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1. What is the Hampton Roads Community Foundation? We are a regional community foundation and the largest grant and scholarship provider in southeastern Virginia. We were formed January 1, 2010 through a merger of The Norfolk Foundation and The Virginia Beach Foundation.

2. What do we do? We award grants and scholarships to help people in our region have better lives. We can do that because of our permanent endowment, which was created by generous people from all walks of life. Since the 1950 founding of our predecessor foundation, The Norfolk Foundation, we have awarded more than $152 million in grants to nonprofits and scholarships to students.

3. What is a community foundation? It is a nonprofit organization that awards grants to help people living in a specific geographic area. There are more than 760 community foundations in the United States – 27 of them in Virginia.

4. Why did The Norfolk Foundation and The Virginia Beach Foundation merge? The two community foundations joined forces in 2010 to address regional challenges, promote greater community involvement in philanthropy and help donors and nonprofits in the region.

5. How did the Foundation get started? A group of civic leaders amassed donations of $2,350 in 1950 to create The Norfolk Foundation – the first community foundation in Virginia. Community leaders in Virginia Beach created The Virginia Beach Foundation in 1987. The two foundations merged in 2010 to form the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

6. What area do you serve? We serve southeastern Virginia but primarily South Hampton Roads, western Tidewater and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Our donors come from throughout Hampton Roads.

7. How do your funds work? We are made up of more than 400 component funds. Each retains the identity and purpose established by the original donor. All our funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes following the wishes of the donors, such as grants to nonprofits or scholarships for students. A percentage of each fund generally is used each year for grants or scholarships.

8. How are funds invested? Our assets are primarily permanent funds held and invested for long-term growth. Our board of directors sets our investment policy and monitors the performance of funds. We have an investment committee and investment consultant working with us. We regularly post the most recent investment results to our website.

9. How do nonprofit organizations receive grants? Nonprofit organizations are invited to apply for a variety of funding opportunities. Details are on our website –

10. How do students apply for scholarships? Scholarship applications are available online starting December 1 and are due March 1 for most scholarships. Details are on our website –

11. Do you accept gifts of all sizes? Yes. Gifts of any size can be made to existing funds, including our family of community funds. If you want to start a named, permanent fund, the minimum gift is $25,000. We welcome current gifts as well as arrangements for future gifts from wills or trusts. For details visit


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