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Volume 1 By Melanie Gozlan

It’s that time already! Sum- mer flashed by for most of us. Beach days, movie nights in the park, staying up late, sleeping in, all leave us with great memo- ries of a short, but yet another fun summer. It’s time for school clothes shopping fun for the kids, teachers getting all the supplies ready for their new class of students, and Mom & Dad at- tending all the fun academic days filled with paperwork and getting things back in order. Everyone has their part in this chaotic start of the new school year. Students remem- ber not to tolerate bullying and definitely DON’T BE A BULLY! If you are being bul- lied please talk to one of your peers immediately. Go to a teacher, parent, or school counselor. Also, if you see someone being bullied do the


These Are The Worst Economic Times I Have Ever Seen—Really?

John, are you getting pessimis- tic? No, I just wanted to catch your attention. You have to be ambivalent when it comes to predicting the direction of the economy or the markets ...

same for them. Bullying is not tolerated! School is supposed to be an educational and fun environment on an exciting

Issue # 4 Welcome Back To School 2011-12!

room Mom (or Dad). Or even help chaperone events and activities. Don’t forget to join the PTA! Most importantly, praise your chil- dren often, ac- knowledge their efforts regard- August, 2011

for volunteers in the class- room. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help with additional supplies that you may need. Make sure to thank them by sending a small note home with their child to show ap- preciation and encourage their involvement. Keep com- munication open with the parents and students so that everyone may work to- gether for a successful year ahead. Let’s make this a great, fun filled, exciting school year for everyone!

Tips on having a stress free morning routine continue to page 6.

road to knowledge and em- powerment of your future. Be as involved in school as you can. Join clubs, play sports, enjoy the arts, and make many new friends. Parents remember to keep communi- cation open with your chil- dren and their teachers. Be involved in any way that you can. Help the teachers if they are in need of supplies or classroom participation. Be a

less of the results, and when talking to them kneel, squat, or stand (for the mother’s of the teen- age boys that tower over her), and make eye contact when talking to them. Children at all ages seek the approval of their parents, be that parent. Teachers remember to keep the classroom as a fun envi- ronment to learn in. Parents are a useful tool for you! Ask


Fall Bridal Fair 2011 Stuart Cellars Winery

Hundreds of dresses & Veils to choose from and the latest wed- ding designs & bridal essentials.

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People Helping People -Right Here, Right Now

Years of economic turmoil con- tinue to touch the lives of people throughout the world. Fortu- nately for Menifee residents, two local non-profit agencies...

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“PLANKING” hits Menifee

First thing this morning “Cynthia, come here… you GOTTA see this!” And the new fad of “Planking” is introduced to me, as I am shown pictures of some of the local business own- ers Planking after the Cham- ber’s new member reception last night. …

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Reggae Legend Barrington Levy to perform in Fallbrook at Soul Roll Expo Aug 6

Local News Health Wine Country Kettlebells!

Reggae legend Barrington Levy is flying from Jamaica to play the Soul Roll Expo in Fallbrook with six other live bands on Sat- urday, August 6th. Two bands from Temecula will be fea-

tured... .

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A “kettlebell” is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannon- ball with a handle. “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics”...

A visit to Good Shepherd Lutheran School and Child Development Center

Sometimes I drive by stores and businesses and never really “acknowledge” them if I don’t think I would need what they have to offer. Since writing for the Buzz however, it’s not all about me anymore. It’s about what my readers may need to know.

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Sip Into Sunset At Stuart Cellars Winery

Temecula Valley winery celebrates summer with dinner, entertainment and wine.

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