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Allan G. Donn recalls being “a kid lawyer” when he met the late Barron F. Black more than 40 years ago. Donn was a newly minted Harvard-educated attorney who had returned to his hometown of Norfolk to work for Willcox & Savage PC. Black, who died in 1974, was an

esteemed Norfolk attorney and a community advocate who saved his- toric houses, raised funds for libraries and helped found The Norfolk Foun- dation, a predecessor of the Hamp- ton Roads Community Foundation. In November Donn was honored as the 2010 Barron F. Black Com- munity Builder Award recipient. The Hampton Roads Community Foundation presents the award annually to a professional advisor who exemplifies Black’s enthusiasm for improving his community.

Donn is a long-time member of the Sentara Health

System board of directors and has served on the boards of the Tidewater Jewish Foundation, the Virginia Symphony, the Norfolk Forum and the Norfolk Law Library. His area of expertise

Allan Donn

is tax law, which Donn says led him “into two principal areas – estate planning and charitable gift plan- ning since they all go together.” In Hampton Roads legal circles Donn is renowned for his 1997 work with a 90-year-old client who was wary of lawyers and owned a lot of family property. Donn realized that the way the man’s will was written most of his estate would go to pay taxes after his death. Within two months Donn helped the client restruc- ture his estate plans to benefit six charitable organizations he valued and reduce the tax payment by $17 million. Donn did that with-

out ever meeting the reclusive client face to face. Because of Donn’s work today six nonprofits have additional resources to carry out their missions and help more people. As part of the Black award the Foundation gave two

Our region has many professional advisors who are strong advocates for philanthropy. Allan Donn joins previous Barron F. Black Community Builder Award winners Anita O. Poston of Vandeventer Black LLP, Robert C. Nusbaum of Williams Mullen and Guilford D. Ware of Crenshaw Ware & Martin PLC.

$2,500 grants in Donn’s name. The recipients were two nonprofits recommended by Donn – the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Union Mission.


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Greer Sr.

Capt. and Mrs. William H. Grigg

Nancy and Robert Hall Byron and Amie Harrell Grady Harris Sally and Ron Hartman Bill and Barbara Hearst Hendrick Automotive Group

Fred Deen Herring Capt. and Mrs. James M. Hickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Irvine B. Hill Paul and Susan Hirschbiel Ernest Hodge Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hofford Derek and Leah Holser Horizons Hampton Roads Joyce Howe

Gabrielle P. Hubbard John C. Huenerberg Jr. Long P. Huynh, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Inglima

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Jaffe Akhil and Nita Jain Tina and Andy James Sandy Jared

David and Micky Jester Greg Johnson

Thomas G. Johnson Jr. Alex Jones

Douglas M. Joyner

Floyd E. Kellam Jr. Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Hank and Beth Kellam Sheila Kilpatrick


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