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Christian Bee July 2011

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Americans Are Creating the New American Dream

Barna Group Update

America’s economic decline has changed more than people’s financial pat- terns. George Barna describes the snowball effect the recession has had on the United States, resulting in a redefinition of the American Dream. With the economy still struggling, national security still an issue, continual advances in technology, and a myriad of moral and legal challenges rewriting people’s sense of propriety, Americans have pushed the reset button regarding their lifestyle and future expectations.

The traditional American Dream – which included a house in the suburbs, two cars, two children, a stay-at-home mom and a gainfully employed father – is being revised. The nature of that redefinition is explained in Futurecast, the latest book by researcher George Barna, who explores the future of American society in eight dimensions of our lives.

According to Barna, the reshaping of the Dream is a reaction to mistakes of the recent past. Those missteps include: n Living beyond the family’s economic means, in the expectation that the fu- ture will provide greater financial capacity. Expectations have been signifi- cantly downgraded in the wake of the economic slump that is going on four years in duration.

Sonoma County

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1st Annual

By Donna Jones CB Contributor

The garden was festive and the tables beautifully decorated as

close to 100 women gathered for the 1st Annual Sonoma County Women’s Tea on the afternoon of June 18th. Classical guitar, played by Catherine Altamura, along with coffee, tea and artfully arranged desserts greeted the ladies as they arrived. As the pro- gram began, the atmosphere was charged with compassion and care because this particular group of women knew their purpose in attending- a deep desire to reach needy women and children in our community. The Sonoma County Women’s Tea was sponsored by the

Christian Bee as a way to gather community leaders and women with a heart to serve, for the purpose of addressing the serious lack of services for needy women and children in Sonoma County. Maria Crane, co-founder of the Crossing the Jordan Founda-

tion, opened the day in prayer. After blessing our time together, Maria opened by saying, “It’s no accident that you are here. We are called to be movers and shakers; moving mountains with our faith and shaking and shattering the gates of Hell with our prayers. Truly this is our ultimate calling and what will forge us into an army of love. Galatians 5:6 explains it all. This is the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself in Love.”

Nearly 100 women with hearts to serve attended the 1st Annual Sonoma County Women’s Tea on June 18th.

Elisa Colbert on piano and her brother, Sean, on violin performed a beautiful song, perfectly writ- ten for the women silently suffering in our communities.

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Crossing the Jordan Foundation

Building an Army of Love Are you ready to get out of the barracks? Are you searching for a place to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus?

By Dana Bryant

CROSSING THE JORDAN FOUNDATON is a new Christ-centered non-profit ministry. We are believers with a deep desire to become an army of love in So- noma County while making an enormous impact locally for the Kingdom. We are mobilizing the troops and taking action. We are inviting the community to join the ranks as we come together to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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Sonoma County Women’s Tea An Invitation to Serve the Women and Children in our Community

Photo Credits: Donna Jones Photography

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