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service for its customers. As the security market changes, and technology develops, it is imperative that awareness of product capability is maintained. As such, the company offers product training that

encompasses a wide range of security topics. Norbain SD is one of

Europe’s largest distributors of CCTV, IP video, access control and intruder detection equipment. Headquartered in Berkshire, the company employs over 290 people throughout the UK, and the company’s international sales division sells into over 77 countries across 5 continents.

Enterprise Security Distribution was launched in 1992. The company combines professionalism with knowledge of the market, and aims to deliver the best possible service,

Above: CSL DualCom received the Product Innovation of the Year Award

Right: Mike Reddington of ADI Global received the Outstanding Contribution Award

with advice given freely and a full range of products held in stock.

Product Innovation of the

Year 2009 The 2009 Product Innovation category of the PSI Premier Awards was hotly contested, with four products very closely grouped in the voting. The highest scorer was CSL DualCom with the DualCom GPRS Gradeshift. In second place was the Redscan from Optex, closely followed by CBC’s Ganz Radar Vision. With the Dualcom GPRS, the wireless path is

the primary communications path, with PSTN as the secondary path. If the unit cannot communicate via GPRS it will try via a GSM link. This ensures 99.99 per cent connectivity via the wireless path. If communications are not possible, the unit then switches to PSTN. The Dualcom GPRS features Gradeshift

technology. This allows a unit to be programmed as Grade 2, Grade 3 or Grade 4 depending upon the level of risk being protected against. The installer has the option of upgrading or downgrading the unit, and realising appropriate cost savings, as required. By way of an example, take a retail premises. During normal trading months, the premises might only require Grade 3 protection, but when seasonal times require extra stock holding, the risk might rise. Rather than pay for the additional protection of a higher grade solution all year, this allows the installer to increase the signalling path’s grade as and when necessary. The Redscan from Optex is a laser-scan detector that can determine a target’s size,


speed and distance. The algorithm ensures accurate and reliable detection of activity with minimal false alarms. To enhance coverage, the unit can be mounted to allow horizontal or vertical detection fields. When mounted vertically, the detector creates a 60 metre detection field that acts as a wall; when mounted horizontally, a 30 metre radius detection field is created over a 180° area. CBC’s C-AllView Radar Vision rapid-speed pan/tilt

camera range includes radar detection capabilities. The IP-enabled camera includes a powerful 36x optical zoom option and the ability to combine radar detection for long-range identification of objects in all conditions. C- AllView Radar Vision uses a ruggedised, vandal- resistant camera (sealed to IP67), enabling installation in harsh and challenging environments. The Radar Vision combines 360° radar scanning - from close range up to a radius of 800m - every second, allowing the detection of trespassers and automatic direction of cameras to track them.

Outstanding Contribution

to the Security Industry The Outstanding Contribution Award for 2009 went to Mike Reddington of ADI Global Distribution. This award considers the individual’s workload, their drive and determination, and their willingness to give time and effort outside of their day-to-day jobs. Over the years, there has been much change in the

electronic security industry, and this has required new industry working practices and standards, and it has been vital that those leading the way remain focused upon the greater good of the security industry. Without those who are willing to put in the time and effort to help lead the industry fowards, it would become stagnant. Mike Reddington has been in the industry for 16

years, during which time he has served in pivotal roles at Ademco Microtech, Gardiner Technology and Racal Guardall. He is currently Managing Director, UK and Ireland, ADI Global Distribution.

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