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Hudson - Litchfield News July 15, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

It’s About Process Last week in about 10 minutes, the School Board

voted to spend one hundred and 50 thousand of the taxpayers’ dollars to completely replace the track at Campbell High School. Those tax dollars were the tax dollars we scrimped and saved from last year’s budget and brought forward to this year so that the effect of the lost State funding would have less of an impact on services. Now that the state may make up a portion of those cuts, the School Board has decided not to return to the taxpayers those monies that would have reduced your taxes; instead, to spend the money on completely removing and replacing the running track. Some have made the argument that the track

wasn’t maintained properly and that was the fault of the Budget Committee for removing the funding for those warranty-related costs. Unfortunately, the very same folks making that argument, just as in taking your money this year, could have funded it within the budget each and every year it was required. The track, while needing repairs, it is still a safe running surface, as has been verified by experts. It is why it is now open. It remains one of the better tracks in the State. Now, a little about the process. All spending of the taxpayers’ money at the end of the fiscal year has to be encumbered by June 30. At June 29’s School Board meeting, Mr. Miller brought forth the request to spend the $150,000 that evening. No prior discussion of the idea was ever brought forth by the administration. Once again, 11th-hour taking of tax dollars to fund a capital purchase that should have been brought to the voter for approval. Even if it was not brought at election time, the very minimum should have been to have public discussion scheduled and the public have an opportunity to have a hearing. Instead, we have folks that believe they are entitled to take taxpayer money and purchase capital equipment as they see fit all within the guise of a voter-approved operating budget. This has been called “maintenance” on the track. If this is maintenance, then building a new elementary school would also be considered maintenance, wouldn’t it? In my humble opinion, unless there was a catastrophic failure in one of our school’s facility systems, all capital purchases should be budgeted and presented to the voter for approval. We have an emergency maintenance reserve fund to help offset any major equipment breakdowns. This should have passed through the voters to weigh in on by at least having a public hearing. We have been struggling with how to pay for paraprofessionals and laying off teachers, and here we are spending $150,000 because it will be nice to replace the track because we “have” the money to do it. Can you afford to continue to let this happen?

Jason Guerrette - Litchfield

Celebrating the Arts in the Community!

The Hudson Litchfield Rotary Club is pleased to announce that an Arts Exhibit will be held in conjunction with the Annual Pancake Breakfast August 13 and 14 at Alvirne High School. This celebration is a part of Hudson Old Home

Days and is an opportunity for students in grades K- 12 as well as adults to show their work. The Rotary Club is seeking applications from the community to display their work. A Popular Vote Ribbon will be awarded in the student category as well as the professional and non-professional adult categories. Professional and non-professional artists may submit up to three works and sales will be conducted by the Rotary, with a 15-percent commission awarded to the Rotary Club for student scholarships at Alvirne and Campbell High Schools. The Pancake Breakfast has been held for more than 27 years to support students in the community. The Breakfast is served from 8-11:30 a.m. on both days. The cost is $5 per adult and children five and under are free. It is a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends and enjoy the talents of our residents. For an application or further information, please contact Karen Dudley, chair, at or Elaine Cutler at 578-3570, ext. 3333.

Elaine Cutler, Hudson Litchfield Rotary Club - Litchfield

Home Fire Sprinklers

When most of us think of home fire safety, smoke alarms or fire drills likely come to mind. But what about home fire sprinklers? Many Hudson residents may not even realize that fire sprinklers are available as a safety option for their homes. Perhaps others think they’re too difficult or expensive to install.

In truth, home fire sprinklers represent the next generation of home fire safety. Federal agencies and national safety organizations, such as the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), recommend sprinklers as the most effective means to substantially reduce the home fire problem. Home fire sprinkler systems help

the entire community and protect the homes where they are installed for generations to come. Sprinklers can contain and may even extinguish a fire in less time than it would take the fire department to arrive on the scene. If you have a fire in your home, the risk of dying is cut by

about 80 percent with automatic sprinkler systems. They also better serve the environment, using only a small fraction of the water used by fire department hoses, and limit the pollutants released into the air. A new study by the Fire Protection Research

Foundation found that the cost of installing home fire sprinklers averages $1.61 per sprinklered square foot, which reflects a significant reduction over the past several years. Nationally, conservative estimates show that sprinkler installation is 1 percent to 1.5 percent of the total building cost, with growing demand for home fire sprinklers driving down the cost even further. Also, many insurance companies provide financial incentives to encourage their installation, with discounts ranging from 5 percent to as much as 30 percent off homeowner policy premiums. It is my sincere hope that Hudson residents learn more about home fire sprinklers for their homes and families, and support Hudson Fire Prevention’s current efforts to promote home sprinklers locally. Anyone building a new home or renovating their existing one is strongly encouraged to consider fire sprinkler installation, and may contact Hudson Fire Prevention at 816-3232 for questions, support and guidance. More information about residential fire sprinklers and their potentially life-saving value is available on NFPA’s Website at www. or through the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition at

Inspector Joseph Triolo, Hudson Fire Prevention - Hudson

Use Your Head: Make the Right Choice Working in an emergency department, I have

seen my share of traumatic injuries. Some of these injuries could have been prevented or minimized, had the individual made a different choice. In New Hampshire, motorcycle riders have the choice to wear a helmet or not. That choice is yours, but the choice to be in a potentially fatal accident is not your choice. In 2009, there were 21 fatal motorcycle accidents, and 13 of them were not wearing a helmet; of those, five were believed to be savable, had they worn a helmet. The largest age group among the fatalities were 40 to 49, not the young 20-something. Some common reasons given for not wearing a helmet are myths. A helmet does not obstruct peripheral vision; normal is between 200 and 220 degrees, and federal safety standards require helmets provide 210 degrees. Moreover, 90 percent of crashes happen within a range of 160 degrees. Helmets do not and cannot prevent every injury. If you knew that helmets are 37-percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and 67-percent effective in preventing brain injuries, common sense would dictate that in a crash, you are better off wearing a helmet. If you knew that someone was going to hit you in the head with a baseball bat, would you rather be with or without a helmet? This letter is not derived from political intent, but for the loved ones left behind when the choice is made to not wear a helmet. Please use your head and make the right choice.

Courtney Swales - Hudson White Pride

Demonstration Again?

Once again, Hudson has shown its tolerance for hate and acceptance of the bigotry of people who wish that all non-whites leave America, including Native Americans, who “should be put back on the reservations,” according to Robert O’Donovan, leader of the group White Pride. These demonstrators disavow the rights of any and all immigrants to live in the USA. They hide behind the American Flag to profess that they are bringing attention to illegal immigrants, but their true message is that any and all non-whites do not have the right to live in America.

White Pride is a hate group that aligns its philosophies with that of Nazism, David Duke, and Don Black, a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Stormfront and the lesser-known group “Battalion Four” hide behind masks in fear of retribution from Americans who understand that they are hate groups

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who want to keep America lily white at all costs. They use the American Flag to misrepresent their poisonous message of intolerance and they twist the tenants of our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They disavow the truth of universalism, the messages of our Founding Fathers, and refuse to admit that America is a country founded by peoples of all colors, creeds, and nationalities. They have

chosen Hudson as a staging destination to spread their hatred and protest in part because our Police could not prosecute illegal immigrants for “trespassing on American soil” and in

part because of our tolerance for diversity. The Federal Government would not arrest illegal persons who commit crime within our borders. They will, however, arrest and deport people who have sought refuge in our country because of the intolerance of their own nation to live free and be safe to prosper, raise a family, and live without fear of persecution by nations and peoples who would kill all who are not as they are. Such is the creed of the White Power who sport swastikas, SS insignias, and other symbols of hatred, fear, and death. Citizens of Hudson watch for their return

next year, counter demonstrate and show these groups that they and their hateful message are not wanted in our fair town. Let Robert O’Donovan demonstrate in his home town of Salem or, better yet, march them across the river to Nashua, where they will be met with the full measure of Americans who are tired, poor, and yearn to breathe free at all cost. Illegal immigration is not their true message; hatred of all is their creed. If they are so dedicated to their deviate message, let them show their face and stand up for their principles and not cowardly hide behind masks of death and destruction. Inevitably, like influenza, they will be back next

year. Kevin T. McGuire - Hudson

Coalition for Litchfield Education Forms

A group has been formed to support quality education in Litchfield. The Coalition for Litchfield Education (CLE) is a non-partisan collaborative

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