walls. The boom boom boom of the base, resonated over the river to where I was trying to sleep and the incredibly bright illuminations from behind the old Castle Keep shone out like high carbon emission stadium lighting. Yes - it was pretty disruptive between the hours of 2am and 5.30am! It is very strange that residents closer to the Castle apparently did not hear the incredibly loud music which the likes of us further away did. The sound waves must have been bouncing off the river or something, It was the same night that Peter Andre was performing at Fontwell, but his concert finished before midnight - a much more reasonable time.


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