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can promote mental clarity, lose weight, boost your immunity, reduce stress, pre- vent cancer and other diseases, combat depression, lower blood pressure, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, improve sleep and regulate digestion. Given this information, it is little wonder that many experts now advise that an all-around supplementation program, in conjunc- tion with a healthful diet, is a savvy health choice. The following supple- ment recommendations, recommended by Steve Castille, doctor of natural medicine, will cover the basic building blocks of a robust supplement program:


• A high-potency multivitamin and multimineral

• Vitamin C • Essential Fats • Probiotics

Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplementing a healthy diet can im- prove the body’s ability to detoxify and lose weight. There are many different combinations to promote certain func- tions of the body, but it is good to consider a high-quality, high dose multivitamin as a solid foundation to begin with. We are lucky that there are many multivitamin/ multimineral supplements available from local health-food stores and pharmacies. These have great results, but it is recom-

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Dr. Castille has a doctorate in natural medi- cine and designed and developed a nutrient hydroponics lab for harvesting vital nutrients from wheatgrass, barley, and other forage plants. These key ingredients are being used to formulate food-based vitamin supplements produced by LITEON Naturals.

Plants need more than 50 vitamins and minerals, yet our abused and overused soils only typically receive phospho- rus, nitrogen and potassium. If our fruits and vegetables are vitamin - and mineral-deficient and our bodies cannot manufacture these essential compounds, where else are we supposed to obtain them from?

here are countless studies show- ing that by simply increasing your vitamin and mineral

intake you

mended, when possible, to choose raw, whole-food nutritional supplements, as our bodies are designed to recognize nutrients best when they come from food. Look for these in specialized health-food stores or ask your integrative physician.

Most Health Conditions Can Be Helped with the Appropriate Vitamin and Mineral Therapy.

Vitamins and minerals act as co-factors in thousand of cellular reac- tions inside the body. Each nutrient is like a key that opens biochemi- cal doors. In small doses, nutritional supplements will help maintain these essential reactions. In large doses, vitamins and minerals act as natural medications, optimizing your body’s ability to heal itself.

Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the most significant antioxidants. It is important to know that vitamin C is not produced by the body. The therapeutic properties of vitamin C are plenty. They include very high antivi- ral and antibacterial properties, aiding in the prevention of cataracts and helping to lower cholesterol. Vitamin C is a great antidote for neutralizing free radicals that will cause premature aging. Vitamin C works wonders at the onset of a cold or flu when taken to the level of individual bowel tolerance. High doses of vitamin C are effective as therapeutic agents in the treatment of cancer. Vitamin C is worth taking separately, as a supplement, because the amount we need does not fit in a multivitamin. This can be taken in a powdered form or pill form.

Essential Fats Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, cannot be made by the body and therefore we need to get them from the food we eat. These oils are great to maintain healthy hair and skin, elevate moods, nourish the brain, assist in a healthy pregnancy, increase energy and regulate blood sugar. There are two ways of meeting the essential fatty acid requirements: one is from the diet, either by eating a heaped tablespoon of ground seeds every day, having a table- spoon of special cold-pressed seed oils and/or eating fish three times a week; the other is to supplement with con- centrated oils. For omega-3, this means either flaxseed oil capsules or the more concentrated fish or krill oil capsules that provide EPA and DHA.

Probiotics Probiotics help to boost the immune system by assisting the body in absorb- ing nutrients. It is said that 80 percent of our immune system is located in the digestive system. When good bacteria get destroyed by stress, poor diet and antibiotics, probiotics help the digestive system by balancing out the good and bad bacteria. Prebiotics are equally important. They are necessary to keep the army of good bacteria alive to continue to keep the bad bacteria in check.

Todd Amos is a freelance writer living in Lafayette, LA.

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