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Defining off campus party guidelines

Perhaps nothing was more important than conducting a review of the approach to informal off campus parties at private residences. The University does not house Greek organizations in houses, on or off campus. This not only reflects the scale of Greek life in relation to campus life at Trinity system, but controls cost and lessens liability. Nevertheless, organizations (not just Greeks) have been held accountable for actions in private residences. Because of the tenuous relationships of the past, students have had little incentive to be forthcoming about off campus issues. Fears that organizations would lose privileges or recognition impeded the more important issues of health and safety.

After several meetings, proposals, and reviews, the organizations agreed to operating procedures related to off-campus parties. These guidelines answered many questions about how organizational events are defined and ways to operate within guidelines.

Some key aspects:

- Individuals, rather than organizations or groups, will be responsible for their actions at their residences.

- The responsible friend policy is being explicitly extended to off campus events (contacting a helping professional removes judicial consequences).

- Events are not group related if they are not advertised or funded from the group.

- Social gatherings of organization members (say for a dinner party, or to watch sports)don’t violate policies.

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