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Producer Joe’s “Every week it’s different. You can

come and see something you have never seen before.” By Audria Larsen

HOT SPOT: Jefferson and Fulton

do and eat, steps away from Grand Rapids Community College and downtown office towers. Dog Story Theatre (7 Jefferson Ave.) is


Daniel Falicki in the Holland Street Performer Series PHOTO COURTESY OF DOWNTOWN HOLLAND

HOT FREE EVENT: Holland Street Performer Series


tilt walkers, fire eaters, jugglers, hula hoopers and acrobats, combined with a bevy of musicians and danc-

ers, all pull stunts and play melodies each Thursday at The Holland Street Performer Series, an annual event that spans June through August and has been rapidly expanding in popularity, not only with at- tendees but also with performers. While the evening event is outdoors

and free to the public, the street perform- ers — or buskers — perform for tips and rely on the generosity of the crowd for their payment. Additionally, each week there is a different featured performer, sponsored by Gentex Corporation, who strolls the grounds providing a roving performance. Performers are local to Holland or hail

from Michigan cities like Grand Rapids, Rockford and Coopersville. Some even come from flung places like North Carolina. Hanna Schulze, event coordinator for

Downtown Holland, laid out the numbers that echo the weekly experience of bustling 8th Street, the main drag where the hubbub can be found. “Last year we had about 70 applicants,

this year we had over 90 applicants,” Schulze said. “At the beginning we only had about 12 locations with about 12 perform- ers. Now there are about 29 locations along 8th Street.

Fulton) is an experimental art space that focuses on craftsmanship and concept without worrying about selling the artwork. Bangkok Taste Cuisine (15 Jefferson Ave.) offers authentic Thai cuisine that looks as good as it tastes. Don’t miss the beef Pho. Bartertown Diner (6 Jefferson) is full of foodie spunk and edgy style. The employee- owned restaurant offers an eclectic menu of raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes that beg to be explored. The Hot Corner is an- chored by The Edge Salon (4 Jefferson), a full-service salon that offers impeccable cuts, ravishing color, and body pampering services and Kicks Dancewear (2 Jefferson Ave.), which has supported the youth and professional dance communities for 14 years. Go and explore the best new shop- ping district in town. By Steven de Polo

an all-volunteer blackbox theater that hosts everything from comedy shows to produc- tions by the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company. The One Stop Coney Shop (154 Fulton St. E) has built a loyal clientele with tasty grilled Coney dogs and Belgian-style fries. So delicious. The Grand Rapids Zen Center and Formless Yoga Studio share their space (156 Fulton). You will find drop- in meditations, introductions to Buddhism and yoga classes. Greenlion Gallery (150

rand Rapids has a new hot corner. The intersection of Fulton Street and Jefferson Avenue has fun things to


1. Take Her to a Restaurant Take her to a hole-in-the-wall. This way, if she sticks with you till the end of the night and even goes that extra step, you know she’s a desperate loser. Time to end all contact and find someone who’s not below you.

2. Be the Bad Guy Movies over the years have made us believe that women will eventually do the right thing and pick the good guy in the end. This has never and will never be the case. Though the attitude may be hard to fake, the wardrobe can easily be put together. Tell your stylist to find a prison jumpsuit and an eye patch. She’ll assume you lost your eye to the wrong end of a shank over a bowl of prison goulash.

3. Listen to Her Girls are really turned off by a guy that doesn’t listen. If you lose track of the conversation and it seems like she’s waiting for a response, tell her she’s beautiful. This will make everything better.

4. Be Unique Surprise her by taking her to an R/C car race or a gravel pit. Make sure you drive so there is no escape. She’ll ap- preciate the effort when you’re married.

5. Let Her Know You’re Looking

for a Relationship Maybe your date is rounding 25 and is getting desperate before her looks go

next year. Be the good guy. Show her you’re the type of guy that can commit. Tell her you want her to have your kids, then buy a puppy.


1. Don’t be Afraid to Show Your Feelings As soon as the server takes your order say, “I love you.” Repeat that until he says it back. Now that you got that out of the way, you won’t feel dirty after you put out.

2. Find a Common Interest I suggest asking him if he’s seen The Notebook. This is a surefire to spark conversation because every man has seen, and loves, The Notebook. This is a guarantee of no awkward silences.

3. Offer to Pay Always offer to pay. It’s a very lesbian thing to do. He will stick around based solely on his perverted thoughts of your girlfriend joining you two in bed.

4. Tell Him He’s Great Men are stupid and will believe ev- erything you tell them. If you tell him his dead tooth is “Super boss!” he’s all yours. Pile on a few dozen more compliments then ask him for all of his money.

5. Read Cosmo Their dating tips are just as bad as these, but there’s way more of them. —Joe Gasmann




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