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The navigation was pretty easy again due to both the clear weather and more teams in close proximity to help to spot the controls but there was more route choice. C11 clearly had different views to us on the fastest way between the first few controls. We were overtaken by C11 on route to the second checkpoint (maybe the rocks had not been a joke?) but they made an error trying to locate the correct little lochan on fourth control which we managed to hit spot on, thanks to Richard’s navigation, and sneaked back in the lead. The route to the last few controls involved a big, steep climb where we managed to drop off most of the teams who had suddenly appeared behind us after we had found (or led them to) the correct lochan. We had a nice view down to the valley and the finish but were urged to speed down the hill, rather than admire the views and enjoy some jelly babies, by another team we had been running with for the last 15 minutes. As they said ‘this was a race not a sightseeing trip’ and there

was no time for stopping so close to the finish with C11 breathing down our necks. The last few kilometres of moorland were followed by a forest track and a sprint to the finish. Afterwards it was nice to lay down and enjoy the sunshine with a cup of tea and a well-earned meal while watching other teams finish with nearly everyone smiling when they crossed the line. The LAMM has many selling points – the organisation runs very smoothly, the courses test both your physical strength and your navigation and it often takes you to not so well known parts of Scotland – but the main draw for me is the camaraderie on the campsites and hills between competitors.

A good event to add to your race calendar but don’t expect to come home with clean shoes and full of energy!

n Outi and Richard finished 8th overall in C-class in 9:50:22. Outi spotted Nicky Jaquiery and Joyce Marshall at the campsite who finished 54th in B class.

Midcamp, first thing Sunday morning. ILKLEY HARRIERS NEWSLETTER • JULY–SEPTEMBER 2011 21


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