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Healthy Flow Lymph Drainage Therapy:

A Powerful, Yet Gentle Technique The lymph system remains a mystery to many people. It’s comprised of lymph fluid, vessels and nodes and is a one- way system that works in tandem with our body’s circula- tory system and muscle activity. The lymph system captures and carries away cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins while, at the same time, delivers immune cells via the blood stream. Read more on page 17.

New & Healthy Products

Passion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins & Minerals Finally, a liquid vitamin product that makes sense! We all want to be healthy and live a long and prosperous life. Passion 4 Life is a unique, revolutionary and deli- cious-tasting liquid vitamin and mineral product whose story is as compelling as the product itself. Read more on page 23.

Nutrition Where Does Your Fish Oil Come From?

According to surveys in the U.S., nearly a third of those people inter- viewed said they intend to eat less seafood, regardless of where it came from. People are becoming more cautious about seafood and fish prod- ucts. This is a HUGE statement coming in the wake of sev- eral environmental disasters in the northern hemi- sphere, not to mention all of the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive and industrial pollution we are dumping into our lakes, rivers and oceans from toxic run-off, oil spills dispersed by chemical agents, nu- clear discharges...need I go on? Read more on page 20.

Better Sleep

A Sleep Supplement Like No Other If you’re interested in an article on sleep and insomnia remedies, we probably don’t need to talk about the importance of restful sleep. Your daily experience tells you. Poor sleep habits inhibit the immune system, promote obesity and cause you to drag yourself through the day, drained of energy, depressed and unpro- ductive. Lack of sleep may be the most significant health concern in modern times. Read more on page 7.

JULY/AUG 2011 • VOL 19 Core Sense By Frank Forencich

If you’ve come within a thousand miles of the fitness in- dustry in recent years, you’ve surely been exposed to the latest round of core training mania. Everyone’s doing it, or some version of it. Everyone is either on a program, considering a program or promoting a program.

Professional trainers and coaches are doing great work in this area, but sadly, even the most refined and well-considered work in core training has been eclipsed by “pop core,” the magazine-cover version of core training that gets the lion’s share of the public’s attention. According to this version, core training is either a) a breakthrough new way to lose weight and gain a hot bod, b) an im- mense mystery that requires an advanced degree in biomechanics to under- stand or c) something that is done on a physioball.

This has led to immense confusion in the mind of the average exerciser. Begin- ners are likely to find the entire field problematic or even incomprehensible. They may get the impression that there are certain “magic moves” that will give them the results they desire in almost no time. They eventually come to the conclusion that core training is something that they must do, but they’re not really sure how or even why.

Human and Animal Evo Given this state of confusion, it’s vital that we take a step back and ask some fundamental questions about the assumptions behind core training. Is it truly necessary? And if it’s really necessary, how do we do it? And even more impor- tantly, how do we communicate the fundamentals to our clients, athletes and one another?

We take core training for granted, but when we look at the bigger biological picture, our assumptions begin to look questionable. Think about other non- human animals for a moment and you’ll see what I mean.

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Parasite & Candida can cause you these problems...

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