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News & Views Shozna takes action over copycat rival

The Shopna, an Indian takeaway and delivery restaurant in Rochester, has

been served with an injunction by the owner of the longer established Shozna Restaurant in the same Kent town. The High Court ruled that the Shopna had to remove its business name and logo and cease trading under these within 96 hours of the hearing. The Shopa opened in February this year with an almost identical logo, name, typescript and menu to Shozna. Special dishes created over many years by Jamal Ahmed, chef/proprietor of the Shozna, had been copied, using almost

Logo ‘Chors’ must be stopped

The chocolate supplier Kansara’s is promising to take firm action against the ‘Chors’ - or thieves - who are unfairly stealing his brand logo. It has recently come to Kansara’s atten- tion that dishonest and unscrupulous companies have been illegally copying its ‘Thank You’ logo and brand. This has resulted in counterfeit bags and chocolates bearing the ‘Thank You’ logo being circulated for sale in vari- ous places within the UK.

Kansara’s has been marketing and supplying this brand to the spice res- taurant industry for over 15 years.

A spokesman for Kansara’s says,”It has taken us many years to develop and bring to market our high quality products and therefore we will vigor- ously pursue and, if necessary, seek to prosecute any company or individual that infringes our property rights. This will include any attempt to copy our product, designs or styles.”

Spice Business Magazine

It is not just Kansara’s that have been affected by such underhand behaviour. As highlighted in previous editions of Spice Business, there are many so- called businessmen who are prepared to make money off hard-working companies by infringing their pro- tected rights, and ultimately cheating both these honest companies and the customers.

Spice Business Magazine is going to embark on a major campaign to rid the market of these ‘Logo thieves’ and will, where appropriate, ‘name and shame’ those responsible for infringing well established and protected rights. We will always ‘champion’ and commend to our readers those companies whose products show innovation and style. However, where there are instances of infringement, dishonest trading and companies using unacceptable trad- ing practices, we will always seek to keep you informed. We are sure you all deplore as we do these ‘dirty-trading’ methods.

Companies that have been affected by copy-cat cheats in recent times include well-known restaurants such as Lasan, Jaipur, Le Raj, Cinnamon Club, Tamarind, Bombay Brasserie Vujon, Last Days of The Raj and Red


Fort, all of which have fallen victim to copyright infringement. The British Curry Awards have also been targeted by company’s have sought to emulate the ‘curry Oscars’’. Enam says, “We have seen many people following our concept, and almost 16 other different awards ceremonies have started, few of them already folded, many clearly trying to copy The British Curry Awards within the last few years. The British Curry Awards is Trade Mark Registered with the UK Intellectual Property Rights. The Trading Standards Officers or Police can bring criminal charges against counterfeiters if they use the Trade Mark without permission. It also assists in preventing infringement by people using similar marks in relation- ship to services that are identical with, or similar to, or to generate confusion to those that The British Curry Awards provide. There is a real danger that these unscrupulous awards, which pay little attention to quality, will dilute the act of receiving an award, devaluing it, and make our industry a joke!” If you are aware of an instance where a company is clearly trying to take advan- tage of an established brand, copying it to their own advantage, please write in or email Spice Business. We can put these companies on our ‘Wall of Shame’!

July/August 2011

identical descriptions. Jamal Ahmed says “Our name and logo was trademarked and this was a deliberate act to try and cash in on our reputation. We had no option but to take action to stop them. I am sad- dened that others would try and steal our business by copying us.” Solicitors for Jamal Ahmed, Furley Page, have confirmed that while an emergency injunction is in place, legal action is ongoing.

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