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by Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg T

he term “Darkfield Microscopy” describes a simple blood test. A

darkfield microscope allows the diver- sion of light away from the blood being tested, images appear lighted on a dark background. The test is carried out with a single drop of blood taken from a finger tip prick. The blood is placed on a slide under a glass cover to keep it from drying out. With the aid of the microscope and a digital camera, the blood is viewed on a television monitor by both the doctor and client. Live cell analysis allows the study of the blood and shows how outside forces affect healthy blood. Determining which enzymes and nutrients are missing or in short supply is achieved by examin- ing the size and shape of the blood cells. Other conditions that may be viewed in live cell analysis are foreign agents such as plaque, fungal forms, bacteria and parasites. Acquiring this information could mean the difference between a healthy, energetic lifestyle, or not feeling as well as possible. This test may reveal if the present diet and nutrition are work- ing to promote health. The results make it possible to design a program can enhance your personal wellness. Many follow up with future tests to see that blood cells can change with lifestyle changes.

The author, Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg is the doctor/owner of Health Matters in Bath, MI. Dr Ireland-Gregg has been practicing in Lansing for over 27 years. Visit or call 517-641-8000 to learn more about the services offered.

omen that report they frequently use air fresheners and products for mold and mildew control appear to be at more than double the risk of contracting breast cancer than those who say they use such products sparingly. The researchers interviewed 1,500 women.

Source: BioMed Central’s Environmental Health

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