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Students gather at The Pointe for the inaugural

New student programs — registration now open!

Students have a growing numbers of ways to get involved with innovation, technology and entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Here’s what’s new:

BENCH TO BEDSIDE (B2B) B2B is a new medical device competition for medical, engineering and business students, who form teams in the fall and spend a small amount of money to create a prototype of their device. The season culminates in a high- stakes award ceremony in the spring. During the 2010-11 school year, the top teams won $70,000 to develop their concepts. Learn more at

INNOVATION SCHOLAR The Innovation Scholar program launched in spring 2011 and will welcome its first group of students in fall 2011. The program is for undergraduates who want an extraordinary experience investigating big questions and problems in the world. Students who enroll in the program create a personal road map that allows them to match their passion with

As an MBA student, I participated as the director of events for the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. This proved to be one of the most valuable experi- ences of my graduate education. The Utah Entrepreneur Challenge introduced


me to the business community and allowed me to make valuable relationships. It was an exceptional op- portunity to give back to the school and community. I gained skills, exposure and management experi- ence applicable to the real world. Most importantly, I saw the reality of individuals innovating change and improving the world.” — Dave Andreasen, MBA

a purpose. At graduation, successful students receive special recognition for their achieve- ment. Learn more at


STUDENTS (STAC) The Startup Center for Students (StaC) pro- vides assistance to student innovators who want to develop their ideas and need help with areas including intellectual property protection, funding, business formation and licensing. StaC is embedded within the Technology Commercialization Office at the University of Utah, so it is ideally positioned to help students navigate this challenging, yet rewarding, terrain. Learn more at


DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIPS Technology Venture Development launched an internship program for undergraduates during the 2010-11 school year. Students ap- ply for the program in the summer, and dur-

techTITANS as the stu- dent chair. It is the best way for young, ambitious students to turn their ideas into more than just


ideas. It creates the drive to do more and be excellent. It lets you be an ideal- ist. It lets you try to solve the world’s problems. I was able to see so many great ideas, meet so many brilliant stu- dents, rub shoulders with distinguished professionals and build my toolbox.” — Ben France, MBA

Bench to Bedside competition.

ing the academic year, they work on a wide variety of projects related to innovation and technology commercialization. The goal of the internship is to provide undergraduates with an engaging experience that will inform their educational and career goals. Contact Technology Venture Development for details.

BIOINNOVATE BioInnovate is a program for graduate students provided by the Department of Bioengineering. Students gain a compre- hensive understanding of biomedical-device design through a multidisciplinary, hands-on approach to learning. The program is open to students from diverse departments, includ- ing engineering, medicine, business and law. Key topics include clinical problem identifica- tion, medical device innovation, commercial translation and Food and Drug Administra- tion regulations. Learn more at

I participated in


The Lassonde New Ven-

ture Development program is truly the most exciting experi- ence of my graduate studies. As associates for the program, we prepared business plans for the best inventions at the U. Being a Ph.D. student I understood the science part very well. However, here I learned to give a meaning to these technologies that is useful for everyone.” — Vimal Swarup, Bioengineering, PhD



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