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Tech Ventures outreach efforts span U.S., globe

Tech Ventures has broad outreach efforts (red) and

visitors from far and wide (blue).

Technology Venture Development may be located in Salt Lake City, but its reach extends well beyond Mario Capecchi Drive. During 2010-11, Tech Ventures staff traveled around the country and world (outreach visits marked in red above), and even more people visited Tech Ventures, the Technol- ogy Commercialization Office and the Lassonde Entrepre- neur Center (visitors’ home states and countries marked in blue above). Tech Ventures staff had many reasons to

travel, including guest lectures, regional planning, profes- sional learning and technology licensing negotiations. But the dozens of visitors Tech Ventures hosted in the last year mostly wanted to know the answer to one question: What is the Utah model for technology commercialization? It’s not the sort of question that can be answered in a brief email, so groups from as far away as China, Hungary and Australia made the trek to see for themselves.

New outreach programs launched during 2010-11

Outreach is a core mission at Technology Venture Development, and to support that mission, we are regularly launching new outreach programs. Two of the newest are the Energy Commercialization Center (ECC) and FIRST LEGO League. Both inspire inno-

vation across geography and age.

ENERGY COMMERCIALIZATION CENTER The ECC was formed in fall 2010 after receiving a $1.05 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The ECC’s mission is

to coordinate with academic and corporate partners across the region to promote, develop and commercialize clean energy technologies. The program has already gained momentum, building partners and receiving recognition from organizations such as the Global New Energy Summit. Learn more at

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE FIRST LEGO League is a global program for middle-school students who want to learn about technology and innovation by

building LEGO ro- bots and

tacking an innovation-

related project. Tech Ventures and

the University of Utah stepped up to be the Utah partner for this

popular program, and the first season was a success – more than 3,000 attended the championship event at the U in January 2011. Learn more at


League Championship is one of our newest outreach programs.

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