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LUTON NORTH ROTARY CLUB, 1970 - 2010 Forward

It was in May 1969 that an interest meeting was held in Luton with a view to forming a new Rotary Club. By Sep-

tember sufficient members had joined and arrangements were put in place for the Inaugural Meeting of the Rotary Club of Luton North, which took place at the Halfway House Dunstable on Wednesday 15 October 1969. The now defunct Saturday Telegraph of the week headlined ‘Rotarians give birth to a baby club for Luton’. Forty years on the Rotary Club of Luton North is thriving and this booklet highlights achievements on a year to year basis and builds on early publications about the Club’s history, viz ‘The First Five Years, 1970-1975’; ‘The First Ten Years, 1970-1980; Rotary Club of Luton North 1970- 1990; Rotary Club of Luton North 1990-1995; Rotary Club of Luton North 1970-2000.

A common feature, and indeed a highlight, through the years is the link with the Rotary Clubs of Wolfsburg and Metz Rive Gauche and the importance of this is seen from the number of times the Clubs are mentioned in this booklet.

Current Members

We are fortunate that there are still six founder members still actively involved in Club life, and these are noted below * David Allison

John Ashton

John Childs Don Cousin

Viv Dunington Alastair Hay

Naresh Kulisra Gerald Peacock Sid Rutstein Ranjit Singh Keith White*

Richard Combes Richard Daniells Geoffrey Farr*+ Bill Henderson Tony Lenton Syed Rahman Sandy Sandher Haydn Sinfield

Chris Buckingham* John Cook Paul Davies

David French*

Michael Henman* Michael Liddle Leslie Robertson Bob Shah

John Vincent + Past District Governor

John Buttle Alan Corkhill Paul Denton+ Richard Giles

David Johnston* Roger Munday Lawrie Russell Ron Silvester

Peter Wakefield

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